Thursday, May 8, 2014

Things That Annoy Me Thursday: Not Getting Excited For Birthdays

I get excited when it's my birthday.

I mean, yes, I do think, "Man, I'm getting old."

But I also think, "Presents! Cake! I don't have to cook!"

Tom's birthday was Tuesday.

This is how he feels about birthdays:

He just sits there and acts like it's just another day.

It's not!

He doesn't care that there's presents!

He doesn't care that there's cake!

He doesn't care that he doesn't have to cook (probably because I usually do it anyway. But still!)

I set up a fabulous table with presents on top and he wasn't even itching to open any of them.

"Aren't you EXCITED?" I asked.

He said he'd wait until after dinner to open them.


I'm ready to open presents the second I wake up.

He ended up having a good birthday. I think.

More details will come on Monday's blog post.

But seriously.

When it's your birthday, you should be like this:

Presents. Cake. Not having to cook.



  1. Haha!!!
    After dinner?? Is he crazy?

  2. HaHa - love the picture of him eating!! (Is that Joe's Crab Shack?)
    We always set the presents in a pile, too. One year when I was working and Chris got home first (the boys were still at school) - he opened all his presents (WITHOUT US!!!). Silly boy - I told him he was a grown-up and should be able to show a little self-control.

  3. This is such a funny post!
    In our house my birthday is like that but Himself, he has a huge party ... every single year!

  4. haha!! And the Gilmore Girls gif is priceless.
    I get pretty excited, to be honest, even though I'm getting older.

  5. Both my husband and I are pretty boring about our birthdays. Often, nothing special happens at all and even more often, I have to cook. ;) Now for our daughter's birthday, it is a totally different story. We go all out every year with a big party.

  6. I completely agree! You had me laughing here the gifs & pictures. I love to make a big deal out of my birthday, whether it's an amusement park or skydiving or a weekend trip. It's an excuse to get excited and have fun!

  7. If I had a table set up with presents, a cake, and I didn't have to cook on my birthday I would be more than thrilled. Who doesn't get excited about a table with present? LOL

  8. Hahaahahah! Men! Gifts are exciting! Birthdays are exciting! Even if it means we're growing older. I savor my birthday from sun up to sun down! LOL

  9. haha! The pics you chose are priceless. I love my birthday. I use it as an excuse to buy myself lots of stuff. Because usually I'm the only person that ever buys me anything for my bday.

  10. Gimme presents NOW! ha-ha! Not cooking! HEAVEN!

  11. I'm like that BUT for the WHOLE week, some years for he whole month!

  12. I completely agree, and my husband is the same way! Boys are dumb ... lol

  13. Oh I love Buddy the elf!! When it's my birthday I claim the enter month as my birthday month!

  14. Ha, I waited until after work to open my presents on my birthday. It's not that I wasn't excited, though. I wanted to look forward to it all day!

  15. Oh, MY GOD YES!

    I agree! I like to go all out for everyone else, but tend to lay low on mine.


    And girl, that pic of him is hysterical! I am cracking up!

    But I'm like you...eyes open, let's get this party started!!

  16. lmao his face I love it!!!!
    Im like you girl Im all about presents and cake!

  17. My husband is the same way. He acts like it would be no big deal if everyone just forgot his birthday. He's crazy!

    I'm with you, birthdays are awesome because presents and cake are awesome!

  18. HAHA! These gifs are hilarious- Kanye especially. I am so thrilled when it's my birthday! I milk it for a week and so does my husband. We usually take multiple days off work and go on some little getaway or veg out at home. To each their own!

  19. Hahaha! That is so like us! I love birthdays and holidays and think they are a big deal and my husband just doesn't get as worked up and excited. He does enjoy them a little more than it looks like yours did though!

  20. It's definitely a man thing. Nick doesn't really care either. But dammit, I make him care!

  21. Ah, so underwhelming when someone isn't excited about all the effort you put into their special day. I hope he enjoys it in his heart though. Maybe he just doesn't want to seem to girly being all giddy ;).

  22. I would have to set him on fire just to get SOME kind of reaction out of him!

  23. Cake is ALWAYS a reason to get excited!!!!!!!!!!

  24. I'm with you - if you're not excited for your birthday, how can anyone else be? I am not excited about sharing Mother's Day with my husband this year. It's his birthday and I think that's more important. But I'd rather not share every few years.

  25. Hahaha! I'm totally with you on this. :)

  26. I totally agree!! I love birthdays!!

  27. OMG YESS! I take birthdays SUPER SERIOUSLY!! My b/f doesn't get it either but whether its my own or someone else's its a really big deal to me! I want to tell everyone its my b-day or someone else's! To me its the one day to celebrate ''you''! How could you pass that up?? Birthdays are awesome and I love them! GREAT Post lovely!!!


  28. I am really starting to wonder if Ken and Tom were twins separated at birth!! Ken would rather skip over his whole birthday. I celebrate the whole week!

  29. This guy is crazy. PRESENTS! CAKE! BIRTHDAY! LET'S DO THIS!

  30. I'm with you!!! Jared is the same way. The first year we were married, I had to FORCE him to have a birthday dinner...that I was paying for! I mean, c'mon. Ever since then, he's been more on-board about the whole birthday celebration idea.

  31. Honestly, I'm not all too excited about my birthday either. We don't make much ado about it. I do get presents, and hubby bakes me cake, and I love it. But we don't do parties or big things for hubby's or my birthday. Glad you still had a great time!!

  32. Happy birthday. You are never to old for presents :)

  33. I love birthdays!! I always get excited about them, even if its not mine! LOL.

  34. I agree. I think it's the way you were raised. My mom always made a huge deal out of our birthdays, so I expect for my day to be special. That does set you up for disappointment, though. It's more important that he makes sure YOU have a good birthday, since it means a lot to you, than that he gets excited about his!

  35. I love my birthday! I don't understand people who don't get excited about their own.

  36. Haha! You nailed it with the .gifs for this post! Love that last picture of his resting bitch face as you call it! Classic.

  37. And this is why I love your blog!!! Your sense of humor is AWESOME!!!!!

    Anyone who gets gorgeous crab legs for dinner had to have had a perfect birthday! What a pouty face he had! Thanks for the smiles this morning.

  38. I was laughing so hard, because my husband and I are both like Tom. Our poor kids...we do celebrate though, it's just not a big hoopla.

  39. I'm the same way as you about birthdays! When I start feeling really old, I may not be, but I'm almost 34 and there's no sign of my excitement waning any time soon.

    Also, I love Tom's picture and that he has "bitchy resting face." Hehe!

  40. This is too funny! I am ecstatic when it is my birthday!

  41. Hehe great post!!! My mother was like this all day (like you) for mother's day. *I* was the one making her wait hahaha, this was a great post. You find the perfect GIFs for these posts!

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