Monday, September 8, 2014

Puppy Surprise Is Back!

I was at my beloved Target when I saw it.

Puppy Surprise.

I wanted one as a kid. A friend had one. It was a brownish color and had four puppies. One was a runt.

I was an only child, but I didn't get whatever I wanted. Plus, if I'm being honest, I mostly asked for Barbie things. I had so many Barbie things.

But I loved Puppy Surprise.

So when I saw the box at Target, I knew I had to get it.

Only I didn't when I saw it, because it wasn't in the budget. So I said I'd get it next time, when I put aside money.

But next time took a while, because Puppy Surprise is exciting everyone, and it's tough to find.

I'd go to Target and it would be sold out. Ugh.

But then.


I found one.

I told Natalie she could have it if she did well on her spelling test. And she had to be nice to me.

Tom was like, "Doesn't she have enough toys?"

I said, "It's actually for me. But I'm sharing."

And he was like:

If you're a longtime reader of my blog, you know Tom looks like that a lot around me.

I baffle him.

On a daily basis.

I was hoping Natalie would do well on her spelling test. Otherwise we'd have to wait another week. And I wanted to know how many puppies we were going to get. So as we walked to school, I asked her to spell her words to me and she was like, "Mommy! I know this all!"

Luckily, she was telling the truth. (She only missed one. Lettuce.)

So she got Puppy Surprise.

"Can I change the name from Popcorn to Princess?" she asked.

"Of course. Now let's open this box and see how many puppies are inside."

"Wait! I want to pay attention to Princess first. Look at her sparkly hair! Look at her cute face. I love her."

I was thisclose to taking Popcorn--er PRINCESS--and opening her belly. WHAT WAS INSIDE?

I hoped there was a runt. I really wanted a runt.

Natalie finally finished cooing over Princess. She opened the belly and...

Blah. Sort of a letdown because it was just the norm: 3 puppies. Two girls, one boy. One of them was sleeping. No runt.

"Aw! I love them all! This one is named Slipper," Natalie said, holding the awake girl. "The boy can be Max, like our cat. Or Olaf. Maybe Max Olaf. Or Olaf Max. And the sleeping one. I don't know yet."

Tommy was interested in Puppy Surprise too.

"Is the one with closed eyes dead?" he asked.

Natalie's jaw dropped open. "TOMMY! That's so rude. NO! She's SLEEPING."

Natalie loves Princess. In fact, on Saturday when we were watching new episodes of Too Cute, she had Princess and her puppies watching too.

Good news for the people who prefer kitties: there IS a Kitty Surprise. They've been spotted at Toys R Us. If I find one, I'll make Natalie wait until Christmas for it.

If you want a Puppy Surprise, they've been spotted at Target, WalMart, and Toys R Us. I paid $24.99 for mine. (Lest you think this was an ad. No.)

So did YOU have Puppy Surprise as a kid?

Are you going to get one now?

If you get 5 puppies, know that I'm jealous.


  1. I don't remember these from when I was growing up - maybe I'm too old!!!
    I saw Tamara's picture - how many puppies did they get?!

  2. I had a pound puppy type one. I loved it...sadly I don't think I have it anymore with my kid toys..

  3. I had Kitty Surprise as a kid! Mine had three. My sister had Puppy Surprise and it had FIVE! Three girls and two boys. Which was exactly our family! So that was cool.
    So as you know, I was inspired by you and got it for Scarlet yesterday as a first day of school present. We got three puppies - two bigger ones and a runt! I had no idea why it was so small so I'm glad I read this today.
    We got three girls. She really wants Kitty Surprise!

  4. I am so getting one for me, err my daughter for Christmas!! Loved my puppy surprise

  5. I didn't have one but I wanted one. Pretty sure this is the last year I will be buying toys for my youngest. Next year is middle school and I doubt she'll want fun presents anymore.

  6. Never heard of Puppy Surprise, but I wanted to note that I sometimes watch Too Cute (puppies only of course) with Buster. He sits and watches the show with me!

  7. I've never even heard of Puppy Surprise.

  8. How did I not know about Puppy Surprise! I have to get this for my niece (or maybe my sister :)!

  9. Now I want one....great. thanks a lot. (heading to Tarjay today...)

  10. I'm cracking up at Tommy's comment!

    I wanted one, but never got one.

  11. I don't remember Puppy Surprise. But, do remember the hype of Cabbage Patch Kids. Which, I never owned as a kid. But, made sure my girls all had one. :)

  12. Oh, I loved this as a kid! Sadly, my Puppy Surprise was probably donated during one of my moves, but your post is tempting me to get one again :)

  13. I have no one to buy a puppy surprise for but myself, the curiousity is killing me! Could I get 5!? What lucky kid gets five?!

  14. Haha! The sacrifice we make for our kids...Now you have to share your toy!!

  15. Didn't know about these; I wonder whether Vi will want one. The toy I recently bought for myself was a Lego StarWars set, the Mos Eisley cantina. I generously let the kids build it with me, and it turns out to be something they both like to play with.

  16. I totally wanted a Puppy Surprise when I was a kid. Now, not so much - the boys wouldn't exactly be thrilled about getting one. :) The commercial makes me feel so nostalgic, though ... isn't it (or at least the theme song from it) the exact same as the old one?

  17. That's so awesome! I always wanted one when I was a kid but I never got one.

  18. I don't remember Puppy Surprise. I am thinking I was probably too old when they came out. I had My Little Pony and pound puppies.

  19. I hope you get a puppy surprise of your own very soon with 5 puppies including 1 runt!

  20. Oh how cute! I don't remember those, but maybe I'll get one for my niece. I'm always jealous of all the Barbie stuff they have now that they didn't have when I was a kid.

  21. Omg, my daughter would love this! Especially the kitty one! Shame we can't buy them in UK :( That totally sucks.

  22. "Is the one with closed eyes dead?" BAHAHAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH! That's fucking hilarious. Your kids seriously crack me up!

  23. I didn't have one as a kid. The sleeping one would have creeped me out, but I wouldn't have thought it was dead! Bwahaha!

  24. Awwww!!! I looked at Wal Mart today but they didn't have any :( (they have a crappy toy section though). My mom got interested in it when I mentioned it to her.

  25. I wish my girls were little again so I could own (I mean so they could own) a Puppy Surprise!

  26. I remember them being popular, but I didn't have one :( But I wasn't a deprived child or anything :P I had plenty of Cabbage Patch kids, puffalumps, and popples. Oh! And pound puppies :)

  27. I read this post and immediately thought that my seven year old would love it. I added it to her Christmas Wish list. Then yesterday she stayed home from school sick, so she was at grandma's watching T.V. and a commercial came on for Puppy Surprise, she went nuts. Begging me to put it on her Christmas Wish list. It was all she could talk about for hours. Guess who drove to Target this morning and bought her Christmas present, a few months early, yep me. Now I got to try and wait until Christmas to give it to her. Yikes!!

  28. I am so glad to hear other people loved these toys too!!

    I feel totally ridiculous sharing this- but I loved my puppy surprise.

    She had three babies. One was a runt. I named her "Peanut". I loved her so much and you could tell because she was a little dirty compared to the other babies,

    It didn't stop there. I got the Kitty Surprise, the Bunny Surprise and the Pony Surprise.

    The kitty had 5 babies, the bunny had 4 babies, and the pony had 5 babies.

    As the years went by, I got rid of the mamas but I still have all the babies. And I'm 30...

    I am going to look this afternoon when I go to Target! :)

  29. Aw :) I had one as a child. Mine was pink with white fur and had 5 puppies. I loved that toy. My mom actually still has it for the grandkids to play with

  30. I wanted on as a kid my mum couldn't find it any were as she was told they were discontinued gutted. My partner recently went
    online and found a white kitty
    surprise one I wanted as a child mint condition with 3 babies its now proudly sat on my self I have just got the new puppy surprise zoey off my mum for Christmas 26 never to old for anything!

  31. I just bought puppy suprise for my daughters birthday. I never had one as a kid...always wanted one. I couldn't wait to see how many i carefully opened the box as to not damage it... FIVE BABIES! AND A RUNT! 1 boy and 4 girls. The runt makes cute little puppy noises! I couldn't be more excited!

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  35. They want to be number one in the pack and this is a way of getting to the top, but if the puppy gets to boisterous the mum will tell them off.


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