Thursday, September 18, 2014

Things That Annoy Me Thursday: No Consideration

I joined a spouses page for the military base I'm at.

Most of the time it's helpful.

Sometimes I feel like I'm witnessing a Jerry Springer episode.

The other day someone posted that she was annoyed that a neighborhood kid woke her up at 8 AM. I guess the kid was screaming for 30 minutes.

I understood. I told her that it was ridiculous.

Then someone else was all, "Oh, but kids are supposed to be loud outside."


But not at 8 AM.

I mean, hello?!

I said that it was fine for kids to be noisy outside. Just not early. To which I was told that 8 AM is not early to some. Fine. But allowing a kid to scream for 30 minutes at 8 AM seems rude.

If I heard a kid screaming outside my door at 8 AM, I'd have gone outside and told him or her to knock it off. Profanity might have even escaped my lips, because I am not pleasant first thing in the morning.

Someone else on the page said that the quiet times on base was 10 PM-6AM. So it was okay for kids to be noisy at 8 AM.

I reminded everyone about something called consideration.

I don't know about you all, but I want to get along with my neighbors. So I'm not going to send my kids out at 8 AM and allow them to be noisy.

A lot of people still weren't comprehending. They were like, "When I send my kids out, I don't expect them to be quiet," or, "It's important for kids to be outside!"

I know! But tell them to keep it down when it's early. And if you don't expect your kids to be quiet at 8 AM, please give me your address and we'll put a screeching child outside your door for 30 minutes and see how you like it.

Some people understood consideration. But the ones who didn't? I was grateful they weren't my neighbors. One lady kept saying, "If you don't like it, move off base!" She clearly had no consideration, meaning scary neighbor. She even said, "If I lived on base, I'd send my kids out at 730!" Yes, she was a military spouse and thankfully, she lives OFF BASE. I swear, most of us are sane.

So if your kids go out early, remind them to keep it down.

Be considerate.

Be a sane military spouse!


  1. My next door neighbors are constantly out at like 6:30 screaming. It blows my mind that their parents don't see anything wrong with it..

  2. I don't think I have ever sent my kids out that early... Yes, it's important for kids to be outside but there is nothing wrong with waiting at least until 9, 930 at least. Some still do sleep at 8 AM and some may have children still sleeping at that hour.
    That lady is scary.

  3. Just because something isn't strictly prohibited doesn't mean it's a good idea! Come on people! No one wants to listen to screaming kids at any time of day, but especially not just as the day is getting started!

  4. What is wrong with people? Really. Just because quiet hours end at 6 doesn't mean you should be out there screaming or weed whacking. One of my neighbors weed whacks at 7 a.m. on Saturdays. Leave it until 8, please.

    Kids outside playing and making some noise is one thing but non stop screaming for a half hour at 8 is not nice. Non stop screaming for a half hour at ANY hour is not nice.

  5. I think that 8am and past is fine, that's usually the rules for HOAs. 10pm to 8am. Before 8 is too early.

  6. My kids don't go out in the morning until the bus comes to pick them up. 8 am is definitely early for screaming outside. I'm up at 6 am, but still...

  7. I never let my kids be loud that early. I am always saying "People might still be sleeping" Also screaming is uncalled for. That is your outside voice and then there is screaming.

  8. I don't care WHO is responsible for making the noise at 8am, quite frankly if you're the garbage man, my neighbor, a freaking school bus, it will still bother me. But if you can help it, like kids can, then the annoying factor goes up three fold.

    I swear I'm not a complete bitch...

  9. You have to admit, consideration is a thing of the past. People do not care if it is not effecting them directly. My neighbors just moved in, they have a dog...It wont shut up!

  10. It's easy for me to say that's ridiculous because I live in the middle of the woods with no neighbors, so clearly I have little tolerance for screaming! Or anything, really.
    The foxes are annoying, though!

  11. 8 am is early. My kids aren't even up that early on non school days.

  12. I'm with you - people need to be more considerate of others.

  13. 8 IS too early for that shit! If they don't think it is then let the kids play in their HOME and be loud.

  14. Sadly, some people, I'm thinking a lot of Gen Ys followed by Xs have no idea what consideration is, and if they do and don't follow through with it, it's because they just don't give a flying fat rat's about anyone but themselves and what they want.

    How sad that Gen Ys have not been taught by their late Gen X, Boomer parents. They are now teaching the next Generation how to behave, and that's going to be worse than them so it looks like we all have a generation of brain dead morons coming that have no idea how to spell, read or write.

    Looks like humans are going backwards in their growth. Soon, we'll be back to speaking like cavemen with grunts and groans, oh wait, males are already like that, lol.

  15. Yikes! A little consideration goes a long way, and I kind of think a case could be made for the child disturbing the peace...

  16. 8 am is not early for some, but also 4 am is not late for me, so i should put on the loudest of music and yell outside my balcony "THE ALIENS ARE COMING, THE ALIENS ARE COMING!", on the top of my lungs!
    If someone let their kids out to play at 8 am in my neighborhood i would need a suicide hotline!

  17. I had to laugh. I think if you don't laugh in a situation like this you cry!!

  18. I think the constant screaming for 30 minutes would drive me crazy no matter what time of day. My kids are still pretty young, but when they are outside I make sure it is later in the morning or afternoon so they aren't annoying the neighbors.

  19. Dafuq is right! I do not care where you live, what hour it is or how special you THINK your children are - if they are screaming outside of my general area for 1 minute straight let alone 30 minutes (Oh HELL NO) they are gonna hear from me and so ARE their parents. And I am one who thinks 8am is sleeping in. Like late. Way late. -Heather, Life of a Traveling Navy Wife

  20. don't you hate that? INCONSIDERATE NEIGHBORS DRIVE ME MAD. we have a bylaw that states no noise after 11pm. but people go to work and there are young kids so they're in bed way earlier than 11pm. just because there's a law stating the maximum cut-off time, you dont have to be a douchehole and yell/holler/be a loud, obnoxious prick until that time. be considerate and recognize that people go to bed early. or in your case, sleep a little later. bitches be rude!

    Vodka and Soda

  21. I don't care what time of day it is, if your kid is screaming outside my house for longer than 30 SECONDS.... I'm gonna have to have a little face to face chat with your child.
    it is just plain inconsiderate.
    And hello.. since when and why in the hell does being outside have to also equal Loud Enough To Wake the Dead?

  22. The FB page for my base is the same way. The other day there was a huge battle about what age you should let your kids play outside without supervision because someone was complaining that there were big kids (she said like 12 yrs old) at the park with no parent. 12! My 12 year old babysits- I am not following her ass to the playground.


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