Saturday, October 26, 2013

Evolution Of The Modern Car by Kia!

My son loves history. So when I heard of the new video that Kia created about the Evolution Of The Modern Car I knew we had to check it out.

Here it is. It's short and to the point!

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My son loved it. He's amazed how different cars were back in the day.

He did NOT know what a cassette was when it showed how they created cassette players in the 1970s. I immediately felt old.

If your kids like history and want to know how cars were "in the olden times" as my son puts it, check out the video! Let me know what you thought.

**I was given the opportunity to earn a $25 gas card if I shared the video**


  1. This was a very fun video!

    I don't have kids, but I am au pair and I definitely will share this with my Pumpkins! (aka, the kids, not *real* pumpkins!)


  2. HA! Cute!

    Wanna feel even older? How about an 8-track tape player? I remember having those in the car.

    Wow. Had to be at least 412 years ago.

  3. Would you be surprised that my car is one of those that has the CD player Tape Player combo? Yeah, Princess was telling me how in her dad's car he can just plug the iPod in with the USB cable and listen to music that way. Oh and that he has satellite too...yeah, my car is one of the old ones LOL


Thanks for the comment!

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