Saturday, February 8, 2014

Need Valentine's Day Cards? Check Out!

Valentine's Day is Friday.

I love finding fun cards for my kids to pass out to their classmates.

Cardstore has a fantastic variety of cards. Check out all these fantastic Valentine's Day cards!

If you like mustaches, you can do this one:

And no, you won't have a strange boy on the cards. You personalize them! You upload your photos.

I also liked this one:

Natalie really liked this one:

As you see, that's her photo!

And the back isn't boring either:

Want to know my favorite part? Her name is already signed! I can't tell you how long it takes Natalie to sign her stuff. She has to do 24 of them so the fact that her name is already there? BONUS!

They were incredibly easy to make. I think I was finished within ten minutes. The quality is fantastic. It's not cheap, easy to rip, paper. doesn't just have Valentine's Day stuff. They do all holidays. Birthdays. Anniversaries. If you don't buy stamps anymore, it's okay, you can address and pay for postage on Cardstore. They'll send your card for you!

To learn more about, you can read their blog.

You can also LIKE them on Facebook and FOLLOW them on Twitter.

**I was given a code to purchase free Valentine's Day cards. I was not compensated with money. My opinions are my own**

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  1. I love that first card. I think Cardstore's selection is really unique. I'm thinking about using them for my daughter's birthday invitations this year ...


Thanks for the comment!

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