Friday, October 11, 2013

Inside Natalie's Closet: Fall Fashions!

I can't resist adorable girl clothes. I know Natalie will only wear what I pick for so long so dang it, I'm going to enjoy myself now. And I know I've written about how I don't understand what people mean when they say they have fall fashion--and I don't, for adults. For my kids, I get it. Their closets are better than my own. Ha.

I bought this first outfit on Etsy from Lightening Bug Lane Designs. The bracelet is not from the store although they make awesome beaded necklaces. This bracelet is from Gymboree.

Yes, I made farting sounds here.

And then Natalie made her own farting noises. I imagine people taking walks by the house do double takes..

Anyway, the outfit is well made and I love it! Natalie got a lot of compliments when she wore it to school. Someone asked if I made it. HA! I don't sew. I pay other people to sew. And I was not compensated to mention the Etsy store. I purchased the outfit and loved it so much that I wanted to share!

This next outfit is from one of my favorite stores. You all know what it is. On the count of!!

(She wanted to salute for Daddy)

I ran into the side off the house and made an acorn bounce of my head. I called it a flying terd. We are not a classy family, folks.

And then she wanted to salute again because "I love my daddy and his uniform and his salutes."

This final outfit is from Janie and Jack. I love Janie and Jack, but the prices make me cry. So I buy used Janie and Jack on eBay. This is how I purchased this outfit.

"I'm a confused horse!"

I'm a sucker for matching hats. I put Natalie in matching hats since she was born. When she began pulling off the hats around six months or so I'd go, "No, no, this completes the ensemble." Eventually she understood that the hats were to stay on her head. People would always marvel at this and go, "Why does she not pull them off?" Because she was tired of Mommy telling her that the hat completed the ensemble. She just wanted some peace.

"THESE ARE MY TEETH!" (She can get quite animated during photo shoots.)

I made more farting noises and asked her what she thought spider poop looked like. (She said tiny and brown.)

I really hope her future friends come from families who appreciate farting noises. Otherwise the parents might be stunned.

But farts are funny, yo.


  1. I can think of nothing more funny than farts, ever. I actually read a photography article yesterday that said that to get the best smiles, you have to tell jokes. If those jokes are about farting, so be it. Photography is important, right??

  2. We don't just making farting noises in our house....

    Stunning wee outfits.

  3. Farts is sometimes the only thing that gets these little people to laugh.
    Adorable outfits! I need to learn to dress my girls better.

  4. Adorable! Love the Gymboree dress.

  5. Oh, she is the CUTEST THING IN THE WORLD!!!!
    You are so smart to savor this time. Lucy just turned 10 and my days of selecting adorable clothing are just about over. She is more and more resistant. I'm not ready to be finished with adorable fashion, but I am almost there. *sob*

    I adore that first orange and black skirt. I LOVE it!! --Lisa

  6. I loved all the dresses. The first one look like Indian. We love colours. The traditional Indian dresses have wide range of colours....Natalie is looking great in all the outfits

  7. So cute! I sometimes buy at a used clothing shop for kids, but I never tried Ebay. Going there now.

  8. Yes farts are funny. And Natalie is just adorable. You have excellent clothing taste. She is going to be so proud. You know how most people now groan at their own childhood pictures and wonder why the heck their parents dressed them that way?! in the 60s, 70s, etc. I don't think you will have that problem with Natalie at all!

  9. Oh my goodness, she does have the cutest clothes! Why aren't clothes like that made for grownups??!?!

  10. Oh.My.God. I LOVE that first one! I love them all but that first outfit is just... I love it!

    Fall fashion here in UK is just not like it is in the states.

  11. I love how you make her smile :)

  12. Cute outfits for a very beautiful daughter.

  13. She is sooo cute! And those outfits are adorable! I just have boys so I don't get to pick such cute outfits!

  14. Growing up we were forbidden to even say the word FART! Now, I'm the parent who teaches her kids the "Beans, beans, good for your heart" song at the dinner table.
    As always, I love her clothes.

  15. She's got a very nice collection. Super cute!

  16. she's so cute...and the clothes are adorable. My kids have better wardrobes than I do also. it's kind of shameful really..but ..hey look! comfy yoga pants on sale.

    I could never make fart noises to get my kids to smile. it would just be the start of the world's most annoying and loudest fart sound competition ever. and then my 3 year old will take the prize by...wait for it...actually farting.
    she does it on command. it's a gift.

  17. cute outfits - love the Halloween one :)

  18. She looks great! We went shopping on Saturday and I said to Cat 'aah remember those days when I got to pick what you wear'

  19. I'm with ya, farts are something to laugh at! She looks darlin' in her clothes.

  20. Farts are funny - whoever doesn't understand that does not deserve to be in your or Natalie's presence... and those outfits..adorable!! And yeah, the kid is kinda cute too.

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