Thursday, October 2, 2014

Things That Annoy Me Thursday: Cooking. Still.

I've said it many times: I hate cooking.

It's the worst.

Eating, I enjoy.

Cooking? Pass. If we could hire a chef, we'd do it.

As it is, we cannot afford a chef and because I stay home, the cooking lands on me.

I moan that I have to cook daily. Everyone has learned to tune it out.

I was cooking the other day and I managed to burn myself. This doesn't happen as often as you'd think. So when it does, I am not happy.

I began to curse. Profusely.

I flailed my arms, but not in a muppet happy sort of way. I was livid.

"Why the motherf*ck am I stuck doing this BULLSH*T?" I screamed to no one.

Yes, no one.

Natalie was outside.

Tommy was shut in his room.

Tom was still at work.

So I was shouting to no one, which was best, because I'd prefer my kids not to hear colorful language like that. I mean, I won't lie, they've heard me curse many times, but the stuff that was flowing from my mouth would make a nun blush.

As I was having my tantrum, I thought of Gordon Ramsay because I watch all his cooking programs.

"I'll tell you, Gordon. Cooking sucks DONKEY BALLS and I HATE IT!" I screeched.

To no one.

Well, wait. Max the Cat wandered in wondering what all the commotion was about.

I calmed down because I poured myself a tall glass of Diet Coke. Some people reach for the wine. I want my caffeine and chocolate, which I found in the Halloween pile. The neighborhood kids don't need it as much as I do, sorry.

I still hate cooking. I'll still complain about it.

Can't everyone just eat sandwiches for the week?


  1. I love cooking for Frank and the kids. I hate cooking when my mother is involved. Nothing is salty enough, it's over cooked, it's under cooked, why did I make it like that, why don't I make this... makes me want to scream "This isn't Burger King, you can't have it your way!!" Do I though? No. Sigh.

  2. i hate it too. but bc i suck at cooking!

  3. i used to hate it but something has changed and now i actually enjoy it. i enjoy baking more but cooking is something i dont mind doing anymore. oh, the best thing for a non-cook - crock pot. nothing easier than just getting the ingredients, throwing it all into a pot, turning it on and then walking away for the next 6-8hrs. BEST.

    Vodka and Soda

  4. My first husband loved to cook and did it most night. Thats the only thing I miss about being married to him.

  5. I enjoy cooking. I throw fits like that when I have to clean the house. Especially when 99% of the mess is someone else's. I get seriously twitchy when I fold a full load of laundry and there is not one piece of my clothing in it! How does that happen?!?

  6. I love cooking. And baking. I do not enjoy doing dishes, especially now that our dishwasher is broken and everything is getting washed by hand.

    I burn myself all. The. Time. I have scars. I don't even flinch when it happens anymore because it's just so commonplace.

    All that said, I would enjoy a week or so where everyone just ate sandwiches.

  7. I like cooking but mostly baking. It's the preparing dinner concept that annoys me since my kids are picky and waste food.

  8. I truly love cooking, but some days...I think we all have those days!

  9. I love cooking, however, I prefer nice and easy recipes. With that being said, that still doesn't stop me from cursing up a storm and getting frustrated, LOL!

  10. I'm terrible at it! Luckily, Cassidy likes to cook and does it in our house. Whew.

  11. I am right there with you. In fact, I can't think of any household chore I enjoy. Not a single one.

  12. Preach!! Ok, I like cooking when I have all day to grocery shop, prepare my food, clean my dishes and not have to worry about work. Basically, I would like cooking if I was a stay at home…person.

  13. I am convinced chocolate is the answer to everything. Having a bad day? Stubbed your toe? Eat chocolate :)

  14. I can make ice...some days I can boil water, too. But that's about it.

    I feel your pain, girl :(

  15. I HATE cooking. I love to bake, but cooking and I are not friends. I am all for a personal chef. I can even deal with breakfast and lunch. . .it's just dinner that I hate with a passion. I guess when we hit the lottery, right?

  16. I hate cooking too. I used to make enough so that we could have leftovers the next day (thus cutting my cooking days to three or four - genius). But then my boys became teenagers and NOTHING is ever leftover. Sigh.

  17. Thursday is sandwich night at our house. Mostly because the boys and DH have soccer until 6:30PM and I also can't be bothered by that time of the week. I have no idea what we are having for dinner tonight (Friday). I don't feel like cooking...

  18. I mostly hate cooking, love baking, but hate dishes big time. I definitely hate HAVING to cook. I want a chef desperately- I should've married one


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