Monday, February 24, 2014

I Tried The New Marshmallow Crispy and Cookie Dough Oreos!

They were beautiful words.

Cookie Dough Oreos.

Marshmallow Crispy Oreos.

I had to try them.

Had to.

Some people found them in grocery stores and would post about it on Facebook.

I became jealous.

Why couldn't I find the cookies?

The reviews on the cookies weren't always the greatest. Some people said the cookie dough flavor tasted like sweet mush. The marshmallow crisp tasted nothing like marshmallow crisp. But I didn't care. I had to try them for myself.

I was tempted to write to Nabisco:

"Please send me the cookies! I will write a review on my blog!"

And then...


I was in the beautiful land of Target and I wandered into the cookie aisle. There were two women about my age standing in front of the Oreo display.

"These are the marshmallow crispy ones I keep hearing about," one of them said to her friend. She grabbed two.

There was only 1 package left.

"Mine!" I said, tugging the last package of cookies to my chest. "I need this more than you."

Okay, so I didn't do that. I wanted to. I sort of stood awkwardly to the side, hoping the other lady wouldn't take the last package.

"You getting one, Claire?" the woman said, setting the two packages in her cart.

Claire, please no. No, Claire.
I tried telepathy.

It worked.

Claire wrinkled her nose and went, "No. I shouldn't." She patted her flat stomach. "I don't need that junk."

Junk! Junk! They weren't JUNK. They were beautiful cookies!

I grabbed the last package before she could change her mind. Sorry, Claire. Mine.

Okay, so I found marshmallow crispy. Now I needed the cookie dough. My friend texted me saying she found it at WalMart. But..WalMart frightens me.

It was okay though.

A few days later I was BACK at Target, because I have a Target problem (Hi, I'm Amber, and I'm a Target-holic. (Hi Amber)) and the cookie dough Oreos were THERE! Yes! I grabbed that package and held them up in the air like they were Simba. I swallowed back the urge to shout, "BEHOLD!"

Back at home, it was time for the taste test. I waited to try the marshmallow crisp because in my mind, I believed I had to try them together. I mean, not at the same TIME, but next to each other. It just felt right. So I carefully peeled back the marshmallow crispy, picked up a cookie in a dainty manner, and took a tiny bite as if I were some important food critic.

(It occurs to me now that a vlog would have been smart. But I've never done a vlog. My face is pretty pale and I worry I'll scare people.)

The marshmallow crisp tasted like a Rice Krispy treat. And yes, there are flakes of marshmallow crisp in the cream:

I was impressed. I ate three more and then remembered I still had to try the Cookie Dough Oreos.

Now these?

It almost pains me to type this.

They weren't....good.

The cream sort of tasted like coffee to me. I don't like coffee. So it was like a chocolate/coffee flavor and I just...I wasn't impressed.

Listen, I consume TONS of cookie dough. I've bought the tube of cookie dough before simply to eat it. My husband makes chocolate chip cookies and I stuff my face with the dough. So I KNOW cookie dough. I mean, salmonella be damned.

The cookie dough in the Oreos was NOT proper cookie dough.

My final verdict?

Marshmallow crispy? Yum!

Cookie dough? Blagh!


  1. I somehow won a free pack of the rice crispy ones on Twitter, and then came to me in the mail, which was wonderful and sort of weird, but I haven't opened them yet. Maybe I need to taste test them today. :)

  2. Good to know! I got the cookie dough ones and I agree. I did see the marshmallow ones too and I DIDN'T GET THEM. Can you believe that? I'm off to remedy that today.

  3. Thank you for doing the taste test! Now when I harass my family into sending me things, I won't bother with the cookie dough!

  4. Off to Target right this second to try the marshmallow ones! YUM!-Ashley

  5. I looked for both those over the weekend at our Target and they were no where to be found. I've heard the same thing about the cookie dough that it taste like coffee. I may have to head to Walmart and give it a whirl. Have a wonderful week!

  6. I was at my Target and I looked for the Cookie Dough Oreo's and they didn't have them :( I haven't heard about the Marshmallow ones so I am definitely going back to find both of them!!!!

  7. I have a feeling I could put both in front of my boys and they will be gobbled up! I love this honest review and to me you really can't replicate just seems wrong!

  8. I'm so glad you tried them. I'm sort of scared because back around Halloween I tried the candy corn Oreos (and I don't even like regular Oreos) - I went through many packages in just about a week - it wasn't pretty!!
    I'm with you - I would have been let down on the cookie dough ones - I used to eat the tube just out of the tube, too!

  9. I am very disappointed to hear about the cookie dough!!! I am like you, salmonella be damned. Especially with cake batter. People wonder why my cakes always come out so low. I bite my lip and look away because its my secret. MINE. I save some cake batter to consume by myself because well, I am a cake batteraholic. I can't help myself. And like you, I am not a coffee fan. I really HATE the taste of coffee. So I am glad you voluntarily reviewed them before I bought any. Thank you, Amber!

  10. My three year old MADE me buy the marshmallow ones ... SHE loved them so much, I'm SURE she'll MAKE me buy them again ... Haven't seen the others yet, but I'm sure she'll HAVE to HAVE them. She's pushy, that's one ...

  11. OMG, I LOVE Oreos!!! I totally understand the allure of trying the new flavors. In high school, we had an Oreo Club at my church. We would critique the new flavors and do experiments to find the ideal milk-dunking time (12 seconds, if I remember correctly).

    I'm glad to find another Oreo lover!

  12. I totally agree! I LOVE the marshmallow crispy ones, but those cookie dough ones were just DISGUSTING!

  13. We LOVE the cookie dough ones! We like coffee so maybe that is why we love them so much. I found them at Walmart but haven't been able to find them anywhere else. I didn't know about the Marshmallow Crispy ones though. Going to try those as well when I make it back to Walmart!

  14. I guess these havent made it to Alabama yet I havent seen them just some berry flavored ones and I dont want fruit with my cookies!

  15. I love coffee flavored stuff, maybe I'd like those?

    The marshmallow are not for me.

  16. I've yet to ever try a non-original Oreo that I actually liked. I even prefer the originals to the double-stuffed. Maybe my tastebuds are boring...

  17. Thanks for being the taste tester on this one! I was seriously considering the cookie dough ones, and now I feel I can just save myself the calories. Please pass on any more helpful reviews like these -- I think we are like-minded (although I do love coffee!)

  18. I don't like sweets, but this piqued my curiosity. Of course if I went out and bought them, I'd really probably only try one, and the rest would probably sit in my pantry for months or end up in the trash. And there's nothing wrong with being a "target-a-holic" :-) I have a slight Target obsession too!

  19. I loooooved the marshmallow crispy one! Couldn't find the cookie dough anywhere. Keeping my eyes peeled. I feel like even though it may be gross, I must have it in my belly!

  20. Got our cookie dough ones at Target yest. Good.
    Haven't heard of the crisps so....going on another treaure hunt.
    Thanks for sharing.

  21. I've been thinking about trying these. Everyone says they're amazing, but they look scary to me. Marshmallow wouldn't have been my first choice, but I think I'm going to give it a try!

  22. Haha I haven't tried either of these but I could see how the latter might not be so tasty! ;)

  23. Oh that is so disappointing. Cookie dough is a sacred thing and it should not be messed with!!

    but I am a purist: I say there was nothing wrong with the original and if it ain't broke; don't fix it.
    except the double stuff, because Hello!! double the goodness is always a good idea.

  24. Totally agree!!! My boss brought them in to work last week. Cookie Dough tasted like coffee... yuck!! And the Marshmallow ones were amazing!!! The lemon were good too!!

  25. I held them up like Simba...hahaha :) so, I totally would like the coffee flavored ones!! Yum! And please do a vlog! I'm sure yours would be hilarious and totally worth watching!
    Eva Marie

  26. You crack me up, I wish we were neighbors! Or at least friends who met up at Target.
    I don't vlog either, the beauty of this whole internet thing is nobody gets to see you with no makeup and no bra scratching your boobies, why change that with a camera??
    Anyway. Thanks for the review. No I want to try the krispy ones even more! And I might trust your judgment on the cookie dough.

  27. Malaysia needs to get onboard with all these different Oreo flavors! We get the usual - regular, double stuffed, and er, peanut butter? Double chocolate? I don't even know.

    I'm disappointed with the cookie dough review - it SOUNDS like it should be good. But, I like coffee so..... :)

  28. I was so hoping the Cookie Dough Oreos were going to be wonderful. JDaniel loves cookie dough.

  29. The berry blast are not that good either. I felt like I was breaking some cardinal rule when I threw them away. But when the kids won't even eat them you know there's something wrong!

  30. I am sooo so sooo sad to hear that about the cookie dough oreos. Oreos in general are my kryptonite. What about the birthday cake ones...have you tried those? Loved your writing. Cracked me up!


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