Friday, November 8, 2013

Meanwhile, On Instagram...

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen these pictures.

Some people don't have Instagram so I'll share some photos I've posted to the site.

(I'm on Instagram as WhisperingWriter.)

I'm grateful we have a patient cat. He lets Natalie do this to him so long as she's gentle. He's also pleased when she goes to bed.

The kids had fun on Halloween. They also got a lot of candy. I helped myself to some pieces as I don't feel they fully appreciate a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup correctly.

Natalie got to meet Spongebob! He even talked, which weirded me out a bit. I'm used to masked characters standing silently and miming at you. This Spongebob laughed and told Natalie that Patrick was sleeping. Tommy refused to go over. "I'm too OLD for this!" he fumed.

Tommy had to do this in school. The stinky armpits and cranky bubbles made me giggle. Mostly because they are SO TRUE.

Natalie went outside in this the other day. I was too tired to argue. "I'm being a ballerina today," she told me seriously.

Natalie might be girly but she'll also bravely hold a snake like Britney Spears.


  1. haha, what exactly is around your cat's neck? That's a good cat right there!
    And the snake! Yikes. She's amazing.

  2. The snake??? Yuk!
    Your kids are pretty hilarious!

    Yup 11=stinky pits=cracky voice

  3. I have Instagram and I think I've posted a total of 6 pictures to it in 3 years. I don't know why I can't get in to it.

  4. I'm pretty sure I follow your instagram more than your blog!!! I'm just ALWAYS on it. I love seeing all the pics of your kids though. So adorable!

  5. She is one brave little girly! I would run a mile or ten from that snake lol.

  6. WHAT A BRAVE GIRL!! Wow. I can't believe she let that snake wrap around her!

    And loved the costumes...way too cute!

  7. I need an Instagram tutorial. I just joined and I have no idea what I'm doing!!
    And in other news, it's good that Tommy is so self-aware! :)

  8. GAH!!!! That snake is ENORMOUS!!! Natalie is a braver soul than I am. She is even smiling!! Color me totally impressed!! --Lisa

  9. That snake is awesome!! I love that Natalie is willing to hold it!

  10. I think Tommy is so funny. He thinks he's such a big kid at 11, huh? Haha. I guess we were all like that.

  11. oh my middle daughter is exactly like Natalie. I took them to this reptile farm and she was all over Everything. lizard - can I pet it? spider - can I pet it? alligator - can I pet it? crazy.
    I have a picture of her with some kind of reptile and she's in like full on Barbie pose...and holding a lizard.

  12. Love the Halloween pic and I'm no on Instagram so thanks for sharing! My kids have been known to put a mini football helmet on our cat!

  13. I could not see all the photos....

  14. Oh my gosh! That snake has me way freaked out! It's bigger than her...

  15. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Your daughter's Halloween costume is awesome. So pretty!

  16. Wow! That pic of Natalie and the snake! I wonder what she'll think of it when she grows older... Brave girl! :-)

    You are the second blogger in my bookmarks that posts about instagram in the last hours... I really feel I must join it at some point, I'm missing something there!

  17. On Tommy's bubble project - I about died laughing because the first thing I saw was the armpit stink bubble!! LOL And yeah, your daughter is braver than I am - funny though, I used to handle snakes in Middle School and now I will freak out at them LOL


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