Friday, May 23, 2014

It's The Last Day Of School (Send Chocolate!)



Today is the last day of school for my kids.

Schools in Oklahoma end earlier, thanks to tornado season. School begins again mid-August.

Tommy isn't that difficult. He entertains himself.


Does not like to entertain herself.

She can be stubborn. Taking these pictures? Were not easy.

(The dress is from The Children's Place. I'm a sucker for matching hair accessories.)

I asked her if she was going to be nice over the summer.

I'm scared.

I did ask if we could take some photos over the summer and she went, "Maybe. If there are beans." I'm assuming she means jelly beans?

We'll be heading to my parents house next month, and then to the beach. In July, Tom's Mom is coming to visit. So we'll have a semi-busy summer.

Natalie will have sunglasses that make her look like a oversized bug to wear when the sun bugs her face. (Seriously, she says that. "The sun is bugging my face. Go AWAY, Mr. Sun!" or, "Not NOW, Mr. Sun!")

My daughter is an official second grader.

My daughter also has figured out a way to escape if she doesn't want to take photos.

She jumps the fence and leaves.

"I'm done taking pictures. Have a good day, Mommy. Bye."


  1. I'm sure your summer will fly by! :D

    We will be in school all summer, BUT!, our day usually only lasts 2 1/2 - 3 hours, and we start at 8am, so it's not so bad.

  2. Oh my gosh-- she is too funny! Totally precocious!

    Here's hoping summer is perfect--- entertaining and relaxing all at once!

    ~Alexis Grace of North On Harper

  3. good luck! My son with autism is the one that has a hard time during the summer. He's all like, "Where's my schedule! Its 12:05... we would be having lunch right now if I was at school. What should I do with myself?"

    Thank god for Minecraft!

  4. How CUUUTE!!! I didn't realize tornadoes were such an expected part of Oklahoma life that they let school out early for them!

  5. Its the last day for us too. We start back August 7. We miss a lot of school in the winter for snow. I get to start summer break off right away with friends spending the night. Which is good because Emmy is entertained.

  6. Love Natalie's outfit and matching hair accessory. So cute.

    I also love her escape plan when she's done having her picture taken.

  7. Love the accessories! Maybe she means pinto beans!

  8. i had no idea your school year ends earlier. kayla's last day is some time i late june; picks up early september.

    Vodka and Soda

  9. She's so cute! Have a great weekend.

  10. Schools are like that in Florida too, but with the theme parks and all of the day camps offered (we had Disney annual passes and went to Camp Sea World), we were able to stay busy. It sounds like you have some fun planned, though :)

  11. She's hilarious. Good luck entertaining her to her satisfaction this summer!

  12. Dude. Just sneak off in the middle of the night while you're at your parents' house and leave her behind. Drop off the face of the earth until school starts up again, then go re-claim her! PROBLEM SOLVED! ;P

  13. i'M RIGHT THERE WITH YOU!!!!! I don't know what I'm gonna do with all this time with my daughter when she's out of school! I'm scared. I wish we lived near...we could probably throw our girls in a cage...I mean playroom together, and let them entertain themselves.

  14. HAHA! She definitely has a mind of her own. LOL I have a better idea how my parents must've felt with 5 daughters..summer's must have sucked. Sorry mom!

  15. LOVE the matching accessories too! Good luck surviving summer! I'm scared for when it's our turn.

  16. She is way too cute! We're not done with school for another month! We start up towards the end of August though! I find summer is too short. :(

  17. haha! She's too cute.
    And maybe by beans, she meant black beans?? (doubtful)
    Good luck this summer - you can always commiserate with me. Scarlet will have some day camp but Des will mostly likely be following me everywhere.

  18. hahahaha ohhhh dear.... best of luck for the holidays lady!! You are going to have your work cut out for you.

    I actually can't wait to hear what she does or how she reacts one day when you show this blog to her :) it will be an amazing thing to haul out at her 21st or something :) she will have SUCH a giggle.

  19. we still have about 3 weeks left of school here.

    If you want scary - my son is graduating HS this year!

    Love her dress so pretty :)

  20. She is cute though. You can send her here. We have another 2 weeks left. Sigh. (I teach 1st grade)

  21. What about some kind of summer day camp?

  22. Ummm...I'm pretty sure she means that you have to eat beans and make farting noises if you want to take pictures of her!! LOL!
    I love that dress! Hope you survive the summer!


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