Monday, July 8, 2013

We Went To Disney World Part Seven: Meeting Merida

“This is where Merida lives?” Natalie asked. “Will Angus be with her?” She smoothed down her dress. “Should I curtsey when I see her? She is a princess, after all.”

I almost fell over from the cuteness of it all. I mean, curtseying!

“You can curtsey if you want,” I said. “But you don’t have to. I think Merida will just be happy to see you. And no, Angus won’t be here, he’s in the, erm, stables.”

Natalie grinned and spun so her dress fluffed out around her. “I just love Merida.”

My longtime readers might remember that she’s dressed like Merida before. Just for fun:

And for Halloween last year:

Plus, there was a Merida themed birthday.

Yes, if you haven't figured it out, we were in line to see Merida, the princess from the movie Brave. You can see Merida on the side of the castle. The lines can get quite long so we went in the morning, right after Natalie finished with her Bippity Boppity Boutique makeover.

We didn’t have to wait a long time. Soon we were up front and our turn was next. Natalie fingered her button on her sash, the one that said A Brave Princess. The people over at Bippity Boppity Boutique made it for her, because she told them her Daddy was deployed.

“Do you think Merida will like that I’m brave too?” Natalie wanted to know.

“I think she’ll love it. Oh, sweetie, it’s your turn. Merida is waiting.”

Merida was smiling over at Natalie, who approached slowly. This was one of her heroes. She felt like men probably feel when they meet a sports star. She felt like I probably felt when I find a fantastic deal at Target (70% off furniture. Yeah baby!)

“I like your button,” Merida said. “Are you brave like me, then?”

Natalie gave her a wide smile. “Yes. Very. I was YOU for Halloween!”

“Oh lovely!” Merida said and then looked over at me. I had on a green shirt. She went, “You look like my mother.” And yes, she spoke in a Scottish accent so it sounded like, “You look like my moth-hah.” It can sometimes be awkward when characters acknowledge you. Sometimes I’m not always as witty as I’d like to be. Sometimes I mutter something dumbly to my feet or just grin like Hannibal Lector.

This time I had a response. I said, “Please don’t turn me into a bear.” I had seen Brave many times, thanks to Natalie. I knew the story.

Merida laughed. “I might!”

“She acts like a bear in the morning,” Natalie said. Well. Not really. But I wouldn’t have been surprised if she had. I am not pleasant before I’ve had my Diet Coke.

They took a picture…Merida suggested the pose, because they were two brave women.

“Goodbye Merida. Take care of Angus,” Natalie said seriously. “Because he’s a big horse.”

“I will,” Merida promised and waved.

Natalie came over to me and sighed happily. “I love her. She’s nice, like I thought. Oh, now it’s time to shoot the bow and arrow!”

Yes, there’s an area where kids can color and then wait to shoot a bow and arrow. Not a real one, mind you, because Disney does not want to be sued for hitting someone in the eye. A nice woman is there and she’ll help the kids. Here is she explaining to Natalie what she has to do:

Natalie took it seriously.

And yes, she got the arrow into the net thingy that was set up.

“I did it!” Natalie said jubilantly.

Meeting Merida was a hit.

I was just hoping that meeting Rapunzel, Natalie’s most favorite princess ever, would go just as well…


  1. If my 5 year-old knew that you could shoot a bow and arrow when you meet Merida she would walk herself to Disneyworld! ;) Super cute post, and Natalie is adorable! :)-Ashley

  2. I LOVE the photo of Natalie posing with Merida! Just priceless! I can't believe how Natalie's face is changing! She is looking so grown up!

  3. I know exactly what you mean when you get tongue-tied on the spot like that. You nailed it this time though!

    So great that she had this memory making experience!!!!!

  4. So cute! Love reading about your trip! That was also a great response, I am never sure what to say, especially if it's a meet and greet with Jack Sparrow :)

  5. I love Merida too. We needed more fairy princesses like here when we were kids! Wonder Woman was my idol back then. Great photos!

  6. I have to see the movie now!!! Baby Girl is fixated on the other Princesses though

  7. Suspense!!! You know I'll be reading about Rapunzel..

    My daughter loves Brave and for some reason I've only seen bits of it as I flit around and take care of the baby or read blogs or something. I have to admit that the music gets me. I get chills. I gotta see the movie.

  8. I told our Merida that Gabbie had danced to her song (Touch The Sky) and Merida says "I have a song?"
    isn't that her song? I felt dumb!

  9. I LOVE IT!! I've enjoyed your fun stories of Disney World!! I'm jealous. I'm pretty sure I'll a) never get to go & b) since I don't have a girl I won't get to enjoy introducing them to all of the fun Princesses.

  10. That is so awesome that she got to meet her!
    She's a beautiful princess and I love the pose together. She'll never forget this moment!

  11. She met all of her heros - did Tommy have anybody special that he saw?

  12. I am so wanting to go to Disney world! havent been there for years!


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