Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Rolling in the Snow

Oklahoma got snow.

People panicked.

As in cleared the grocery store shelves panicked. If you wanted bread, you had to make it yourself. If you wanted milk, well, hopefully you had a cow nearby.

It amuses me how people panic because I came from FE Warren AFB in Wyoming where snow was a usual thing. Nothing was shut down, even when it would snow a couple of feet. I remember Tom had to shovel his way out of the house because his work still expected him to show up.

In Oklahoma, things shut down for 2 inches of snow.

School shut down on Friday.

"Guess what?" Tommy said when he returned home from school on Thursday.

"You got an A on your test? Oh Tommy, I'm so proud--"


Oh. Well.

It didn't bother me too much. It meant I could sleep in. My kids let me sleep in. This is because I'm scary in the morning and they'd rather not deal with me if they don't have to. So I did. Sleep in, I mean. I thought, ahhh, I can relax today and not have to do anything.

"I want to play in the snow!" Natalie said, pressing her nose against the window.

Ugh. I didn't want to go outside. Some parents are so thrilled to get those snow pictures of their kids. I'm all, "I'd prefer to stay inside where it's warm." But Natalie insisted.

The good news was, we got Tommy out of his room. He can stay holed up there for hours.

I ended up getting snow pictures. I mean, since I was dragged out and all...

Tommy was like, "Snowball fight!"

And then Tommy shouted, "I'm going to roll in the snow!"

(Don't worry, he did NOT crash into Natalie. She'd have never let him hear the end of it.)

My kids had fun. I felt guilty because they did not have A) snow boots or B) snow pants. But well, it's Oklahoma.

And that's what dryers are for, right?


  1. The shelves clear in Kentucky for snow too, even just an inch. We get snow often enough you'd think people would know they won't be trapped for days or weeks. I couldn't get my kids to go play in the snow for any amount of money.

  2. We have no snow gear either. We rarely get snow, so when we do the kids just get wet. Love the pictures! :)-Ashley

  3. The only time my son had snow gear was when he was a toddler and I thought it important to make sure he was warm and dry. Since then, we just dress in layers and use the dryer! :) Looks like you guys had fun!

  4. You're a nice mom to go outside with them. I just send them out and get the hot chocolate ready for when they are done - I don't do snow!!

  5. We don't really have any snow gear, just the usual hats and gloves and extra puffy coats. We just layer :D That's strange that people would buy out stores for such a little amount of snow. We got a tiny sprinkling of snow yesterday and my son wanted to go out and play in it.. even though there wasn't even enough to make a snowball with ha ha!

  6. I don't even think Des has any snow pants! Ah well. And I'm not someone who enjoys being out in it. Not at all. I do adore the photography aspect of it and that always happens, but after that I get no joy out of it! My husband is such a big kid because he loves it.
    We're expecting a massive storm this weekend - big enough to mess up holiday weekend plans. (boo!)

  7. My kids don't have snow pants! The pictures are awesome!

  8. I don't like going out in the snow either. We do all that work with all those layers of clothes and then as soon as we get outside, they say, "I'm cold!" ARGH!

  9. if you read my know...i HATE cold...I HATE now....I'm tropical. My daughter tearfully asked me yesterday morning if she could play in the snow and I said no. But yesterday afternoon, my daughter and 3 month old were in their snow suits.....and me in my warm the snow.....the things we do to make our kids happy.

  10. Being Canadian, of course you know this makes me chuckle. I am laughing with you though - honestly! ha

    But seriously, I'd never likely survive a day in your hot summers.

    If you have some food colour on hand, put some with water in a spray bottle and send them back out to paint. :)

  11. This is our first real winter, my kids love it. I wish this city would shut down but nope. They have to have at least 6 feet of snow before they shut schools. I've heard they've had one snow day in 15 years. If I can't get snow days why the hell do I live here?

  12. We only got frost and ice here in Tx. But it was okay because the kids stayed home and we watched Polar Express and drank hot chocolate. And SCORE!! I didn't have to set the alarm to get up at 5:30. Merry Christmas!


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