Sunday, September 15, 2013

Check Out Huck Walton & The WallTones plus iPad Mini #Giveaway

I love music.

Admittedly, I had never heard of Huck Walton & The WallTones before. I'm always game to try someone new and I'm glad I did. I really enjoyed the music. To see if you like it too, check this out:

Click it and you can receive a free live single from the band!

Green Car Management, along with Sony/ATV, is releasing the band Huck Walton & The WallTones' debut iTunes singles and have started an online c.a.m.p.a.i.g.n in celebration of this!

So who exactly ARE Huck Walton & The WallTones?

Here is information about the band that I received:

Huck Walton is the only offspring of Broadway star Ann Morrison. Huck spent a childhood filled with professional acting, dancing, and singing, As he entered college, he put his focus directly towards writing and performing his own music. After a couple years of traveling on tour in a guitar duo, Walton moved to Los Angeles with the aspirations of forming a band. He believes firmly that even singer-songwriters should have a set band to interpret the music.

Huck was introduced to Anne Seidler (Music Director, Keyboardist, and best friend) three years ago. Together they began to organically develop the sound of the band with a number of other musicians coming and going. The act started to take shape a year in when bassist Mike Marigliano joined the group permanently. Huck Walton & The WallTones became a band eight months ago when the sought after Anthony Sonetti took to the drums. It was around this time that producer Bruce Vanderveer (Sony/ATV) picked up the WallTones and crafted the first of their singles.

And if you like to put faces with names, here they are!

So I'm sure you're curious about the iPad Mini giveaway you saw in the title.

To enter to win that, check out the Band Web app.

The 1st prize winner will receive the iPad mini. The 2nd prize winner will receive the WallTones iTunes pack w/unreleased track and exclusive pdf booklet.

To enter the contest you MUST click on SIGN UP on the app and fill out all the appropriate information. Please put my blog in under blog title.

You can earn extra entries by doing the extra things listed (by becoming a Facebook fan, a Twitter follower, or doing the I paid with a Tweet.)

You can also learn more about the band on the app and play the game!

We (the company) will use a randomizer to pick one reader from each blog by September 25th. Again, I will not a pick a winner. Green Car Management will and when I'm given a name, I will announce it. Again, to win an iPad mini or to win the WallTones iTunes pack with unreleased track and exclusive pdf booklet you MUST sign up via the app.

Contest is open to all US residents over the age of 18.

**I was not compensated for this post. My opinions are my own**


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