Monday, April 28, 2014

Off To The Daddy/Daughter Dance

Daddy/Daughter dances are precious.

When the military base offered one, I knew Tom and Natalie had to go.

Natalie was excited too.

I swear, she was!

My husband was too, despite his face. He rarely smiles in photos. He has what is known as "bitch resting face."

And Natalie got a corsage, which she was pleased about:

They went to the dance.

Tommy and I went to Chili's and proceeded to pig out.

We finished it off with the cinnamon sugar molten cake. And yes, it's delicious!

I asked Tom to please take photos and send them to me. Tom rarely takes photos with his phone. He doesn't get the point. "I'll remember it in my head." NO TOM! Take PHOTOS! So I kept hounding him and he sent me this:

He knows what excites me.

I was like, "How do they taste?" and received no answer. He's not much of a texter either.

Then I was like, "Can I get photos of our daughter? How is she?"

Ten minutes went by.


Then Tom sent this:

Natalie was not shy to dance.

Tom said they played a lot of Frozen songs. He said the men groaned.

Still, he had fun with his little girl.

And on the base page, there was a photo of Natalie singing with her friend.

Yes, it was a Frozen song.

The only flub of the night was that Cinderella never showed up. She was supposed to make an appearance at the dance, but something happened, and no Cinderella.

Natalie was concerned that she was hurt.

She wasn't too upset, because I told her we could see Cinderella when we go to Disney World in March.

AND Tom brought me home a cupcake, which I proceeded to shove into my mouth.

It was tasty.

Natalie wants to go to another dance. She says maybe one day I'll get to attend one with her.

"But I prefer my Daddy," she said apologetically. "He can lift me up and spin me. You say it makes your bones hurt."





  1. That is so sweet! I can't wait for Penny to do one!

  2. Very cute, Natalie is getting so grown up.
    My husband would have been groaning too.

  3. Fun! That picture of Natalie singing with her friend is adorable! So is the one of her with Tom...even if he's not smiling.

  4. That picture of your daughter singing with her friend is precious! What a fun night. :)

  5. Sounds like a fun dance. LOL about the Frozen songs. When I was at open gym with my kids at Little Gym a few weeks ago, they were playing Frozen songs and everyone was singing along.

  6. Daddy/Daughter dances are just the BEST! Always so sweet! :)-Ashley

  7. Cute! I'm glad he broke down and gave in to your demands of photos. And that you and Tommy got the cinnamon lava cake.

    I have bitchy resting face also.

  8. Sounds like your daughter had a really fun night out with her dad.
    She looks stunning in her dress.

  9. So awesome!! Glad they went and had a great time (I know Tom did, too!).
    Love the pictures of Natalie!

  10. ha! I can definitely see Scarlet saying that one to me. She'd always prefer Cassidy.
    I'm glad the cupcake was good! They look good!

  11. aww that is sooo sweet!!!
    Haha I have resting bitch face too..people are always telling me to smile Im like Im good I dont want to walk around cheesing all day!

  12. Your husband is hilarious! LOL He brought you a cupcake and he DID take the pictures you requested so I say he did a great job! Your daughter is BEAUTIFUL! And your chili's date looks so fun...! What a cute family you have!

  13. I love it! I've never done a Father'/Daughter dance nor have my daughters but I think they are way cool.
    That cinnamon molten thingy sounds right up my alley!

  14. So precious! Ken took Frances to a sweetheart dance last year for Valentine's Day. They didn't hold it this year for some reason! Again I say, Ken and Tom would be great friends. They both have resting bitch face, too!

  15. Awwww, that is really adorable!
    I had to laugh at the bitchy resting face comment! I did a post on that a few months back and the video I found made by some college kids had women confessing they had bitchy resting face and men saying they had resting a**hole face!!

  16. Bahahaha... I love that the men groaned when Frozen music came on!
    Pete has resting bitch face, too.

  17. She looks fabulous! And I love her skirt!

    And the best part?!?


    Rock on, sister!

  18. Hahaha, too cute! Love her dress, and I NEED that dessert in my life! Looks so good :)

  19. How sweet that you got a cupcake too. Her dress is adorable. It is night she will always remember. To bad about Cinderella.

  20. this is just so sweet .. what a special moment for daddy and little girl.
    not going to ruin it with more words :)

    (but I woulnd't be upset if we heard more about the cupcake in another post.)

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