Thursday, September 26, 2013

Things That Annoy Me Thursday: Worldwide Day Of Play

So last Saturday I was having Issues.

My computer was acting up again. I had thought I had fixed it from the wonderful suggestions of my readers but no, it was like, "Ha! Fooled ya!"

Then Tommy was like, "My laptop is being weird." (And when I say laptop, I'm not saying brand new laptop. Some parents on the forum I write at will say things like, "My ten year old wants a new laptop. I'm getting him the Macbook Pro!" and I want to say, "Are you related to a Trump? Why would a TEN YEAR OLD need a Macbook Pro?!" No, Tommy's laptop is my mom's old laptop. She coincidentally upgraded to a Mac.)

Anyway, so let's take stock here.

I had my computer being an ass.

I had Tommy's laptop being an ass.

Things were breaking all around me. I needed time to fix them. But I couldn't, because each time I sat down to try and figure out the issues Natalie was like, "Will you play tea party with me?" We'd sip out of plastic cups and I'd say, "I need to go fix some stuff.." and she'd stick a My Little Pony in my hand and go, "Be Shining Armor. He's upset because he can't find his sister Twilight Sparkle."

I managed to break away after that game. I said, "Let's see what Peppa Pig is up to!" because she normally comes on at 1. I switched it over to Nick Jr and...

"What the hell?" I hissed.

Natalie's mouth formed an O. "That's a naughty word. If you said that in school, you'd have to move down your clip."

I mean, okay, I get what Nickelodeon was trying to do. There's a childhood obesity epidemic going around. I noticed this first hand at the State Fair. I spotted it while flipping the channels and noticed that Honey Boo Boo chick playing with her stomach fat. Michelle Obama won't shut up about it. So yes, kids need more exercise.




Not when my husband is DEPLOYED!

I complained about this online and some people were like, "I agree! I can't even send my kid outside because it's raining!"

Then what, Nick Jr? What if it was RAINING?

They'd probably say, "Play an educational Wii game where you get up and move and LEARN!"

Kiss my ASS, Nick Jr.

"Why won't this screen go away? What's it doing to Peppa Pig?" Natalie asked, concerned.

Is it wrong I immediately thought of bacon?


Anyway, you know what came to our rescue?


And don't worry, Natalie DID get outside later that day. It's just, when she goes out I need to have my focus on her because she's adventurous and she'd be the kid who would climb a tree and get stuck.

My computer is still being a butt.

The laptop is fixed.

Not by me. I took it into the Geek Squad. I'll write about that another time.

Let's hope Nick Jr doesn't pull that stunt this weekend. Natalie needs to make sure Peppa Pig is okay and has not wound up on someone's breakfast plate.


  1. Nick Jr is a jerk. So big of one we don't even get that channel :D Long live Netflix and it's 24/7 access. *whew*

  2. Thank the heavens for Netflix and Amazon Prime!

  3. Disney channel reigns in our house. Hope they don't pull that stunt!

  4. HA HA HA! Cracking up! That is definitely when we find another channel to enjoy! ;)-Ashley

  5. haha! Change channel! Problem solved.
    So wait, does that mean that Twilight Sparkle's sister-in-law is Princess Cadence? Still can't figure out her deal with Celestia. In due time.

  6. What! I have never heard about anything like that. What about sick kids?

    Glad the laptop is working

  7. Netflix saves the day! And geek squad. lol

  8. Nick Jr., your job is to show my children blinking flashing images that allow me to pee in peace or eat a piece of chocolate in the kitchen without my kids knowing! Going off the air temporarily is NOT acceptable!

  9. Must have missed it ... we have On Demand. lol

  10. Thanks Nick Jr, but I'll decide when it's time for my kids to play outside. Ever since they stopped showing Nick Jr shows on Netflix, I haven't been a huge fan of them.

  11. Isn't a TV channel telling your kids to go outside and play an oxymoron?

  12. This is exactly why Disney JR. reigns supreme in our house. but I do have Netflix on backup too. Also, YouTube -- you'd be amazed how some funny cat videos can entertain the minions for a good 30 minutes.

  13. Thank heaven for Netflix!!!! We have a DVR so we were covered. Maybe next year they could have celebs reading books or something. Something to entertain our kids.

    How much money in commercial revenue did they lose?

    Is your computer better? I HATE computer problems.

  14. I literally LOL'ed at "bacon."

    On a tangent- but I have to rant- those parents who get their kids a brand new mac book pro... um, yeah, I can't even afford one of those for myself. So, no freaking way.

  15. I'm all for kids playing outside and everything, but YOU should be able to choose; not the TV station!

  16. That's like when my husband is off-work and has no new Top Gears to watch. Not good!

  17. I remember those days when my kids were younger going WTF is this some grand conspiracy against parents?

  18. What were they thinking? You know, the computer is portable so you could have your kids work on it or watch Nick outside. Outside is outside!

  19. That would totally tick me off. Nick doesn't get to tell me when to send my kids outside. I would've done the same thing - or found another channel to watch.

  20. Thank goodness for Netflix! And Nick Jr has no business telling me when my kids should be outside!! I don't like it when "big brother" thinks they know more than us parents! I was ticked when my son came home from school and told me that we needed to start drinking skim milk because they were told that in school...have they seen my kids? There is not an ounce of fat on them. They need every calorie I can get into them with their sports schedules. Ok, enough of my rant. I hope you get your computer fixed...that would drive me crazy too!

  21. The Day of Play is the most horrible day ever! Yes, kids need to be active but honestly...sometimes its not possible when NickJr deems it to be possible.


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