Wednesday, July 10, 2013

We Went To Disney World Part Eight: Meeting Rapunzel

Look, it’s like the Disney movie Tangled threw up in our house.

We have Tangled sheets.

We have Tangled blankets.

We have Tangled dolls.

We have Tangled clothes.

We have Tangled wigs.

My daughter latched onto Tangled as soon as it came out. I’m thinking it’s because Rapunzel wore the color purple. Natalie has always loved purple.

When she was in PreK, they had to draw who they wanted to be when they grew up.

When she was 3 I think it was, she wanted this giant My Size Rapunzel doll. It creeped the hell out of me but I found it for 50% off so she got it:

I remember thinking, “If she’s that jazzed to hug a hunk of plastic, imagine how she’ll be when she can see the real thing?”

(And speaking of the doll, it has spooked me on more than one occasion:

Does she not look like the child from The Ring? Only with blond hair? Spooky.)

Well, Natalie was thrilled over the prospect of meeting Rapunzel when we went to Disney World. Rapunzel lives in a place with Cinderella and Aurora. She is not with Flynn Rider, which bummed Natalie out.

“I wanted to call him Eugene!” she pouted. “And threaten him with a frying pan.”

Still, she was eager to meet Rapunzel. And she had to be patient, because our wait was an hour. She had on her wedding Rapunzel gown from The Disney Store. She insisted upon it, claiming that Rapunzel wanted to see her in that particular dress. How she came to that conclusion is beyond me.

So when it got to our turn, we’re led into a room. First you meet Aurora, and Natalie was polite enough, but her eyes kept flicking to Rapunzel, who was in the middle. I could see she wanted to race right over, but she knew she had to wait. Plus, she likes Aurora, because she also likes pink. In fact, that’s what she told Aurora.

“I like your pink dress!” All while staring over at Rapunzel.

Yes, Tommy was with us. He was not as eager to meet princesses, but perked up when he got attention since he was a mini Flynn Rider.

Then it was the moment Natalie was waiting for. Rapunzel was smiling over at Natalie. She looked over at Tommy and shouted, “Flynn!” and enveloped him in a hug. She looked at Natalie and went, “You’re wearing my wedding dress! It’s like looking in a mirror!” She asked Tommy if he had her crown in his satchel.

“Yes!” Tommy said.

Natalie immediately grabbed it and went, “You can wear it, Rapunzel,” in an amazed voice. It’s probably the same way I’ll speak to John Krasinski or Elijah Wood if I ever meet them.

Rapunzel returned the crown to Tommy and went, “You can keep it safe for me, Flynn.”

Rapunzel asked about their adventures:

Tommy was like, “Actually, meeting princesses is pretty cool.”

Natalie, who has always been mesmerized by Rapunzel’s long hair, went, “I like the flowers in your hair. Is your hair soft?”

Rapunzel answered, “Thank you! You may feel if you’d like.”

Afterwards she asked if they’d like to take a photo with her:

“Bye Rapunzel. I love you!”

Then we met Cinderella, and as you can see, Natalie wasn’t as enthralled.

Since we were the last people to go through before they switched out the princesses, Rapunzel said, “How about a group photo?”

Natalie was excited to have another chance with Rapunzel:

When it was over, Natalie went for another hug:

“Thank you,” I said.

“Thank you!” Tommy repeated.

“I love you all!” Natalie said and curtseyed on her way out.

“I knew she’d be nice!” Natalie informed me. “I love her dress. I love her hair! I knew she’d be NICE! Can we meet her again someday?”

I smiled. It might be a few years before we could afford Disney World again. So I kissed the top of her head and went, “Someday.”


  1. Oh she is priceless!! That is so awesome how Rapunzel interacted with her & Tommy. Tommy looked adorable by the way!! Love it!!

    It seems Disney has its own version of the Playboy Mansion it seems - all the blonde princesses in one place ;-)

  2. That first photo of the kids posing with Rapunzel cracked me up because of the expression on Tommy's face. I am so glad he was such a good sport!!

  3. Too cute! So glad she took a little extra time with you all :) Sadly, Flynn isn't out very often. The last time I can remember was for Valentine's day weekend, they had all of the princes out. He's a fun one, though, so I wish he was out more!

  4. Those photos are PRICELESS! Tommy was a GREAT sport!

    Your kids just crack me up!

  5. That is just the sweetest!

    Penny has become enthralled with Tangled now. I love it.

  6. Sounds like Disney spun their Magic for Natalie, what a wonderful story.
    I read your post to my Dd(works for the Mouse in their IT department) and she loved it, saying that is what it is all about!
    Thanks so much for sharing this story and your entire trip, and Thank your wonderful Dh for all he does for our country:)

  7. wow! not many people get the group picture chance!

  8. Oh my gosh that looks like so much fun! I have always been a big fan of Rapunzel, and loved her even more after seeing Tangled. =]

  9. Love this post! Natalie honestly looks like she may burst with happiness!! :)-Ashley

  10. Oh my gosh. That is the sweetest.

  11. I laughed out loud at the comment about the "my size" doll scaring you on more than one occasion.

    Awesome accounts! You may have seen on my instagram that my daughter has a new Rapunzel dress. It was one of her birthday presents and she is quite fetching in it.

  12. That is just the cutest meet and greet story I've ever read!

  13. You weren't supposed to watch the Ring, now you will be forever followed. (oh my)

  14. So worth the packing and the unpacking and the driving and the crowds and the BO and the people taking pics of lampposts and the laundry when you get home and and and. That's so awesome!!!


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