Thursday, September 12, 2013

Things That Annoy Me Thursday: Baby Weight "Melting Off"

You know, I’d be more impressed if Jenny from Kentucky lost her baby weight in one month.

But it bugs me when celebrities are put on a magazine cover with the same headline. Why?

Because they aren’t regular people.

They’re rich. Therefore they can afford the following:

--a nanny

--a personal chef

--a trainer

--a plastic surgeon (you know some totally had a tummy tuck)


Okay, I’m semi-kidding on the last one. But really, they can pay someone to make them low calorie meals that taste delicious. They can hand their kids off to the help so they can go to the gym for hours. Or they’ll be paid millions by a weight loss company. I would work my butt off if Weight Watchers was all, “Hey Amber? Lose the baby weight in a month and we’ll give you 5 million.” You GOT it, Weight Watchers!

The latest in the annoying craze is Kate Middleton. Apparently her baby weight just “melted off.” Whatever.

And then you have the celebrities who are all, “I breastfeed!”

I breastfed too. The weight didn’t just drop off of me.

I like the ones who are honest and admit to a personal chef/trainer and nanny. Some do. But most just sit there with their flat stomachs and go, “I breastfeed! I eat lots of kale!’

So again. Show me headlines about regular Jenny from Kentucky having her baby weight “melt off” and I will be impressed.



  1. AMEN! It'd be nice for once to see a celebrity who lost the baby weight at the rate of at least a semi-normal person. But you're right - if I had all those perks and incentives, I'd have done it too.

  2. AMEN sister!! Could not agree with you more!!-Ashley

  3. I'm with you. Most celebrities annoy me on so many levels. Preach on!

  4. haha! It is annoying. And for many Jennys from Kentucky (or Tamaras from MA), breastfeeding doesn't actually melt off any baby weight. That happens after weaning. We do burn calories from breastfeeding - but they were already there as extra because we need to eat more when we're breastfeeding.
    I'm no math expert, but I think that means that when all is said and done, you don't burn calories while breastfeeding. You just use up some stockpiled ones, which is nice, but not magical.

  5. Buying the food, cooking the food, and following the menu of any of the diet plans is half the battle....and costly. I ALWAYS say that I wish I was rich just to pay to have a personal cook/nutritionist at my beck and call. I know there are some women out there who DO lose the weight quickly after giving birth - my niece is one of them. But not ALL the stars out there are like this!

  6. Totally agree! The baby weight melted off because they were able to get a good night's sleep, and go to the gym. A-holes.

  7. Love this!! I have to admit that I was shocked when Holly Madison took her post baby pics in a bikini but she wanted to show that bodies do change and she admitted to having a trainer and eating certain foods but also wanted to show she still had a belly (small one but still - I saw the pics and I saw her burlesque show in Vegas - don't judge - so yes, there was a significant difference in her body). I can stand behind that - but yes, show me Jenny from Kentucky please

  8. I think you are preaching to the choir as they say ;) I am with you though as I also find that very annoying. Sometimes I think well, it is just part of their job...they know to get the celebrity roles that being in shape is part of that but still oh, I'd like all that help as well (even though my "baby" weight is fairly grown up now. SIGH).

  9. I think the whole attitude that pressures women into feeling like they need to "bounce back" from pregnancy right away needs to change. We shouldn't be worrying about the number on the scale or the little postpartum pooch, we should be worrying about resting, healing, and enjoying time with our babies.

    Also, Kate Middleton is a freak of nature :)

  10. Preach! Besides the fact that pregnancy fundamentally changes your body. It's not really possible to get those hips back, even if you do lose the weight!

  11. Exactly! If someone made all of my meals and I had free access to a would be 4,000 times easier to lose that weight.

  12. First of all, how to weight comes off is more determined by genetics and lifestyle before/during pregnancy than any diet for the first month afterward. Second, Kate Middleton was a stick before she was pregnant and didn't get that big in the first place. Of course it 'melted' off!

  13. I would love someone to cook healthy meals for me, and I would love someone to train me! I agree it is more impressive when a "normal" person does it.

  14. I *AM* Jenny from Kentucky and 17 months later, after sweating my ass off from GA to Asia and I'm still waiting for the baby weight to melt off. Seriously, how much hotter does it have to get?! Why isn't my chub gone yet?! I don't understand why I'm not skinny. (As I use nap time to finish all the cookies)

  15. I know! I'm still trying to lose the baby weight, 9 years later.

  16. Amen! I had a sof, squishy belly for months after both kids. I still have a pooch that I just can't get to go away at 9 months postpartum. I tell myself it took 9 months to put on the weight, and so it should take 9 months to lose the weight.

  17. I completely agree, but then my sister had a baby whom she breastfed... one with major sensitivities to all sorts of foods. She ended up on an elimination diet where she ate chicken, squash, pears and rice for like 3 weeks... the weight melted off and then some!


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