Sunday, March 16, 2014

Try New Fresh Fruit Vinegars from Mange!

I love foods with lots of flavor.

When I was asked to try Fresh Fruit Vinegars, I was intrigued.

They are basically what the name implies: they are fruit flavors in a jar that you can use for multiple things. You can use them to marinate meat. Drizzle on a salad. Make fabulous cocktails!

I received the following flavors:

Blackberry, Pear, and Passion Fruit.

I used the pear to sprinkle on my salad. It was delicious. I meant to take a picture of said salad but I ate it too quickly.


I dipped my finger in the blackberry and passion fruit and was pleased with the flavors. My daughter was a fan of the blackberry and wanted to eat the rest on its own. I said no.

To learn more about these delicious flavors, you can check out Mange. On the site you'll see many recipes you can try out that uses the Fresh Fruit Vinegars. I was intrigued by the Raspberry Vinegar BBQ. I also thought the Country Pear Shrub cocktail looked yummy.

Another plus? The Fresh Fruit Vinegars are made with 100% natural ingredients and are certified Kosher and Gluten Free.

Here's more information on how they are made from the e-mail I received:

MMM great cherries pressed and preserved in there!! MMM great cherries pressed and preserved in there!! Unlike other infused or syrup-based fruit vinegars, Mangé’s fresh fruit vinegars are made using fruit that has been picked at its peak, puréed and preserved in vinegar. The process allows the vinegar to capture the essence of each fruit’s natural flavor, creating a brilliant burst of fruitful flavor that can be added to any appetizer, entrée, dessert or cocktail.

There are 12 different flavors you can try and can purchase them here.

To learn more about the Fresh Fruit Vinegars, you can LIKE their Facebook page.

Help this company get running by donating to their Kickstarter Campaign. You can donate as low as $1!


  1. These look delish- I'm going to go check them out now. Thanks!

  2. They look very yummy! I'll have to wait until I have money (buying a house and having a wedding are expensive!!) to try them! :(

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Those sound REALLY good! I might have a hard time getting past the "Mange" name though.. All I can think about is diseased dogs... :/

  4. Sorry. That should have read Veronica Mars. Darn autocorrect.

  5. Wow. You hate dissent. Amber, I've been reading you from the beginning. I remember when you almost aborted Tommy and what a terrible husband Tom was.


Thanks for the comment!

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