Friday, August 22, 2014

They Went Back To School

The kids went back to school on Tuesday.

It meant it was back to waking up early.

I am not a morning person.

I don't like coffee, so I'm basically out of it until I have my Diet Coke with my lunch at 11.

My alarm goes off at 640. It startles me each time. My brain can't comprehend why a noise would be going off before there is daylight.

I stumbled into Tommy's room and shook his arm. "S'times to get up," I mumbled. My words don't always sound right first thing.

Tommy was balled under his covers and was like, "Huh?"

"School," I said and shuffled away.

I COULD let Tommy wake up on his own. I mean, he's 12. But he tends to get distracted. He'd lose track of time, miss his bus, and then I'd have to drive him. I don't want to drive him.

I did not make any special breakfasts. I stuck two cereal choices on the counter. Tommy went with frosted mini wheats. No milk, because he doesn't like milk. I sat on the couch in a bit of a daze.

"Is it normal to feel nervous?" Tommy asked, crunching his cereal.

"Trees?" I responded. As I said, my brain doesn't comprehend what's going on before daylight.

"No. Is it normal to feel nervous?" Tommy looked confused. He was probably having a flashback to when he was in DARE classes and they explained what people were like while on drugs. I probably fit the description at that moment. I was out of it. My hair was unkempt. My eyes were probably bloodshot.

"It's nervous. I mean it's normal. You'll do great." I went to pat his hand, but I ended up patting his elbow instead. It's because I shut my eyes. Oops.

I managed to take some photos of Tommy before he went to his bus stop:

He was off to 7th grade.

Then I had to get Natalie up. Natalie can be difficult in the mornings. I managed to get her out of bed and when I went to get her cereal, she was like this:

Look, I wanted to do the same. But we couldn't. So I said she had to get up and eat.

"It's too early to do that!" she snapped.

Maybe she takes after me.

She likes to sleep in.

I had to lift her under her armpits and basically drag her to the table.

"I was SLEEPING!" she hissed as I sat her in the chair.

She managed to eat--Cinnamon Toast Crunch perked her up for a few--and then I helped her get dressed because she was staring blankly at the wall with one sock dangling off her feet. In her underwear.

I told her it was time for photos.

"It's just too early for any of this!"

Tom was like, "What are you doing?"

Naturally. She smiles for him. (To see more photos of her in this outfit, I did a fashion show here.)

Tom and I walked her to school and to her classroom. She didn't hesitate to go in. She knows the drill. She asked her teacher, "Where do I put this?" while holding up her lunchbox. "I don't know where it goes. I don't know where anything goes!" The teacher said it was okay and that she'd show her where everything went.

And then Tom and I skipped home and had a party and enjoyed the quiet.


Sort of.

We did enjoy a kid free lunch. And I did enjoy the quiet. But I do find I miss the kids after a couple of hours.

They both had a good day at school. Tommy was glad he didn't get lost.

And now it's back to signing things and making sure homework is done.

Here's to another school year.


  1. I am not a morning person either but do drink coffee. However I am also not a night owl either so imagine the fun. My brain doesn't function between the hours of midnight and whenever the coffee kicks in.

  2. I CAN'T WAIT TILL MY DAUGHTER STARTS SCHOOL NEXT THURSDAY!!!!!!!! I need a break...and I really really REALLY can't wait till my 1 year old starts school in a few years......

  3. My daughter goes back on Monday. I cannot wait. Although I suspect she will act similar to your daughter, and I will act similar to you. No special breakfast because what?! It's school, not her birthday. There will be pictures. I'm sure she will be miserable. That is fine.

  4. Your version of mornings makes me smile - I hope they get easier:)
    Enjoy your quiet days!!!

  5. i am not a morning person but get up at 5 or 6 to visit blogs. and i need coffee. chugging water doesn't do crap for me.

  6. Oh, I can't wait for Tara to go back to school. Next Wednesday. I'm not looking forward to getting up early though. I think I will go back to bed after she gets on the bus. I like the 1st pic of Natalie, the 1st day of school pic. Funny.

  7. The first day of school is probably like the first day of work after a vacation. Who likes that shit?? Natalie looks adorable in her new outfit.

  8. so glad they both had good first days at school. now make sure you get all YOUR homework done and sign all the forms that are all the same as last years. :)

  9. mini wheats with no milk? How does he swallow it? Thats amazing. On the other hand... Cinnamon Toast Crunch is my cereal. I understand how it would perk Natalie up. It always perks me up too!

  10. I forgot to add, I could eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch without milk.

  11. I love Tommy's shirt.

    I was like Natalie to get up for school.

    And I could never sleep the night before the first day of school.

  12. One more week and the kids go back to school. Can. Not. Wait!!!!

  13. I dread having to wake the kids up in the morning for school. I think kindergarten will start at 7:45 next year. What is that?! I'm enjoying the current preschool situation, where I can drop them off when ever I want.

  14. HAHAH! OMG. Your daughter is my freaking hero. She totally takes after you, I love it.

  15. I love this.
    I love that he was nervous - yes, it's normal Tommy! And I love that Natalie looks like that in the morning too. Well she looks great when she's dressed but the sleeping photo is fabulous.

  16. "He was probably having a flashback to when he was in DARE classes and they explained what people were like while on drugs." Bahahahahahahah! You kill me!

  17. Mornings should be pushed back and end of work days should be sooner!

  18. Mornings should be pushed back and end of work days should be sooner!

  19. I don't drink coffee either. I drink an 8 oz coke on the way to school in the van :)

  20. Hahaha, trees! I am a not a morning person, but I have to be. No talkie before mama has coffee. By the way, my 3 year old makes me coffee in the morning. I learned'em good.

  21. You and me in the morning - twins. It's always so quiet when the kids go back to school. I don't drink coffee either, and I've cut back to one diet coke a day - I'm probably stumbling through the whole day, but I'm too tired to notice!

  22. I am not a morning person either so this was so funny! So glad your kids had a successful first day of school. My daughter is starting pre-school soon so that will be an adventure around here. Yay! I'll have a few hours to myself each day!

  23. HAHAHAHA I absolutely love those pictures.....and your little man's shirt. I need that now.

  24. I feel your pain. The whole world needs to just agree that nothing needs to get done before 10 am and a second cup of coffee. seriously, I think that is the solution to world peace right there.

    as for me: one week of summer vacation to go!!

  25. Ha! I loved this. I have one morning person here and one who is not. Hope you have a wonderful school year!

  26. Her outfit is ADORABLE!!! I am not a morning person nor do I drink coffee. It repulses me. I do however mainline coca-cola.

  27. OMG your kids are super cute! And ahh I can barely get myself ready I don't know how I'd get kids ready too!

  28. I think flashbacks to DARE classes
    is exactly how my responses to my children are in the mornings. Going back to school was rough for us too. This last week my 1st grader left for school with only one sock on and her hair sticking up crazily, she was dressed though so a def. plus in my book. It did get brushed when we finally pulled up to the schools curb.

  29. Those pics are AWESOME! And I feel for ya...but my kids have to get up at 6. I get up at 5. It's BRUTAL! Happy school year!

  30. That picture of your daughter on the couch is great! And her facial expressions during picture. Getting up early is the worst part of back to school mornings!


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