Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hey, It's Okay Tuesday!

I got this idea from Glamour magazine. They have a section called Hey, It’s Okay and will list a bunch of things to be okay about. You're welcome to join in and do something like this on your blog. Doesn't have to be on a Tuesday either. Just make sure you link up and that the post you link up is a Hey, It's Okay Post.


To find it a little strange that people have said they are saying a prayer for Judith from The Walking Dead. They know she's not real, right? And that it's a television show?

To be having a fabulous post about #GivingTuesday going up shortly. WalMart helps our military families. Find out how in the post and how you can donate and help. Check it out in the next post!

To be taking the kids to see Frozen today. I am looking forward to this movie. Some children's movies scare me but this one I know I'll enjoy. Naturally, Natalie is excited.

To have pulled out the Creepy Elf on the Shelf yesterday. Natalie loves her. (I got her really cheap on Amazon early this year. It's why we even HAVE one. No way would I have forked over $30 for one. The eyes and the feet weird me out.) A post will be coming tomorrow.

To be sad that Paul Walker died but have gotten irritated with how everyone felt the need to post the news story on Facebook. It's fine to post your opinion, but just posting the same news story over and over gets irritating. Plus, I feel for the other guy who was in the car with Paul. He barely got any recognition. RIP Roger Rodas.

To love Amazon! I've bought many of our Christmas presents from the site.

To be ready to make Christmas cookies. I rarely bake from scratch but I do with these. I want to curse by the end of it all but the final result is worth it. (I make sugar cookies with buttercream frosting.)

To be grateful for the Sears Heroes At Home gift card we received. Shame on the people who have been complaining. Some are upset that it's only $28. Be grateful for what you get!

To hope you consider reading my book, The Swimmer's Assistant, over the holidays! It's only .99 cents! You can get it on Kindle. Don't have a Kindle app? You can download it!


  1. I finished shopping for my kids yesterday and Greg's younger niece and nephew all thanks to Amazon. I signed up for the free trial of Prime but I think I am going to keep it. If nothing else free streaming of movies.

  2. Amazon is an addiction. I'm constantly ordering things from there. Have fun at the movies today!

  3. I need to try and get your book - I have a Nook but I could probably get it on my iPad.
    I've heard that Frozen is one of the best kid's movies in a long time - enjoy!!!

  4. You are going to LOVE Frozen. It is honestly one of my favorite Disney movies ever. Love the Giving Tuesday movement. :)-Ashley

  5. I'm curious to hear how you and Natalie like Frozen! We went the day after Thanksgiving and both liked it. I think Scarlet was overwhelmed because it was her first movie in a theater, but the movie touched her heart.

  6. We absolutely loved the movie Frozen! I'm actually not sure who liked it more, me or Abby! We are heading to Disney on Sunday and Abby is so excited that she can meet Anna and Elsa! She is also asking for a Frozen birthday party...in April. I can make it work, right?

  7. Frozen 3D was amazing.... "Catch my butt, catch my butt!" OMG even my 15y/o LOL'd throughout the movie!

  8. And if I am still crying over Herschel???? LOL

    Almost time for my shortbread cookie baking extravaganza too. I rarely make any other cookies all year long...but I can eat BATCHES of my shortbread. mmm....butter.


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