Wednesday, October 9, 2013

This Deployment Is Over


That's what you get to feel again when your husband comes home from a deployment.

I was nervous over the prospect of seeing him again. I had colored my hair to cover the grey ones. I had shaved...oh crap, wait, did I forget to shave?

I forgot to shave.

I realized this after I hopped out of the shower. So then I got back in the shower. Who forgets to shave?

I put on a dress and added makeup so I didn't look like Edward Scissorhands.

"Is it almost time to get my Daddy?" Natalie asked hopefully when I came downstairs. "Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!"

She had been waiting six months to see him again.

"Almost time," I assured her.

When we got the airport, Natalie held up her sign proudly. She had glued basically everything in the house onto the paper. She's lucky I'm not one of those parents who like perfection in a project. No, I told her to have fun.

Yes, Tommy was on his Nintendo 3DS hoping to get a StreetPass. I was checking my phone because Tom had just texted saying he was on the ground. Thank goodness I remembered to keep my legs closed. I don't always sit like a lady in a dress because I rarely wear them. But unlike Britney Spears, I remember underwear at least.

"Daddy should be out soon," I said.

"YAY!" Natalie shrieked.

We stood in the only spot that passengers came out of.

At least I thought so.

As we waited, from the corner of my eye I spotted someone familiar...

"TOM!" I yelled.

"DADDY!" Natalie shouted.

"Where are all the StreetPasses?" Tommy wanted to know.

He thinks it's funny to surprise me. I scare easily. He said there was another way out so he picked that one. He surprised me when he came back from Korea too. If he could just come out PROPERLY I could get a better picture. Stubborn man.

Natalie was not shy. She ran right into Tom's arms. Pardon my Gary Busey face.

Natalie was like, "I put everything on this poster because I know you like everything."

This is me going, "If you'd stop coming out the wrong way, I could get a good picture!" Tom was amused by it all. He actually wanted to come up behind me and make me yelp.

Tommy pulled away from his StreetPass to give his Dad a hug and to say hello. He was very matter-of-fact about it all.

"Welcome back, Dad. I'm hoping to get a StreetPass."

Then we got a picture together. And big thank you to my mother-in-law Joanne for taking all the pictures! I like Natalie's expression in this one:

Never being the one who likes the spotlight off of her, Natalie began talking about her poster again.

We headed to get Tom's luggage:

As we waited, Natalie was like, "Daddy, I missed you so much."

"Daddy, don't go away ever again!"

After we grabbed his stuff we took him where he belongs..



  1. YAY!! SO GLAD HE IS HOME!!! :) So excited for your entire family!-Ashley

  2. Aww glad to hear he's home! I remember you writing when he was leaving but I can't believe it's been 6 months.

  3. So glad he is home! Love Natalie's outfit to welcome him home! Love the photos!

  4. Thanks for bringing us along to the airport!

  5. Awwww, wonderful!!! So happy you're all back together!!

  6. so happy for you!!
    Welcome home daddy/Tom!! And THANK YOU!!

    now...just gotta something in my eye...dust..

  7. Oh happy tears! So happy for you and your family! Hopefully, he'll be stationed near home for a while

  8. So happy for you guys to be together again!! And many thanks to your MIL so we could see all the reactions!!

  9. I was in tears reading this entire thing. Congratulations!

  10. Love love, love your pictures and so glad you got your guy home! :)

  11. Yay and I hope this is the last deployment for a long long while!!

  12. Yay! So glad he is home! Tommy reminds me of how Drew will act and Natalie reminds me of how Daniel will act.

    So glad your deployment is OVER!!!

  13. I hate the separations, but those butterflies are so much fun! I get them even after short TDYs. So happy your family is together again!

  14. There is no way you could EVER look like Gary Busey. You all look great!! Sparkling! I like that Tom likes everything and Natalie knows.
    Man, maybe I need to advertise my services to take professional photos of soldiers coming home to their families. I would that.

  15. So glad Tom's deployment is over! Now nothing will break in your house. :-)

  16. I am just so happy for all of you!! This post made me smile so big :-) Now can he be home for a long time, or will he have to be deployed again?

  17. This is SO exciting! I cried reading this post. I had been wondering & I think we had tweeted last week about it. How awesome!!!

  18. So awesome! I'm glad he's home. It certainly keeps a marriage fresh, I think.

  19. So happy for you! Glad he is home safe and that the kids got their Daddy back! Oh and this quote: "I put everything on this poster because I know you like everything." is quite possibly the cutest thing I have ever read!

  20. I am so glad he's home safe. The Gary Busey reference cracked me up!! I didn't see it, I just saw the joy. Natalies' got her Daddy back, Hurray!

  21. AAh I'm soooo happy for you guys!
    You looked so pretty!

  22. yeah, this made me cry! So happy he's home!

  23. Awesome! I am so glad Tom is home safe and sound.

  24. Beautiful! So happy for you! Hopefully he will have all the stuff fixed that broke for you soon. :)

  25. Yea!!! So so happy for you! So glad he is home.

  26. I'm crying here! That picture of the two of you and then him and Natalie holding hands at baggage claim....PRICELESS!!! Love how Tommy was all matter-of-fact; that kid rocks! So glad he's home XOXO


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