Monday, September 22, 2014

Inside Natalie's Closet: Fall Fashions

Fall officially begins tomorrow.

But I'm ready for it now.

I love pumpkin stuff. I love the scents of fall.

I also bought new clothes for Natalie to wear. Of course.

Everything is from Gymboree from their Prep Perfect line. And there will be more to come, because I have Gymbucks.

Taking photos of Natalie isn't always easy. Sometimes she's stubborn. And sometimes she's in the middle of telling me all the thoughts she has in her head. She was telling me about how she's never seen The Nightmare Before Christmas and how she feels like she ought to.

Love the orange pants. I could never pull them off, but Natalie can. Everything is a size 6. Natalie is 45 lbs and 46 inches. Maybe 47 inches. I know she's not 48 inches, because that's the height she had to be to ride some of the fast rides at the State Fair, and she wasn't quite there. She was insulted. "But I'm eating my veggies!" she told me.

Natalie picked out the shirt. I wasn't a fan, because I detest when people write U for you. Just spell out the word, please. It's only two extra letters. But in this case, some people pointed out that the U might be a play on University too. So I could let it slide. (But seriously. Write YOU. Not U.)

**Outfit Change**

Love this. Natalie was distracted because she found a feather and was wondering what bird it came from and if the bird missed the feather. "I'll save it for him or her. In case they want it back."

Same orange jeans! You could also put this with tights. I might try that too.

This will be nice and warm when the temperatures drop.

"I still don't know why you won't let me get a dog!"

*Outfit Change*

"I'll have to watch your movie soon!"

She wore this for class pictures. I'm not sure how she smiled as the photographer probably wasn't making farting noises as I do.

Love the matching headband. I'm a fan of hair accessories that match the outfit.

Bring on the pumpkin stuff! (I've taken photos of the pumpkin stuff I've found in stores on my Instagram account in case that sort of thing excites you too!)


  1. I love the first outfit best, even though the same thing about U annoy me too. Generally, I am not a fan of text speak.

  2. She is adorable! I love those jeans. I couldn't pull them off either, but I wish I could!

  3. I want the puppy sweater and stripped socks for myself.

  4. I was wondering, She lets you dress her without a problem? My niece must dress herself and has been that way since she could talk or walk I'm sure. Very cute outfits!

  5. I love the outfits.
    And give me all the pumpkin things!

  6. Natalie is so cute! This post has inspired me to go inline shop for new fall clothes.

  7. How cute. She looks all ready for the cooler months. I like the navy and red look. Very adorable.

  8. Not a fan of text speak either!
    Totally ought to see "Nightmare Before Christmas," Natalie! I think? I love it but I saw it when I was 13. Not sure if it's scary or not.

  9. All really cute! I love the socks on the last one.

  10. She's so cute! I love how she got in to the posing this time. My daughter has never seemed that in to fashion. She just puts on something and leaves the house. Most days she's mixing patterns or colors that make me cross eyed.

  11. So dang cute!!!
    I love those striped socks with the skirt!!!

  12. LOVE the doggie sweater! And she rocks orange. So cute.

  13. Oh man! I love these outfits! I need to check out Gymboree, I have never shopped there.

  14. She is so stinkin' cute and it cracks me up that you got her to take all these photos. She is a little natural and quite photogenic.

  15. She should be modeling for Gymboree - seriously! I love her personality, and it just shines through in her pictures.

  16. Such adorable outfits! She's a beautiful kid!

  17. I'm digging all of the orange. She is always so well dressed. :)

  18. Adorable! Wish those clothes came in adult sizes...that oversize sweater with the dog on it is so.stinking.cute!!
    Your newest follower,
    Jessica @

  19. How adorable she looks! I love the boots and those adorable stripped socks. I would wear those socks :)

  20. Super cute! I haven't shopped there in awhile but this line looks adorable....may have to Gymboree soon

  21. I love the sweater! I also love the way you can write about anything and sound funny. I agree with the u thing to the third degree


Thanks for the comment!

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