Thursday, November 21, 2013

Things That Annoy Me Thursday: Sexiest Man Alive?

I'm sure most people have heard about People's Sexiest Man Alive choice.

If not, here it is.

Image found at

I know a lot of women (and maybe men) are squealing over the cover. Many of my friends are.

And then I'm over here going, "What? No! Was John Krasinski busy or something?"

I admit it. I am not a fan of Adam Levine. I don't watch The Voice. I don't like Maroon 5. I want to cover my ears when he sings. His voice goes very high and it frightens me. I don't care if he moves like Jagger. I don't want to hear about it, Adam. I just don't.

Family Guy agrees with me.

(And then Stewie pops his head in front of Adam and says something like, "Yeah, it is." Not my taste. Not Stewie's taste. Though I do appreciate the fact that Adam is game on making fun of himself.)

I rarely agree with the Sexiest Man choice, I admit that. I wish People would change it up. Maybe put a soldier on the cover. A teacher. John Krasinski. Why must all these men be classically handsome? Elijah Wood? He has amazing eyes. Jason Segal? He sang with muppets for God's sake!

I won't be purchasing this issue.

And I'll cross my fingers before I go into the commissary because I swear, every time I go into the store, Moves Like Jagger is playing. It startles the elderly shoppers (well, not really, but one did say, "This is some silly music, Herb.")

I also see that other men are in the magazine. Like Justin Timberlake (his voice scares me too), one of the Hemsworth brothers (both are too pretty boy for me), and Hugh Jackman (actually, I do like him.)

Maybe next year People will surprise me. I doubt it, but one can hope.


  1. I do like Maroon 5, but I don't think Adam is all that hot either. I would like to see Rob Thomas on the cover one day though!

  2. Surely there are some handsome "non-entertainer" celebrity types out there somewhere? You know, worthwhile people?

  3. Adam Levine does nothing for me either. Blegh. I guess Alexandar Skarsgard was busy?

  4. Oh man, I am not a fan either. But I'm more of a country music girl.

  5. Ha!!! I actually posted on my Fb yesterday that I couldn't believe Adam Levine was chosen. Obviously, they must have missed the photo of my husband! Lol

  6. Lol! I like Adam Levine. I'm think skinny guys are sexy, this includes Adam. I don't know that I'd vote him sexiest man, but hey, he does make my list.

  7. I admit that I love John Krasinski, but I also love Adam Levine. We have a secret relationship...Oops now everyone knows! haha jk of course.

  8. I definitely think one of these years they should mix it up and pick someone less 'traditionally' good looking.

  9. I saw that cover and was all, "Who the heck is that?" I have no clue who he is, but he's not particularly attractive. He looks like a run-of-the-mill celebrity man with girly hair.

    I love the idea that they put soldiers, airmen, marines, etc. on the cover. Someone who actually is attractive, both outside and in.

  10. Now this is when I know I live under a rock since I didn't know he was the sexiest man alive. And I'm going to have to disagree with People on this one, he just doesn't do it for me.

  11. I'm just saying that if they had seen my husband, he would win that award.

    I do love M5 though. :)

  12. I actually don't mind Adam Levine or Maroon 5. I do agree with you, though- definitely not "Sexiest Man Alive" worthy. I am totally on board with John Krasinski, though- love LOVE him. I could watch that clip of his lip syncing comp w/ Jimmy Fallon every day. Someday People will figure out what sexy really is...

  13. I'm not an Adam Levine fan either - I don't think that I've ever agreed with the choice for sexiest man - maybe one year (although I keep getting older and...).

  14. No matter who they pick, I just don't like that label - "sexiest man alive." Too subjective and the sexiest man alive is probably in Brazil or something. I don't even know!
    And if it were up to me, it would probably turn off the world. I'd choose Alan Rickman or something! Or Tim Curry from 1975.

  15. I don't like him either. I mean I don't dislike him, I just couldn't care less if he's around or not.
    I usually don't like the guys all the other women swoon over. I'm weird like that.
    But I do love Bradley Cooper. Yum.

  16. I don't even know who this guy is, but he looks like an Abercrombie and Fitch model which can only mean one thing.... ha ha ha ha ha....

    I much prefer men who are... I don't know... more.... unconventionally sexy and certainly don't spend more time getting ready in the morning than I do!

  17. I don't find him attractive either. The only thing I do like a lot about him is his sense of humor. I'm a Hugh Jackman girl too. Stopping by from SITs!

  18. I loved the Maroon 5 album Songs About Jane (can't believe that was 2002!) at that time, I fell in love with Adam Levine from his music videos, but when I started watching "The Voice" I realized he's a bit of a prick and a nerd. He's no longer sexy to me now.

  19. Now, I do like me some Maroon 5. And I do think Adam is hot...

    ...but not THE hottest.

    At least it wasn't a repeat of Clooney or Pitt or one of the other dudes they seem to always revert back to every other year.

  20. I do like Adam Levine...but then, I have a musician thing. It's a good thing I was not born in the 60s or for sure I would have been some nasty groupie.
    But...I am so 100% behind your Elijah Wood campaign!!
    For Frodo!!! Let's do it for Frodo! :)


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