Monday, March 24, 2014

Why My Husband And I Could Never Lip Sync Love Is An Open Door From Frozen

Have you seen the video of the parents singing Love Is An Open Door from the movie Frozen?


Well, here it is.

I would love to do something like that with my husband.

But it'll never happen.


For starters, I have no rhythm. I cannot sing, or lip sync properly. When I do, someone usually does this:

My husband is not what you'd call an....expressive man. His face usually looks like this:

A lot of people have come up to me and whispered, "Why is your husband so upset?" and I explain, "He's not. That's just his face." Maybe it's the soldier in him. I don't know. But he would not be able to have all the expressions the dad does in the video.

Natalie would not just sit back and do her own thing like the kid in the video. In fact, Natalie was like, "Why is that girl not joining in? Why is she just SITTING THERE?" Natalie would be like:

She'd totally take over the video. There's no silencing her when a Disney soundtrack comes on. (Or Wicked. She'd be jamming with Winston in the above gif. She loves Wicked.)

My hair usually looks like this. I don't have the hair or head for hats or a cute bow thing like that woman is wearing.

A flower hair bow thing would not look good on that hair. It just wouldn't. And also? I don't own cute shirts like the one she has. Many of my shirts say things like this:

Finally, our vehicle is not as neat as theirs. No, ours usually looks like this:

There's junk. Everywhere. There's stains. Weirdly, there are socks. It sort of smells like meat. I don't know why.

So no.

We'll never go viral with a lip syncing video.


  1. I saw that video on facebook. It's great and go those parents but seriously, I couldn't do it for all the same reasons as you.

  2. "Why is your husband so upset?" "He's not, that's just his face." Thank you for that--I just spit coffee all over my computer.

    The reason my husband and I could never lipsync to love is an open door is because my husband would have to know the words to that song first. And that would never happen!

    That video is mad cool though. So props to them, though! haha

  3. Hahahaha this is great! My husband also has the constant scary face to which I usually look over and do my best impression of the Joker, "Why so serious?!"

  4. My daughter asked me this morning why our car smelled like roasted hotdogs. My answer is who knows.

  5. Oh this is cute! I would love to see them do this with the roles reversed!

  6. Not gonna lie - I think y'all's video would be awesome!! It would be your version and that would make it super fun!

  7. Look if my husband ever agreed to do something like that I would be convinced that someone/something took over his body.

    Other than that I think it is cute, just not for us.

  8. I totally get the "why is he upset?" thing. My boyfriend is very tall and thinks he is smiling when he is not, so people tend to be afraid of him, ha ha. When I tell him he should smile in pictures, he looks at them and says "But I was".

  9. So, apparently I don't understand the phrase "lip sync." When I first started watching that video, I was like, "Man they sing REALLY good." No. Just, no.

    It's Monday, okay? I have problems. I am also terrible at lip syncing too. You're not alone!

  10. I have resting bitch face, so I can relate to people asking why your husband is upset. I'm not! It's just my face.

    My car is always full of funk and dog hair.

  11. HAha!! I would love our family to do something like this but we aren't a family that plans anything nor do we have a recording device holder thingy on our windshield, shoot.

  12. that was so awesome. seriously tho - how many times have they listened to that so they could time each word perfectly?
    ain't nobody got time for that.

    and your hubby, I get it. mine's a cop. it's their "resting face" gets them through hours on the job.
    and sometimes they bring it home.

    did that kid actually yawn?! during a Disney song?

  13. hahahaha! i'm with steph on the RBF.. like 24/7. and for any family with kids, ain't no way they can have a clean car!!

    Vodka and Soda

  14. Haha, that could so be me. Our car is mostly messy inside, My hair is flat, my outfit boring, I cannot accessorize, nad more often than not, when I sing in the car, the girls tell me: Mami, please stop. So yes, I will never be able to make a cute video..

  15. I have a similar shirt from Cafepress that says, "Desmond is my constant." And this was BEFORE I was ever pregnant with him.
    Anyway I love how it calls them "good looking parents." Not sure Cassidy and I could that title.
    And I was suspicious of their daughter just sitting there! Mine would be singing as well as saying, "Hey! Stop dancing! Stop smiling! Stop looking at me! Can I have candy!"
    But they are adorable.

  16. Ha. I think about 99.999% of people couldn't pull off the video. Also there is a lady at my work with a very serious face and we call her "grumpy cat." We know she is nice but her face has zero emotions.

  17. Now I REALLY wanna see a version done by you guys!!! bahahah

  18. Such a cute video! But I'm with Natalie- I wouldn't be able to just sit back, I'd be singing at full (terrible) volume, with facial expressions and all.

  19. You have echoed every single reason I could never be that couple either. Right down to the car pictures! ;)-Ashley

  20. I think my husband and I would have trouble making one too. He would be really goofy and I would try to be serious!

  21. Their child in the backseat yawning was cracking me up. And yeah, I would totally attempt to do something like that maybe with some girl friends. That would never be my husband's cup of tea! :) but he would have the clean car and I never do!

  22. This post is hilarious! We (finally) watched Frozen this past weekend on DVD so we are obviously late to the party... such a great soundtrack! I have a friend with a face that has that same expression, so your husband wouldn't phase me a bit. :)

  23. Haha hubs has bitchy resting face?? :)

  24. That video cracked me up! My bf would never EVER do that hahaha I have resting B*tch face so your husband and my facial expressions are probably the same.. people assume I hate them when Im just sitting there LOL

    The kid in the back not paying any attention to the parents.. NOT NORMAL... my kids would be picking boogers in the background or something equally annoying.

  25. Lol. The kid has either watched her parents do this a million times or she didn't notice.

  26. I think your husband and mine sound a lot alike!! He has a "face" too.

  27. LOL! I still need to watch that video. My kids yell at me when I sing in the car. Even if I lip-sync.

  28. Ok, after every one of your reasons, I totally lost it and thought, that's it, I will comment on this point! Then I kept reading and each point was funnier than the next! So I have no specific comment here, just this was awesome and we will never have a viral video either...for many of the same reasons you listed!! :))

  29. Hi! Visiting from SITS. We, too, could NEVER look cute and lip sync Frozen songs. However, my daughter and I CAN'T STOP SINGING Frozen songs around the house. Thankfully, no one can hear cause we're terrible. But having fun. :)


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