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We Went To Disney World Part Two: Bippity Boppity Boutique and Cinderella's Royal Table

“Wow!” Natalie peered at herself in the mirror. “I love it,” she whispered, twirling around. “I seriously love it.”

Well. I should hope so. The dress was $65. I don’t even spend $65 on my clothes.

Still, she deserved it. It can’t be easy to go many months without your daddy around. I wouldn’t know. I always had my dad.

We were at Disney World at the Bippity Boppity Boutique. It’s this fabulous place in Cinderella’s castle where fairy godmothers do hair and makeup. Not only for girls, either. There’s a Knight Package for the boys. There are various packages you can purchase. We went for the most expensive one. Yes, it was $189. Yes, I wanted to cry. Yes, we had to eat ramen and mac and cheese for a couple of days so I could save up for it. But. When I saw her face as she danced in her dress, I knew I made the right choice. (And don't feel sorry for Tommy. He got a Nintendo 3DS.)

She also got a crown and a wand. It made her feel special to pick out her items.

As I was cooing over her beautiful dress, I spilled my Diet Coke all over the couch. Oops. The fairy godmother (that's what all the workers are called there, fairy godmothers. No, there were no men. I guess they'd just be called sparkling godfathers or Liberace? I don't know) didn’t snap at me, she simply went to get some towels and wiped it up. I offered to help and she insisted that it was fine. Still. Of all places to spill, why did I choose CINDERELLA’S CASTLE?

Natalie was called back for her hair and makeup. She got to pick out her hairstyle and took this quite seriously. Too seriously, in fact. It took her FIVE MINUTES to figure out what she wanted. Her fairy godmother was incredibly patient. I could not be in that line of work. I'd be all, "Look, I'm wearing this ridiculous outfit and this ridiculous purple hat thing. I'd like to go home now. Let's move it."

She was all ready for her hair and makeup:

They have them put these shields on when they use hairspray. And they use a lot of hairspray. It felt like an 80s movie set at times.

Our fairy godmother was named Wanda. Wanda was a hair genius. I tried to pay attention to what Wanda was doing but lost her at about the third step. Sorry, Natalie. Your Mom does not know how to do hair. Is Wanda for sale?

Wanda and her fairy godmother in training asked Natalie if she planned on marrying a prince:

She was horrified. Her Daddy will be pleased that she still feels this way about the opposite sex.

Almost done! Wanda was very gentle. Natalie didn’t shout “OUCH!” at all like she does when I do her hair. It could be because I very rarely know what I am doing.

They get to pick out nailpolish too:

And makeup:

With the package, Natalie also got the rest of the nailpolish and makeup that was used. Plus the mini crown in her hair and a Mickey clip. Also a pink cinch backpack and a sash with a button. Her button read, “A Brave Princess” because she told them her daddy was gone. They said she was very brave. She also got a photo shoot where I received an 8X10 photo, plus 4 4X6s.

The makeup is done in a tasteful way. They do not look like the children on Toddlers and Tiaras.


Her princess day was not over. We had reservations to eat at Cinderella’s Royal Table, the restaurant in the castle.

Here she is with her cousin waiting to go into the restaurant:

When you first go in, you get to meet Cinderella and take pictures with her. (My photos of that are on my PhotoPass card.) Then you are led upstairs to the actual room where you’ll eat.

We had window seats:

Princesses begin to come in:

Food begins to come in. I got the short ribs. Yum:

More princesses come in. Sometimes I had to greet them with a full mouth. I wasn't about to stop eating. I was HUNGRY.

Natalie told Ariel, “My Daddy likes redheads.” Ariel seemed a bit flustered and was like, “Lovely!”

Man, I would love Jasmine’s stomach. If only I didn’t like to eat so much. And I think she came over as I was stuffing my face with the cheesecake that I picked for my dessert.

After the princesses come out, a voice comes overhead (a friendly voice, not a sinister one) and tells the children to wave their wands that are on the tables and make a wish on their wishing stars:

Natalie takes her wishes seriously:

I asked her, “Aw, did you wish for your daddy to come home?” all ready for a moving moment. I gripped my napkin, prepared to dab my eyes with it. Natalie went, “No. I wished that I could be a mermaid.” Oh.

Yes, the kids get to keep the wands and the wishing star.

I highly recommend the restaurant. The food is fantastic. And bonus, if you’re gluten free as my mother-in-law is, they have something for you to eat. The chef even comes out to speak to you. My mother-in-law had the fish, plus the flourless chocolate cake, which was also delicious. (Disney World actually has gluten free at almost ALL the places they have to eat. My mother-in-law was able to eat something wherever we stopped.)

It was a good day though halfway through, Natalie said her dress was itchy. So have a change of clothes. Unless my daughter is just super picky. (Is it wrong that I had to bite my tongue from saying, "Lady, you'll keep the dress on. It was $65.")?

Next up in my Disney post is about Hollywood Studios! Did Natalie decide to go on the Tower of Terror or did she wimp out? Dah-dah-DUN!


  1. I can't wait to be able to return to Disney!! And Baby Girl will love this!! Princess is not much of a princess herself - she would just roll her eyes.

    Glad Natalie had so much fun - and yeah, I would have said "you keep that dress on!" and then change her 5 minutes later - just the principle of the thing ;-)

  2. We have never been to Disney, but it looks so much fun!!! Natalie is adorable, but where is her cool pose from yesterday?

    I can barely touch, comb or brush Sarah's hair - she is always saying the snarls hurt, but when others do her hair she is just wonderful. Grrr.

  3. This looks absolutely amazing, what a day for Natalie!

    Also, I almost spit out my coffee at, "My Daddy loves redheads."

  4. What a dream come true for a little Princess! Wow!

  5. I'm riveted. This about made my day, thinking about my princess going there. The funny thing is the question about marrying a prince because my daughter thinks MY HUSBAND is "HER" prince and that she'll be marrying him. No matter of the trifling issue that he's already me. And that he's her dad and all.

    And the "My daddy loves redheads" comment takes the cake.

  6. Being a Fairy Godmother in Training is one of those roles that every girl wants, but it definitely requires a lot of patience! I agree, it can be pricey, but you do get a lot for your money. One cool thing about Disney restaurants, they can accomodate nearly any dietary restriction with 24 hours notice, it's pretty amazing :)

  7. LOL@"I wished to be a mermaid"

    :) Thanks for the laff... needed one today.

    This looks like it was truly a magical one for Natalie!

  8. So, do they have adult sized dresses.. because I kind of want to do this for myself seeing as I have three boys HA HA!

  9. She looks precious! I looks like she had a blast! A friend of mine took her three kids to Disney recently and wanted to do the boutique but decided it was just out of their budget. So, she took along for her daughter to wear at the park one day. She fixed her daughter's hair and make up and got her a tiara. Her daughter said this was her favorite part of the trip. People kept coming up to her and asking for her "autograph." It was sweet.

  10. Awwww she looks beautiful. I want Jasmines stomach too. That should be illegal to be that toned.

  11. HAHAHAHAA at mermaid! LOL! I can't wait until my girls' get a little older and we can finally make our trip to Disney! This looks soooo fun!

  12. Really? Disney is selling the "marry a prince" line in this day and age? Sorry, that bugs me even though I like the rest of the girly-girl stuff. And I wish they'd make costumes and dresses with soft lace instead of scratchy stuff. Vi can't play in her ballet costume because the itching and scratching drive her crazy. It's hard to be a princess!

  13. My 11 year old just said, "$189? That's not that bad! Maybe I could do that when we go..." I told her to start saving her money now :P

  14. Wow - that sure looks like an incredible thing for a girl that size. She does look really nice.

  15. We skipped the boutique, but it does look like fun. I think Frances is getting just a little bit too old for that kind of thing. We saw lots of girls dressed up though. I would have felt bad for my boys-they like dressing up too.

  16. Looks like a day fit for a princess! I want to go back - I love Disney World.

    Thanks for sharing your fun day :)

  17. What a lovely day for a little girl. Especially one so into princesses. I'd like a stomach like Jasmine too, where's my fairy Godmother?!

  18. I'm so jealous! I never got to go to Disney when I was little!

  19. Love this! Your descriptions are awesome. We had to BRIBE our then 4 yr.old to go to the princess lunch...yes, her entire life's wish had been to meet the princesses until she was about to meet them. Let's just say it was not one of my finest mothering moments. Your sweet girl looks BEAUTIFUL and like she is living a fantastic!-Ashley

  20. if you go into that little store behind the castle called castle couture, you can get "fairy dusted" with glitter. a MAN was doing it when we went in! he said he was a fairy godfather in training!


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