Thursday, December 26, 2013

Things That Annoy Me Thursday: Getting Toys From Their Boxes

This was probably the scene in most houses yesterday.

If not, wow, I'm impressed.

We had a fantastic Christmas. But with Christmas comes taking presents out of their packaging. Sometimes this is difficult. Sometimes it feels like things have been superglued to the box.

Sometimes it takes hours.

And then putting the stuff together! Natalie got the Wedding Castle from My Little Pony and I assumed it was already put together. Nope. There were bags of pieces! Tom was busy hooking up Tommy's Wii U so I was on my own. I figured it out though. After some cursing.

I am pleased to say that everything is out of their packaging and put together.

Our trash is overflowing now. The people who are green would frown.

But hey. We did it. We survived Christmas 2013!


  1. Bella got that castle last year, and it was the one "Santa" was bringing, so we had to put it together the night before. The cursing is understandable!!!!! Try it with the added bonus of jet-lag, lol!

    I made Thomas do most of the unwrapping because I had to cook. And clean up.

  2. We survived too... Barely. I'm sick as a dog so that left my husband to do pretty much everything. (Upside to being sick!)

  3. Yay for surviving! It's (thankfully) trash day on my street and all the houses have mountains and mountains of trash in front of them. It's a really scary sight.

  4. We managed to fill both garbage cans over here. Granted one of them was of all the junk I threw out the day before Christmas to make room for the new stuff.

  5. I seriously despise getting hte toys out of here boxes, those little tie things are annoying!

  6. I'm with Sarah - those twist tie things are evil!!! And, why are there so many?!
    Glad you had a great Christmas and got the Little Pony set put together!!

  7. My living room still looks like that, the stocking puked all over. We only had one thing to put together. It was nice but also another sign that my kids are growing up.

  8. So glad I'm old enough that I don't get those frustrating packages of toys, and young enough that I don't have to get them for any young ones yet either!
    I suppose I should enjoy that little perk for as long as it lasts!

    The Girly Gamer

  9. One of the things that Adri got was screwed into the cardboard box! We don't have any tools yet, so there are still screws and chunks of cardboard on the back of her little bubble blower.. LOL

  10. I was trying to figure out yesterday why these princess and pony toys are held hostage by so many restraints. As if there's a huge shoplifting problem with these toys or something?
    Hey, maybe there is.

  11. It's insane trying to get some toys out of their packaging! I'm always cursing under my breath while opening our kids' toys.

  12. I am so glad that we didn't have a hard time getting things out of their boxes this year - or putting things together. Last year Eric picked out for the kids a mini foosball game. He went back to bed and I had to put the thing together. And one played with it. A year later and we don't have it anymore because our cat decided it looked like a little box (eww).


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