Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July! (Let's Eat!)

Happy BBQ and eating lots of stuff that are red, white, and blue day!

Natalie is sporting her outfit. She's ready to party.

And by party, I mean she's ready to go on rides and eat some cotton candy at the local 4th of July setup.

Getting Natalie to smile for these photos was not easy. First she did this:

And then this:

She farted in my direction:

And laughed hysterically about it.

The outfit, by the way, is from The Children's Place. Minus the boots, which are from Gymboree.

After having so much fun with Natalie, I got Tommy out of his cave.

I had the kids pose together, which Tommy is not a fan of because Natalie "is annoying and smells."

Chuck E Cheese had to join them. Natalie insisted he was sad and alone.

So what are you all up to today?


  1. Those pictures are awesome!!! I love the ones of Natalie and Tommy together!!!
    And, Natalie is rocking the boot and shorts!!!
    Have a super 4th!!

  2. They really look ready to celebrate. The boots are made for her. I didn't even by tee shirts this year for my kiddo's to wear. I washed their clothes, and hope they can find something festive to wear when we go watch the fireworks in Provo.

  3. Happy 4th of July! They look awesome together!

  4. You have the cutest kids!!! Super cute outfits. Luckily my mom loves Childrens PLace, so when I have kids they will probably look at lot like yours clothes wise! :) Happy 4th!

  5. Here is Canada, your glad is flying high as we think of ya's and the awesome party weekend you get...our day fell on a Tuesday

  6. HAHAHA that laughing picture of Natalie is so adorable! Frame it and just never mention why she is laughing hahaha. Or do, because thats more fun actually.

  7. I adore the red boots. May have to get them for myself.. er.. I mean Scarlet!
    The photos are winners. She just absolutely glows.
    Happy 4th to your beautiful family!

  8. They look so cute...and festive. I LOVE those boots! We had Japanese food for dinner, so we're not really 4th of July traditional eaters, I guess!

  9. love love love their outfits! and I'm glad you got Tommy out of his cave for some picture fun, too!

  10. Love that last one of them together! That's a framer right there!!! :D

  11. I like Tommy's flag shirt. Both your kids are adorable.

  12. Happy 4th of July! And look at those red boots!!! Too cute :)

  13. I love seeing photos of Tommy and Natalie together...looking like they like each

  14. Hope you guys had a great 4th! I love Natalie's boots!! She is so tan.. especially next to Tommy! LOL.

  15. You kids are freaking gorgeous and festive! And Tommy? SO TALL!

  16. Love your girl's festive ensemble, especially the boots. I had to work on the night of the 4th so no fun for me.


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