Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Would I Get My MacBook Pro?

So my PC died.

I've mentioned it many times, I know. It's just, I LOVED my PC. And then the hard drive decided to give out so I was left with nothing.

I'm being dramatic.

We had a spare laptop. Granted, it belonged to my son. My mom gave him her old one. But I figured he could share for a bit until I figured out my replacement computer.

He was not pleased.

He'd be like, "When are you getting your own computer?" and I'd say, "Look, I gave you life, you can let me use your laptop."

I knew I needed my own. So I researched and researched and decided to get a MacBook Pro. It was going to be my Anniversary/Christmas present. Said MacBook Pro was supposed to arrive on Wednesday. I had a feeling UPS was going to drop it off when I was picking up Natalie so I left a note on my door saying I'd be right back. I knew I'd have to sign for it so I stressed that I'd be right back. I underlined it twice.


UPS came.

They did not care about my note. They simply taped a SORRY WE MISSED YOU message beside my note which I basically took as a middle finger.

To rub salt into my wound, seconds after seeing their message the UPS truck drove PAST MY HOUSE. He could have easily stopped and delivered my laptop. If my husband had been home I'd have tossed Natalie at him and chased the UPS truck down. But by the time I started heading over, the truck was puttering away.

I wanted to cry.

"Come back," I said pitifully like Kate Winslet in Titanic when she decided that yes, she was going to live for Jack.

It did not come back.

I whined about it on Facebook. You know, first world problems and all. Sometimes suggested that I call UPS. Perhaps they'd return? I doubted it but I called. Explained my situation. I thought the guy on the phone would be sympathetic. Instead he was all, "The driver'll come back tomorrow," in a deadpan voice.

"But sir!" I yelped.

I could have gone to the UPS hub I suppose. But I was already in my comfy pants. It's what I refer to my stained sweatpants as.

I was paranoid that I'd miss the UPS driver again the following day. Lucky for me my husband was home from work. I told him to be sure to pay attention to the doorbell. He was busy playing Call Of Duty right before I left to get Natalie. Sometimes he spaces out when he plays those video games.

"I'll answer the door!" Tom promised when I explained to him for the fifth time that I NEEDED my MacBook Pro today.

"Look, I will chase down the UPS truck if he misses us again," I vowed. "I will be the crazy military spouse who chased down the UPS truck. I will wave my hands dramatically and scream, "MY LAPTOP!" over and over again."

"For God's sake, does everything have to be an ordeal with you?" Tom asked.

Yes. When it deals with my new laptop, YES.

I went to pick up Natalie and rushed home--to the point where Natalie was like, "Hello? You're leaving me!" I turned around and oops, she was pretty far away. She eventually caught up--she didn't seem to care that my laptop was coming even though I explained it to her. She was like, "Is it pink?" and I went, "Um. No?" and she sighed and went, "Sounds boring."

We made it to the house right as the UPS man was driving away. Oh please oh please let Tom have heard the doorbell. I burst into the house and went, "Is it here?"

"Nice to see you too," Tom said with a scowl.

I kissed him briefly on the cheek. "I love you. Is it HERE?" I scanned the room. Where was the box?

"Is what here?" Tom answered.

"ARE YOU JOKING?" He was joking, right? He had to be joking. What if he wasn't joking? What if he didn't answer the door? What if--

I saw a smirk playing on Tom's lips.

"You are joking. Where is it?"

Tom shrugged. "Who knows?"

He put it in the dining room. I found it tucked beside the table. I hugged it to me and went, "Hello, new laptop."

It's so SHINY!

I figured out how to turn it on--mind you, this is my first Apple laptop. And then marveled over why they gave me two cords.

"Do I have to use them both? What if I make the laptop explode? WHY AREN'T THESE INSTRUCTIONS TELLING ME ANYTHING?"

Seriously, the instructions that came with the laptop were very brief.

I had to figure out how to use the trackpad. On Windows laptops you just tap it. This one wanted me to click it.

I was startled when I turned on the laptop again and a sound came up. What was that? Was my laptop hurt? Why did it sound like the opening note to Nothing Compares To You?

When I'm on Safari sometimes the window disappears. I have to figure out where it went.

I downloaded a picture and had to find where that went.

I discovered how to copy and paste the shortcut way. (It's that loopy design plus C to copy. And then that loopy design plus V to paste. V. Yes, that threw me off.)

I'm learning terms like launch pad and dock. I feel like I'm going into space.


I love my new laptop.

It's fantastic.

It's shiny.

It's fast.

And it's all mine because I am not sharing.


  1. OMG, I thought I was the only one who considered chasing the delivery guy right after I'd just missed him. Especially a new laptop.. Or phone for that matter!! I stayed in a whole week once because I was expecting a delivery! lol.

    Your MAC sounds amazing!!

  2. I SO would have been the dog/kid mom, 'STAY! staaaay. If you stay I'll give you a cookie!?' Then I'd have hauled some serious ass 'fat girl pants' [my comfy VS sweatpants] and all!

  3. Hooray!!! I'm glad that you got a MacBook Pro!!! I love mine and would never go back to a PC!!!
    Glad you didn't have to chase the UPS guy!

  4. Welcome to the club - you will never want to go back to a PC again!

  5. I have used both...but because of work have to use a PC more.

    But I feel like magic when I get to use a MAC...even though it takes me a little while to remember all the magical things it can do!


    Yay for you!!

  6. Did you figure out the two cords? They attach to make a longer cord ;)

    Also, you can change your track pad somewhere in settings to make it a tapping one. I did that with mine!

  7. I'm jealous and sticking my tongue out at you right now. I still love you but I am jealous.

  8. After using a laptop for over a year now, I went to use our home PC the other night (the very one I had previously used for years) and I suddenly could not type, find the internet, or move the mouse properly.

    But my 2 sick daughters were curled up in my bed watching Netflix on my laptop, because their brother was using the TV to play Wii.

    I missed my laptop.
    And it's not even a shiny or or new, and certainly not a Mac.

    I'm never sharing again.
    Sharing is bad!! LOL

  9. Yay for you getting your new laptop!!!

    Thats the one thing about Apple. They don't give instructions do they? They didn't with my iPhone! Had to learn everything on the internet or by trial and error or by someone else showing me the way.

    I do love my iPhone.

  10. I love my Mac! So glad you got yours! Once you go Mac, you won't go back. ;)
    My favorite trick is ctrl + shift + 4, for screen caps.

  11. I love my MAC. Congrats on your new toy...

  12. I was just as lost as you when I first got my Macbook. I still kinda am.

    Congrats on your new toy!

  13. Yay!! Long life to you, oh-beautiful-electronic-companion! :-D

    I'm glad you love it! :-)

  14. Merry early Christmas!! I just got a new iPad Air at work and I had to leave it here the first night because it wasn't set up. Now it is and I get to play with it tonight!!

  15. I love Apple, I'm a dedicated consumer. Quite the adventure getting it!

  16. Congrats on your new laptop. Sounds awesome!

    I think the delivery guys wait til no ones home - that's what it always seems like - lol

  17. Ah, Mac products and their terrible instructions! Maybe they think we're all geniuses or something? I'm not.
    Anyway, may you be happy together! Tom cracked me up.

  18. I am picturing you petting the Mac and whispering, "My Precious..."

    I totally would have chased down the UPS guy!

  19. I was scared for a minute.
    I figured Tom was a were going for a replacement part. Whew! He answered the door.

    It is shiny.
    My hubs says he's going to have me get one of those the next time this monster I'm using dies.

  20. Haha, evidently your husband just does not get it. Then again, James didn't get it when I started to kiss my new laptop in the car on the way home from Best Buy a couple months back. Silly boys! Gadgets are for girls!

  21. I need to get my Acer fixed so I can get my files back after it crashed and am considering a Mac in place of it. I've got Apple everything else so I may as well get one of these too!

  22. There is nothing worse than missing the UPS guy! They need to let you track package in real time so you can stalk them.

  23. Yes, "My Precious...". Not even let Tommy touch it after him letting you use his?

  24. well congrats my friend! Tom was XO.

  25. You get used to the disappearing windows - go to System Prefereces and click on Mission Control and then Hot Corners (the bottom left of the box) and you can set which corners bring up what.

    I have mine set to Top Left = All application windows, Top Right = Desktop, Bottom Left = Dashboard.

  26. Ahh the anticipation of getting a new toy delivered is so frustrating! Glad you finally got it! The mac platform does take some getting used to that's for sure. It's a bit different from Windows!

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