Saturday, May 10, 2014

Need Glasses? Check Out Firmoo.Com!

Wearing glasses can be fun.

I'm a big fan of sunglasses. I used to have to wear regular glasses before I got Lasik. Firmoo is a site that has all kinds of glasses. They occasionally even offer free glasses!

I ordered these glasses:

They came with a case, a repair tool, a cleaning cloth, and a quick carry case. I've done reviews for Firmoo before and am always impressed on what all comes with the glasses.

They fit nicely. And no, I don't have something going on with my eye, I forgot to take off the stamp on the lens. The glasses were comfortable and fit nicely. Natalie actually wanted them. If you want a pair of your own, you can order them here!

I also liked these blue glasses, and bonus, they are only $10! 

Firmoo has all sorts of fun styles with affordable prices. They also have excellent customer service.

To find out more about Firmoo, you can LIKE their Facebook page.

You can also FOLLOW them on Twitter.

**I was given a free pair of glasses for an honest review. I was not paid for this post. My opinions are my own**


  1. Awesome. I probably need glasses but haven't broken down to get any! Thanks for visiting me and glad I could visit back!!

  2. I got mine from there! Even with my awful "special eyes"strong prescription, they still came out at 20! A great bargain! I keep meaning to try to find some sunglasses (or glasses I like well enough to tint) but haven't yet..

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