Monday, December 23, 2013

All I Want For Christmas Is...

Christmas is in two days. I know! Cue panic! I have a list of things that I want. Maybe they'll happen?


For everyone to stop using the word selfie. Please. I don't care if it's in the dictionary. It's an awful word that people over 18 should not be using.

For people to stop vaguebooking on Facebook. Don't post, "So depressed..." and not tell us why. I'm nosy. I want to know why. And I'll ask.

To find an agent so I can get my books published. Yes, I have The Swimmer's Assistant out but I want a REAL book and I want to be represented by an agent. Please let me find one. I've sent out query letters to several for my new book, Being Anne Boleyn, but so far, no luck.

For Miley Cyrus to go away. Seriously. Also, most of the real housewives of *insert state here* can go as well. Except Brandi. I like Brandi.

John Krasinski.

For people to stop writing checks in stores. I understand their purpose for sending bills, but in stores people want to get in and out. I'm generally behind someone who takes 10 minutes to write out a check. If you must write a check, please have everything filled out minus the cost, obviously. (My husband is really cursed. Whenever he's out, the person in front of us is writing a check like 95% of the time. Then he mutters, "Check writers! Why?")

To have a PIP. (Poop/pee in peace.)


What do YOU want?


  1. ha! I do hope you'll get all that you asked for. I bet the PIP will happen...John Krasinksi might take some travel time.
    I would love for "selflie" to go away. Even if someone writes it to me, I write back, "self-portrait."
    I just can't.

  2. I hope you get the pip of your dreams for Christmas!
    I would love for kids to stop checking their phones while riding a bicycle (seriously, it's a thing here), if only so I don't have to play "dodge the moron" on my way to work.
    Can't do selfies, I'm way too self-conscious.

  3. OMG, the vague FB thing drives me absolutely BONKERS!! I am so with you!!-Ashley

  4. The check writer thing makes me think of my mom. She doesn't generally use her checkbook anymore, but when she does? She writes out the check, then she has to write it out in the balance book also. At the same time in the checkout lane. So she doesn't forget to tally it up later. That takes even longer!

    I get you on the vague FB statuses. However, I do have a pet peeve, but it seems to only be aimed at one person so far so it may be Im annoyed with that one person. She is always going on and on about how thankful she is that she learned how to duck, roll, deck, (she was abused by an ex husband like 20 years ago) and while I sympathize with her, I feel like she should be able to let it go. But it feels like she's still holding a grudge this way and IT DRIVES ME CRAZY. She posts statuses that refers to that past abuses still, and I'm wanting to tell her to MOVE ON. Sigh. I know, I'm a meanie.

  5. The vague posts drive me CRAZY!!! I always think it is a desperate measure to get extra attention and because that isn't my gig, I never give in and comment.
    I hope your lis comes true!!!

  6. Yes!! The "selfie" and the "vague" posts drive me nuts!

  7. HAHA. Love your list. I want Miley Cyrus to go away too. And the Kardashians. I can not help but cringe when I see any of the above on any form of media! Hope you get your entire list this Christmas. Especially that agent!!

  8. Oh yes, nothing says "I'm in desperate need of some attention" than the vague post.
    I won't bite.
    Good luck on the John Krasinki thing. LOL
    I just a new camera - so I am pretty excited to try that out.
    I intentional shots of my facial area. (we may need a new short form though, because that's a lot to say)
    Merry Christmas!

  9. My dogs follow me into the bathroom more than my kids do. I never PIP!
    I say Selfie but I say it in a making-fun way. I promise.

  10. I agree, having a PIP would be awesome! I'm usually open-minded and don't judge, but Miley is such a wannabe. I also don't get why people post vague stuff on Facebook. Either poo or get off the pot with your business.

  11. I'm with you on all of this, well except for the agent part because well, I don't have a book out's still in my head


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