Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hey, It's Okay Tuesday!

I got this idea from Glamour magazine. They have a section called Hey, It’s Okay and will list a bunch of things to be okay about. You're welcome to join in and do something like this on your blog. Doesn't have to be on a Tuesday either. Just make sure you link up and that the post you link up is a Hey, It's Okay Post. Grab the button if you'd like!


To not care if there's another royal baby on the way. Apparently Prince William dropped a hint or whatever.

To have cheered during the latest episode of Game of Thrones.

To hope I remember to take Natalie back to school this evening for her music program. All the first graders are singing.

To be making ham in a crock pot for dinner on Easter. Plus deviled eggs. I so love deviled eggs.

To have tried the new cinnamon sugar molten cake at Chilis while out with some friends. It's delicious! Go try it! It's new and probably only around for a limited time.

To be afraid of the giant Easter bunnies in malls. It's the giant eyes, I think. We went to see one at Bass Pro Shops (the 4X6 photo is free) and it was a little freaky. (See the photo on my Instagram account. The bunny looks like it's taking a bite out of Natalie's head.)

To hope I don't get sick. Tom's stomach has been wonky the past few days. Please no puke. I can't deal with puke.

To have a review up for a good book called A Life Apart by L.Y. Marlow here.

To have found the new birthday cake M&Ms at WalMart. They're tasty, but my favorites are still the peanut butter ones.

To think it's awesome that Tommy loves learning about the weather. We had a storm on Sunday and he was out staring at the clouds.

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  1. Hope Tom gets better soon and that you don't catch anything from him.

  2. i just saw GoT last night and i shouted: IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!! SUCK ON THAT!!

    Vodka and Soda

  3. Ugh - hope you don't get sick - I can handle anything except puke!!!
    I have done ham in the crock pot for Easter before - I don't have a plan for this Easter though - oops!

  4. I saw that new molten cake at Chilis the other day and almost got it. Now I wish I would've!!!!!! They have a new peanut butter skillet cookie with ice cream and caramel on top, too. GIMMEE!

  5. I am afraid of those giant bunnies too! They freak me out!

    I also, do not care if there is another royal baby on the way. Ugh.

    Mmmm, deviled eggs. So good. So are peanut butter M&Ms!

  6. Yikes! Those look like some angry clouds! I love all things Easter, but I'm with you on Easter bunnies in malls and shopping centers being quite creepy! I don't think we have any Chilis here but that cake sounds amazing!

  7. that's a great picture of Tommy :)

  8. I'm also not interested in another royal baby...but I didn't see anything about this anywhere else...so in my opinion, you 'broke the story' =)

    I love peanut butter M&Ms!!! You can only get the big bags of them in Canada.

    Deviled eggs are the best...I'm going to ask my mom to make some for Easter now =)

  9. my son was always afraid of Santa but not the Easter Bunny for some reason.

    learning about the weather is cool - hope he enjoys it - I like that pic of him outside :)

  10. I got some sort of stomach bug yesterday must be going around YUCK!

    The easter bunny creeps me out too..i havent even taken my kids to get pics done! whoops

  11. OMG, I'm with you on deviled eggs. LOVE THEM

  12. Oh OhOh!! talk to me about ham in a crockpot. we are going to be gone all day, hubs has to work so we are throwing an egg hunt at his work. To have a ham ready when we get home would be awesome!!

  13. This is why we're friends. I love peanut butter M&Ms more than most things.
    I want to try birthday cake now!
    And deviled eggs. Oh yes. I have a whole recipe book on them, not that I ever use it.
    Hope Tom is ok!

  14. Okay, first things first, I'm with you on the GOT...

    Next, you HAVE to report back about the ham in the crock pot. I mean it.

    And, finally, good luck tonight, Natalie!!

  15. *plugging ears*
    I haven't watch the GOT yet!!! But I am pretty sure I can guess what has happened - and if I am right: I will be cheering too.

    I'd love another Royal Baby (don't throw anything!! ha) -- but it's kinda different for us in Canada. We still have ties to the Monarchy, and these 2 seem like the first genuinely happy royals in about...oh, a couple hundred years? so, I just wish them well.

  16. I'm so behind on GoT- and that is NOT okay!

  17. Yum! A nice ham for Easter dinner--that sounds deliciously awesome to me!

  18. Oh that is kind of neat that Kate might have another baby (I kind of really like her as a person ha ha). I need to get caught up on GoT!! I hope Tom feels better soon and that you don't catch anything. How fun that Tommy loves learning about weather!

  19. The bunnies scare the crap out of me too. Honestly though so does mall santas.

  20. I was going to cook a ham for Easter but the parents want to go out. I bet Tommy is better at predicting the weather than the weather people.

    Happy Tuesday

  21. Yesssss to Game of Thrones! I was so happy- he was such a monster! And I've never heard of these birthday cake M&Ms?! I must find them!

  22. I've been looking at crockpot ham recipes, too. I've never made one that way, but it seems easy enough.

    I want to make deviled eggs- they are my favorite, but I've never actually been the one to make them!

  23. You just inspired me to make deviled eggs for Easter! Thanks! I use my grandma's recipe. She used to say she was "puttin' the devil in 'em." :)

  24. I literally found it orgasmic to see King Joffrey die on Game of Thrones - it was that good and I wish it would've been worse. He was HORRIBLE - especially to his uncle. I CAN'T wait until the next episode on Sunday!!! Have a great one Amber! -Iva

  25. The Easter Bunny costumes never freaked me out as a kid, but now I do find them rather creepy. And I agree with you about peanut M&M's! Can't beat the best!

  26. Wow, another on the way already?! And yum, deviled eggs. Even if we still attended church, we didn't make that big a deal about Easter. No big family get together either. I do love deviled eggs though. Oh right, I'm "supposed to" dye eggs with my son. Whoops. No white eggs in the house ;). That's ok. How cute your son watching the clouds for the storm! I wish I knew more about clouds since my son loves clouds too.

  27. I loved the weather when I was little, I swear I could smell when it was going to rain and was very accurate. The giant easter bunnies are scary! I am making deviled eggs too for Sunday, cannot wait!

  28. I love devilled eggs, hate making them. One of my BFFs hails from the south and it's her job to bring them to every family function - her family isn't around here so she comes to all of my family stuff.

    I'm doing my ham in the crock too on Sunday.

    We are a weather household - always watching it, and I'm a sky watcher major.


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