Monday, October 28, 2013

My Computer Died

I knew it was sick.

My poor Dell computer. The one I had for six years. It had started to run slow and then would freeze at random moments, never to come back. I got the blue screen of death twice. I would pet the tower and go, "Please, please, please don't die on me." This alarmed my husband when he returned from his deployment.

"I know I've been gone awhile but this is borderline crazy," he said.

"It's been loyal to me for YEARS!" I explained.

"It's old. We'll get you a new one," Tom said kindly.

"So when I get old are you going to get yourself a new wife?" I replied.

Tom blinked. "No! We're talking about a computer!"

I thought maybe my computer would snap out of it. I deleted many photos thinking that maybe all my crap that I've saved over the years was weighing it down. But no. It would still freeze. So I took it into the Geek Squad.

"Maybe it's some strange virus," I told Tom. "It'll be okay."

"Amber, it's old. Prepare yourself that it might not be okay," he answered.

"It will be!"

Only it wasn't.

I got a call from the Geek Squad telling me that my computer had failed every test that they ran on it.

"Every one?" I repeated.

"I'm sorry, yes. It's the hard drive. You can buy a new one but since the computer is old, there's no saying that something else might break down."

I thanked him, hung up, and promptly burst into tears.


Tom, who was on his laptop, turned around and went, "Are you seriously crying over a computer?"

"YES! I loved it!" I said dramatically.

"Here Mommy, you can have Pinkie Pie. She'll cheer you up," Natalie said, pressing her pony into my hand.

"I thought it would be okay," I sniffled.

"I warned you," Tom said. He was beginning to look uncomfortable. He's not a fan when people start to cry. "I said I'd get you a new one."

Tom has always been generous. He's always telling me, "Buy what you want." He's really lucky I don't have expensive tastes.

"Now I have to used to a whole new computer," I sighed.

So now we're figuring out what I should get. Do I want a Mac? Or go back to a Dell? I know some people hate Dell's but we've never had issues. But then I hear the new Windows is horrible. But would I understand a Mac? It looks like you have to buy all sorts of extra stuff with a Mac. Or do you? Would a Mac work on our wireless Internet or does it need a specific Mac one? I am so confused. WHAT SHOULD I DO?

I miss my poor computer.


  1. OMG...I had this SAME THING HAPPEN, but my beloved DELL was 8 years old (ancient in computer terms) I LOVED that computer. I know some people don't like DELLS, but I loved mine. I got a new computer last December (a Toshiba because I just bought what they had at Best Buy because I needed it for work) and I HATE IT. I truly wish I had gone with another DELL. :) I would have tried a MAC but they are so expensive. That was the only reason they were out for me.
    GOOD LUCK!! It's so awful to have that learning curve of a new computer. :( --Lisa

  2. Oh, PS....I did mean to also say WINDOWS 8 IS THE WORST THING EVER. I hate it with an undying passion. If you don't get a MAC, see if you can get a computer with Windows 7. I'm not kidding. As soon as they do a new Windows, I'm getting a new computer just to get rid of Windows 8. It's just that awful. HATE IT! --Lisa

  3. Go with a Mac for sure - I have had mine for about 3 years and love it - I will never go back to anything else!

  4. MAC. I had my first one for over 4 years, no issues, ran like new. We upgraded recently. LOVE.

  5. You have to go MAC!!! It took me a little while to learn, but I will never ever ever go back to a PC. They're the greatest thing!

  6. I love all my Dells and have never had a problem. I am scared that I'll have to upgrade to the new windows. Good luck making a choice!

  7. Ive never had a problem with my PC's over the years. My PC right now is dead too, however. I've had it for perhaps 12 years so yeah, it's old. Won't even give me a little grr at all. I say go with what you trust-- do you know someone who has a Mac? see if they will let you come over and play with their computer and see if you like the stuff it has. If you can get to know it fairly easily. Or not. I think you should give it a ride before you buy it. Just go with your gut. We are having the same struggle.

  8. And yes, I heard windows 8 is bad. Someone up above in comments section said to see if you can find something with windows 7 then you'll be OK. I agree!

  9. Ain't it funny how we're so attached to something we don't realize how attached we are until it's gone?!?

    I'm the same way with my laptop and my phone. I'm lost if I don't have them both hanging off of me.

    You'll make it...hang in there, girl!! =)

  10. I've had no troubles at all with Windows 8. I think Macs are OK but ridiculously overpriced. You can get the same thing for much less sif you got with a PC (except for the display-their monitors are terrific). You don't get viruses if you have enough common sense not to download stuff. I don't have any virus software and none of my PCs have ever had a problem.

  11. I'm sorry for you loss honey. Men just don't get the emotional attachment and bonding we ladies get with our computers. James looked at me like I had 3 heads when we spent 2 hours in Best Buy picking out my new laptop. What I can tell you is that Windows 8 takes a little getting used to. Once you have it down though, it's actually a pretty cool operating system. Personally, I've never been a big fan of Mac's because they do require so much special extras and I prefer easy compatibility. You will not need a special wifi, but you will need special programs. However, they're the preferred PC for graphic designers. I guess it's all about how you intend to use it.

  12. I'm sorry for your loss. Thoughts and prayers seem appropriate.

    A Mac connects to the Internet the same way as a Windows computer. You won't have IE (should use use it) but other browsers work fine (if not better.)

    Just remember - more Windows PCs than Macs means more folks that can fix/help with them are around and local to you.

  13. My 6 year old acer is also slowly dying. I recommend that you ask in computer store, if they can give you one mac and one Dell computer for testing, for a few days. Or at least one Dell with newest Windows on it. windows 7 is weird, my boyfriend has it. It was basically made for using on touch screens. I haven't tried Windows 8 yet.

    I'm sorry for my crappy English, I learned it from tv.

    Greetings from Slovenia,

  14. I had a Dell throughout law school and it was amazing. I would definitely get another one.

  15. I've never used MAC, but my old computer (7 years) nearly died last year, so before it did, I got this one. They installed windows 8 with it, but I do not recommend it. It's easy to manage, but I started having problems with my browsers, with the internet connection and after some months the computer wouldn't recognize programs. So if I started skype, for example, the computer would automatically shut down...

    I went to the store and asked the guy to install Windows 7 for me, and he did (even if he called me crazy for wanting to go back to windows 7, UGH). Best decision ever. My computer works perfectly fine since I got Windows 7 and, although I miss my old computer, it is great to have a pc that actually works and does not leave me waiting half an hour to load my email!

    *Hugs* RIP Dell... But now it's time to look ahead for something better. As everything in life, I suppose.

  16. After my dell died I decided to go with a cheap hp and the little sucker is going on it's fifth year. Not bad for a cheap pc.

  17. If you go the Mac route you will be able to walk into a store, buy just the laptop and install the software once you get home.

    It will connect to your internet the same way a windows computer does.

    The only "special" software you might need would be the Mac version of Microsoft word/excel/powerpoint, depending on what your needs are!

    Enjoy getting a new toy :)

  18. I'm sorry for your loss. Except for our very first computer, back in the dark ages of modems, we've had Toshibas and have loved them all.

  19. When ours died, I was really really hesitant to switch over to a Mac because I am so glad that my husband talked me into it! I love it! We have a MacBook Pro and while we got a fairly basic far from tricked out model (we're not gamers of any sorts), I am really impressed with it. It took some adjustment as I always used keyboard shortcuts on my pc and the trackpad is completely different but I've really got no complaints!

  20. I had the same thing to happen to me.. My Dell was 7 years old.. I'm not a big fan of Mac, so I went with Dell again. I LOVE WINDOWS 8! Whichever you go with, hope you love it and it does you another several years!!

  21. My only piece of advice regarding Dells is that their desktops are amazing. The laptops, not so much. Every Dell laptop I've owned has had battery/charger issues as soon as it is out of warranty.

    Also, I know Apple offers a government discount. I'm pretty sure all Tom has to do is show is CAC. Worth looking into....

  22. Mac user here, after years of an HP death trap. I think since I do photography, I need my giant screened iMac. That said, I'm sure PCs are good too! I just barely remember them.

  23. My desktop died also due to repeated power surges. *sigh* one of these days I will get a new one. Till then I will survive with my laptop.

    RYN: I will make them public for you :)

  24. Sorry for your loss!

    I'd say, get a Mac, I did & I love it!

  25. My laptop is dying...I've had it for 6 years...I need a new one...if I could, I'd get a MAC...go with a MAC the new Windows 8 sucks!! So yeah, go with a MAC if you can - I hear it will change your life!

  26. Sorry about your laptop. Men don't understand. You can have emotional attachments to objects :)

    Anyway, get a Mac. When our PC died, we got a Mac and I would never go back. My stepdad has had the same Mac laptop for like 10 years and it's still going strong.

    You can use the same wireless router/internet you've always had. If you've used an iPad or an iPhone, you'll understand the Mac. Anything you don't know you can easily look up online. I'm pretty sure we had to buy their version of MS Word and Excel separately, BUT you can save versions of those files as Word or Excel docs so you can pull them up on a PC if you send to someone else.

    I recommend going to Best Buy and talking to a Mac expert. They're super knowledgeable and can address any concerns you have :)

  27. I've brought my Dell laptop back from the blue screen of death three times and it runs great.
    But I've had a laptop just up and die on me. If someone had said to me "We'll just go get you a new one" I'd be in the car ready to go to Best Buy before they could even find the keys.

  28. My poor Dell computer. The one I had for six years. It had started to run slow and then would freeze at random moments, never to come back. I got the blue screen of death twice. Computer Stores Saskatoon


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