Friday, August 8, 2014

I Ugly Cry When I Read Sometimes

I ugly cry when I read sometimes.

This tends to frighten my husband.

For instance, I recently finished Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell.

The ending made me cry.

My husband was all, "What? What's wrong?" and I could see him silently going through the day in his mind, wondering if he somehow pissed me off.

"Richie ruined everything," I sniffed, holding the book up.

Tom was like:

"WHO is Richie?"

"The stepfather. The disgusting, gross stepfather! He ruined it all! If it weren't for him Eleanor and Park could BE TOGETHER!" A snot bubble popped from my left nostril.

Tom made a face.

He was probably thinking, "And I get to share a bed with this snotty thing later."

I can't help it though.

When I read, I lose myself in the story. I get attached to the characters.

So yeah, I wasn't thrilled with the ending of Eleanor & Park. I explained the story to Tom, and his eyes sort of glazed over, because he is not a reader. If things aren't blowing up, he's really not interested.

After I told him the story, he was like, "Okay, but they're sixteen. They'll find someone else."

I was like,

"You just don't understand, Tom! Eleanor and Park, they GOT EACH OTHER. And plus, we met at 17 and got married at 19. So. There."

"It's a BOOK," Tom argued. "These people don't EXIST. Why waste emotion on no one?"

"You just don't understand, you non-book reader," I sniffed.

He didn't understand when I cried over Me Before You by JoJo Moyes either.

"It should be enough!" I cried. "The LOVE SHOULD BE ENOUGH!"

I remember being completely at a loss when I read Judy Blume books as a child too.

"Stop calling her Blubber. It's just MEAN!"

Or Anne of Green Gables.

"Anne, Gilbert LOVES YOU."

Or Flowers In The Attic.


Bridge to Terabithia?


I feel it hard when I read sad things, guys.

Do you?


  1. Oh yes, I cry when I read sad books. Heck, sometimes I cry when I watch sad movies too. Thankfully, hubby is a reader so he gets it. (although I have seen him cry over one movie only and one song. No books yet that made him cry)

  2. Oh dear God, this is me with fiction books! I get happy, sad, aggravated, annoyed, upset...non-readers just don't understand ;p

  3. Yes, I cry too. I sob sometimes. My husband rolls his eyes.

  4. At the moment I am putting off finishing my book because I don't want it to end. But part of my thinks that because I know in the end it will be love is enough and triumphs over everything and that just doesn't happen in real life, and right now I could without it happening in my book!

  5. if i EVER get to read eleanor and park, i'll come back and leave a better comment. but not sure if that'll happen since i'm in position 94 for this book (at the library) :(

    Vodka and Soda

  6. I want to read this book now...

  7. Yes, I do find it hard when I read sad books. I ugly cry too.

  8. My daughter had the same reaction to Elanor and Park. She may never read another book by that author she was so upset. I haven't ugly cried over a book in awhile, but it has happened.

  9. I cried when Dumbledore died in Harry Potter. And again when Dobby died too. Those two were SO good to Harry. But I think I just remembered-- you haven't read harry potter have you?

  10. Oh my yes. Total book crier here, too. Never a good thing, but I can't even help it!-Ashley

  11. Yes!!
    I emote.
    I cannot be stopped. You just need to join me, or get the hell out of the way of the flood.

  12. I have ugly cried MANY times over books. The characters become my people!

    Great Expectations, Me Before You, Beach Music, Forever, so many others.

  13. If you're not crying, laughing, or become friends/enemies with the book and its characters- you're not reading it right! Or something just ain't write about the book. LOL at your ugly crying, been there gf!

  14. I'm sorry, but I totally LOL'd. I am not a reader, but I can get really attached to TV shows, and tears and screams have happened. My husband doesn't understand but thinks it's hilarious and try to mock me. Glad it was a good book, until the end!

  15. Without a doubt, I will cry over a book. I read a LOT, so I tend to forget some books or get the plots mixed up. That doesn't happen with the ones that make me cry - those are the memorable ones.

  16. Oh, I can't even tell you how many times I'be been reading and book and just sobbing - it's not pretty!!! I think Chris has gotten used to it but the boys don't get it and sort of laugh at me!

  17. Oh. Yes. I cry so hard at books. I always have. Those darn Babysitter Club books and Mimi dying.. and Louie (the dog) dying.. Cannot. Process. That.
    Where the Red Fern Grows? Therapy.
    My husband found me sobbing at "The Light Between Oceans" a few months ago. That one was tough to explain.
    "I'm not crying for anything real! But it could be real!"

  18. Rarely for books, but all the time with movies. I try so hard not to cry, but I can't hold it back. The last weepy film I watched was Winter's Tale. And I can't even get through the first ten minutes of Disney's Up.

    I kind of like to think I look cute when I cry though...

  19. I love a book that makes me cry! My husband is completely confused by it-- guys just don't understand!

    Of course, I might be a little emotional in general. I have been known to start crying over a Cheerios commercial...

  20. Don'tcha just want to smack those guys sometimes? They just don't understand that when a story is really, really good--the characters become our friends! And when our friends are hurting, in trouble or doing stupid, bad things--we want to help, stop them or give our 2 cents.
    But all we really can do is cry--I so understand this! Stopping by from the SITS Sharefest; happy weekend!

  21. It is really hard to explain things to people that don't read books. My 16 yr old daughter and I get so lost in our books and then talk about them for days while everyone else in the house give us weird looks. Stopping by from Sits Girls!

  22. I'm not much of a cryer, so I'm kind of glad that I don't ugly cry during a book cause it would be really ugly.

  23. I luv this! Its so sounds like me and my husband. He doesn't even read his mail. Lol
    Visiting from the #SITSSharefest

  24. I cry when I read. I cry when I watch the news. My kids have said to me "why are you crying? You don't even know those people." When they have kids, they'll understand why I cry

  25. I cry so much when I read sad books...that I had to stop reading sad books! Everything makes me cry :)

  26. I think it's awesome that a book has the power to bring out such emotion in us. My husband doesn't get it, either, because he's not a book reader. Even if he was, he probably wouldn't get that emotionally attached to the characters. He'd read guy stuff! I feel like they're the ones who are missing out.

  27. Ugh, I totally get this. I bawl until I can barely keep my eyes open and I have a massive headache. And ofc, no one gets it.
    It's the same when I laugh out loud at books...all the non-book readers look at me like I'm crazy...

  28. Oh, I'm a cryer too! Love your blog and your GIFS are hilarious. Found you from SITS and am a new follower!

  29. Yes, yes and yes. If you are a non reader you straight up don't get it. I always get lost in the story. I find myself crying frequently. My husband is used to it though because I cry at things on TV too.

  30. Yes! So get sucked into books and attached to the characters. I just finished a book, this one was a true story though, that totally made me cry.

  31. I think your reaction is perfectly understandable, especially considering the way Eleanor & Park ends.

  32. The last book I cried over was The Goldfinch. I'm reading Eleanor and Park now so I didn't read your post after you mentioned that it made you cry. I didn't want to spoil the ending, but I promise I'll come back and comment again when I finish. I love talking about books.

  33. I recently had to hide in the bathroom to sob my way through the end of One for the Murphys because I was afraid I'd scare my kids. :)


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