Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Afraid of Heights. Went Parasailing Anyway.

I was a little nervous.

Was this a smart idea?

Maybe I shouldn’t have inhaled all that pasta for lunch.

What if I got sick?

What if the line broke and I went tumbling to my death? Wasn’t there a scene in a movie when the boat guy was eaten and the people parasailing went crashing into the water? I mean, yes, I think that was a Jurassic Park movie, but still…

I chewed on one of my nails. I could do this. Teenagers were currently parasailing. If they could do it, so could I.

One of the owners of the boat came over and began attaching the harness to me. This was it. No backing out now.

I was at the beach and decided to go parasailing with my cousin. It was a spur of the moment thing. Maybe I should have thought things through. But no, if I did that then I might have decided NOT to parasail. And I needed some adventure in my life.

The teenagers were coming down. At least this parasailing experience wouldn’t include being dunked in the water. I could not be dunked in the water. I panic when I go under water.

“It’s almost your turn!” the boat worker said, giving me a thumbs up.

“I need to pee,” I answered.

Well, no, I kept that to myself. I probably didn’t need to pee. I just get that sensation when I’m nervous.

The teenagers were on the boat now gushing about their experience.

“It was fun!” they both said, giggling.

Well, teenagers think listening to Justin Bieber or One Direction is fun so their idea of fun could be completely different than mine.

I took a deep breath as the boat worker led us to the area where he’d be hooking us up to. I was tandem parasailing with my cousin so at least I wouldn’t be alone. I gripped the bar and waited.

“Here we go,” the worker said and suddenly we were being lifted into the air.

“You can let go!” the worker said to me.

I was gripping the sides tightly. I cautiously let go and…oh, I was okay. I just hung there.

“This isn’t bad,” I told my cousin.

And it really wasn’t. Yes, I’m afraid of heights but we weren’t up terribly high. Plus the boat wasn’t going too quickly so my stomach didn’t flop around. It was pleasant.

When it was time to be reeled in, it wasn’t frightening either. They had one of those crank systems so we were brought down slowly.

I would go parasailing again.

I recommend it. Even if you are afraid of heights.


  1. Love it. I did it a few years ago, and it was AMAZING!! :)-Ashley

  2. Oh that's so wonderful! I want to parasailing so BAD! maybe next time I'm at the beach

  3. I think I'd like it! I accompanied an ex once when he did it and he was so green by the boat ride itself, but he was fine up in the air. Strange dude.

    I chickened out, though. I wish I hadn't.

  4. That looks awesome!!! I want to do it!! Time to start planning it!! You know, you can come for a visit and we can go para sailing here too - you need a vacation when Tom comes home LOL

  5. I am so jealous. I want to do this so bad! My husband is scared of heights too but I think I could manage to convince him to go with me. I figure I will just try and play on his pride and then he will have to go to feel more manly. haha

  6. Just so we are clear - you don't land in the water? Because that's the only thing been holding me back from trying it. I can't swim and I don't want to drown. If that's the case, then maybe next time we get to the beach, I'll be brave enough to try it.

  7. Ehhhhhhhmmmm No.

    I'm so terrified of heights I can't stand on a chair without having a panic attack.

    This would probably kill me.

    More power to you though for doing it!

  8. Nailed it! :)

    Semper Wifey

  9. Oh, wow! That's awesome. Thanks for sharing this, definitely giving me the courage to try it...someday, but surely. :)

  10. Oh wow! That's looks and sounds like fun!! Good for you for stretching outside of your comfort zone!

  11. Thanks for the encouragement! My fiance and I are thinking about parasailing while we're in Florida next week for my 30th birthday, and I could really use some fun and stress relief. What better time than my birthday / vacation to Florida? I'm afraid of heights and not a wonderful swimmer but with him by my side I think I might just have to try it =D Wish me luck!

  12. I'm terrified of heights... but my first AFSC (job) in the USAF was as a C-5 engine mechanic. C-5s are HUGE... I wouldn't get nervous on the maintenance stands to repair engines, but a few times I had to get buckled up to learn how to do T-tail inspections... some of the scariest moments of my life.
    I WANNA parasail, but I don't want a white-knuckled, hold-your-breath for minutes experience either. I'm also terrified of being in the middle of the ocean unless I'm on a cruise ship. And I'm a piss-poor swimmer.
    Anyone with similar fears ever try it? I'm afraid I'd get buckled in then begin to scream for my life after being released 5 or 10 feet LOL...


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