Monday, October 13, 2014

When Shopping On Etsy Goes Wrong--No Halloween Costume!


I think I mentioned before how Natalie was going to be a player from A League of Their Own for Halloween.

I can't sew so I contacted someone on Etsy to make it.

She said no problem! I purchased this back in August. August 28th, to be exact.

On her shop, she said that she mailed off every purchase within 3 weeks.

3 weeks goes by and...nothing.

I ask the lady politely about it. She says, oh, the three weeks doesn't mean costumes. ???? But that I'd have the costume the week of October 6th.


But guess what? I never received the costume last week. No communication. I sent her one message and nothing. I sent her another. Nothing. I'm an easygoing person. If she had explained that something came up in her life and that the costume might be delayed until this week, I'd have understood. But she remained silent.

In the end I had to file with Paypal. I had enough of her nonsense.

I wished she would have let me know early on that she couldn't do the costume. I could have found someone else to do it. But she didn't and now it's too late.

You don't treat your buyers like that.

The thing is, she had all positive reviews. It's why I assumed I was safe purchasing from her.

I guess not.

I'm annoyed, because I have another lady making an A League of Their Own baseball jersey for Tommy. Tommy and Natalie were supposed to match. Now they can't. I even bought a shirt that says THERE'S NO CRYING IN BASEBALL. We were all supposed to match. And now because this lady doesn't want to do what she promised, it's all ruined.

Natalie does have a backup costume. I bought her the Elsa Coronation Dress a while back. It was actually meant for our trip to Disney World in March, but it'll have to do:

People of Etsy: make sure you communicate with those who give you money. If you aren't sure you can complete an order, don't accept the money. I had to tell Natalie that she doesn't get to match her brother. She was bummed, because I had been talking about her being this baseball player for over a month now. So this lady hurt a little girl's feelings with her behavior.

As a warning, I'm going to leave the woman's shop name. It appears to be closed now, so I imagine other people took issue with her behavior too. Or maybe Etsy suddenly had a lot of complaints. I don't know.

But do not buy from Stacie Lutes if she ever opens her shop again. You probably won't get your product.

I thank all the sane and responsible Etsy people that I have purchased from who have sent the items as promised. I love Etsy and will continue to shop there. But I will always warn my readers about the people who have no business being on there.


Just as I finished this post, the lady making Tommy's jersey said she was actually making size 7 League of their Own dresses. She says she can make one for Natalie. I had sent an e-mail asking if it were possible and it seems like everything might be okay. Fingers crossed that I get this package. I have high hopes! I'll update again in a future post.


  1. Oh that sucks. :/ It would have been polite of her to notify you she won't be able to make it but you never know what happened. I wish you the best of luck with PayPal.

  2. That is really just awful, and I would have been furious! I am so sorry. Thank goodness the other lady is coming to the rescue! :)-Ashley

  3. That really sucks! She should have had the courtesy to tell you she couldn't do it.

    I hope it works out with the other lady being able to make her a dress- their costumes will be so cute and original!

    I do love her coronation dress, though.

  4. They have the costume on Amazon. If you other lady doesn't work out. That's where I found mine!

  5. Oh, I hope it still works out! It might!
    That's terrible about how this woman conducted business.
    Can't wait to hear updates.

  6. I hope it works out. That would be so cute. I absolutely love that movie. The names Staci Lutes sounds so familiar. I feel like I have read something about her somewhere else, but can't remember where.

  7. I hate people sometimes. The good news is that this woman will get hers.

    I'm glad you possibly have an alternative for the dress. It's such a cute idea!

  8. I would be super pissed and think it's good that you shared the ladies name - no one wants to lose their money!!
    Glad it sounds like the costume might still work out!

  9. Yay that you're getting Natalies costume! I LOVEEEEE matching siblings/families. My girls are actually going to be Anna and Elsa this year.

  10. Hopefully it goes thru! What a bummer if it doesn't. Even more that you relied on someone only to have them crap out.

  11. Grrrr! I don't understand why she didn't just say something either!

  12. That is just awful. I hope you will be able to get your daughter's costume on time.

  13. I hate that!! So dishonest. I'm glad you're getting something from the other lady, hopefully.

  14. I have an etsy shop, I sell gloves, hats and knitted products, if you scroll down on the etsy page on the bottom left, it says Forum, just go read the forums, this happens many many times, and the store is usually closed. The reason is this: The shop is closed by Disney or any other copyright/trademark owners. They contact etsy that the seller is violating the policy and are not allowed to mention in their post any copyrighted/trademarked items. If they sell the sportsteam shirts they can not mention it, or they will come, there are just so many and they can only work so much a day, be carefull when you purchase anything copyrighted, that store might as well be closed tomorrow.

  15. Well, you handled this really well, and so did your daughter! I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be so nice. Hope the second costume works out - can't wait to see pictures :)!

  16. Wow, the gall of that lady! Just as with any business, there's good apples and bad apples with Etsy. So sorry you had this encounter. Hopefully, fingers crossed, the other lady can get the desired costume in time.

  17. That would make me enraged! I hope you are able to get the other lady to make one. I've always wanted my kids to match for Halloween, but they never agree on anything!

  18. That is ridiculous!!!! Some people are just inconsiderate. Keep us updated on if you ever hear back!


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