Saturday, March 8, 2014

Need A Case For Your Phone? Check Out The Snugg!

I love my iPhone 5.

But I'm also a klutz so I always worry I'm going to drop and break it. I need a case that is easy to grip and will help my poor phone if I should drop it.

The Snugg offers a lot of affordable options. It's an site filled with a range of cases and covers for your favorite electronic device! They even have cases for Macbook Pros! And no, it's not just for Apple products. You can get cases for a Kindle, a Nexus, a Galaxy Tab, and a Galaxy S3.

I received the Ultra Thin Sky Blue Case.

I loved the color and it was simple to put on my phone. It just snapped right on.

And yes, the buttons are still out in the open so you can get to them easily.

There are so many fabulous options! So if you need a case for your tablet or phone, be sure to check out The Snugg!

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**I received a free case to review. My opinions are my own**

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  1. Does it protect like an Otter Box? I drop my phone at least a couple of times a day!!


Thanks for the comment!

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