Friday, November 29, 2013

My Husband Wears Turkey Hats


My husband in a turkey hat.


My son with a spoon on his nose as we ate our Thanksgiving meal.

We would never fit in at Downton Abbey.

So how was your Thanksgiving? Did you pig out? I did. This was my plate:

That's turkey skin. I love turkey skin. I will fight you for the turkey skin. Mine. Especially since my Dad made the turkey over his Weber Grill with bacon on top.

I pigged out because I feel calories don't count on holidays.

I did not go shopping. Facebook posts scared me away from that. When people talk about finding NO parking spaces at WalMart, that's a sign to stay away. I am not going Black Friday shopping either. At least, in the physical sense. I have been ordering stuff online. I am only human.

And oh yeah, we drove to Texas to see my parents. My Dad is super jazzed.

No, but really, he lets the kids do crazy stuff to him.

I do not recommend driving the day before a holiday though. The traffic was insane. Tom kept going, "Who are all these people?" Natalie kept going, "My butt hurts. Are we almost there?" Tommy was in a panic because the stylus from his Nintendo 3DS came out and he felt he needed that particular one or else his future gameplay would be ruined.

It was a fun road trip.

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday. And if you don't celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you enjoyed your Thursday.

I'm off to eat more turkey skin.


  1. I love it!! My brother in law did the spoon thing at dinner last night and my husband wore a turkey hat, too...but a different one (who knew there were so many turkey hats. Ashley put a picture on our FB page.) We were having parallel Thanksgivings!
    It looks like you guys had a wonderful feast! Awesome!! --Lisa

  2. I loved the Turkey hat. I have never seen a hat like that before. The spoon thing is something my daughter would do. LOL Looks like you had a yummy dinner. Our dinner turned out really nice. This year every stuffed themselves on dinner as I really don't have a lot of left overs. I have more pie left over this year. Had to send two home with my inlaws.

  3. We had beef tenderloin, we played the traditional ping pong ball hockey in the living room using the doorways as goals. Somebody walked into our house by mistake his family lived next door. It was a holiday just like out of a magazine

  4. Not sure of my favorite photo here..the turkey hat is a good one, but the one of your dad takes the cake for me. (takes the pumpkin pie, rather)
    And Tommy's hair is amazing. I'm going for that with Des here.
    I'm not shopping at all! Not until January, except for online. I'll do plenty of online shopping and maybe some local business shopping. On weekdays.

  5. I like the Turkey hats and whas with the spoon on Tommy's nose? LOL. Since I am from Canada our thanksgiving is on October a monthe
    before those who live in the USA. I too like chicken and turkey skin and the bacon on the turkey sounds yummy I love bacon. happy belated thanksgiving to you and your family. What was Natalie trying to do with her grandpa????? LOL

  6. Glad to see you and your family had such a good holiday! Safe trip home!

  7. Glad to know you had such a wonderful time(and feast!) :-)

  8. Your turkey skin did look good! I don't think I've ever known anyone to sing praises to turkey skin before. That's hilarious.

    Glad you got there safely.

  9. Y'all seem like such a fun family! And you eat bacon. Let's be pals. :P


    Friggin' awesome! The turkey hat is priceless. I vote it's a new tradition!

    And turkey skin...I'm with you. Delish.

  11. Looks like a fun Thanksgiving!
    Sexy Turkey hat! haha.

  12. That food looks so so so good. I'm glad y'all had a good Thanksgiving even if the road tripping was a bit uncool. LOL.

  13. I hope the drive home was better!!!
    I like the skin, too - I usually only have a few (large) bites of it - my husband always picks it all off and leaves it with the bones (RUDE!!).


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