Friday, January 9, 2015

25 Things About Me

US Weekly has a bit in their magazine where they have 25 things about a celebrity. I decided to do this too even though I am not a celebrity.


1. I got pregnant at 19. I discovered this while in college. I thought it was stress from my math class that was making my period late. Nope. It was a human being.

2. My Mom is a retired Colonel in the Air Force. She worked her tail off, so I always have to say something when I see comments on how Officers have it easy. They don't.

3. I joined a Facebook group on how to decorate homes in military housing. People post photos of immaculate homes. I want to post a real photo of a mess in my living room. "This is how real people live," I'd comment with it. I haven't had the nerve yet. One day.

4. I'm usually drinking a Diet Coke when I come across posts saying how awful it is for you.

5. I've been reading for as long as I can remember. I've always loved books. I remember having so many Sweet Valley Kids books. The Babysitter's Club. Sweet Valley Twins. Sweet Valley High. Sweet Valley University. Judy Blume books.

6. I've been to the following places: Germany, Italy, Paris, Normandy, Ireland, Scotland, England, Belgium, New Jersey, California, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Oklahoma. I've lived in some of those places. Visited others, thanks to the military.

7. I still don't understand Minecraft, even though my kids play it daily.

8. I cringe whenever I see the Sirius Satellite Radio commercial because that annoying kid is like, "Mommy, it's on!" in the worst chipmunk voice I have ever heard.

9. Jenny McCarthy follows me on Twitter.

10. I really wish Elijah Wood or John Krasinski would follow me on Twitter. I wouldn't freak them out. Well, maybe a little. Telling Elijah I want his eyeballs might weird him out.

11. I love Grumpy Cat. One of my life goals is to meet her.

12. I think Family Guy is hilarious. I also would like Seth MacFarlane to follow me on Twitter. Ted and A Million Ways To Die In The West also amused me. I'm looking forward to Ted 2. We actually own a Ted stuffed animal. That talks.

13. I love taking hot showers. I'm talking showers that turn my skin red. Lukewarm showers depress me, but by the time I get my shower, it's usually lukewarm.

14. I hate when people call vaginas a vag. I also will never call my husband "hubby" or "hubs."

15. I wouldn't be sad if Al Sharpton went away forever.

16. I still abhor the word selfie.

17. Lowes bores me, so when we go I act like a big child. I hand Tom screws and ask if he wants to screw me. I'll hug a hoe and say I'm hanging out with a hoe. It's no surprise that Tom walks quickly away from me. He might tell people I'm heavily medicated. Or drunk.

18. I love history. I read history books for fun.

19. I believe in ghosts. I'm not sure if psychics really exist. Maybe some people have a gift, but I think most can just read others incredibly well. It also could be because I watch The Mentalist and Patrick Jane always says, "There's no such thing as psychics."

20. I met my husband Tom in high school. In Belgium. He asked a friend to ask me if I liked him. I said yes. Then he came over and we were all, "Hi," "Hi," "Hi," all awkwardly for about five minutes. He was a friend before that, but we were both painfully shy.

21. I do judge if a grown adult writes "your welcome." Everyone over the age of 10 should know basic grammar.

22. I'm an only child. I always wished for a sibling, but it also taught me to entertain myself and appreciate quiet.

23. I love the show The Blacklist. I'm recently finished season one. I wish I had someone like Red Reddington to protect me. Also, he'd probably offer to fly me around in his private plane.

24. I roll my eyes when people say, "I'm bringing my A game!" I sort of want to shock everyone and say, "I'm bringing my C game. I'm tired."

25. I own tons of books. I have to get rid of them because when we move, we're only allowed a certain amount of weight. It pains me to get rid of my books. I try to donate to places on base. I once asked a lady, "You'll take care of these, right?" I think I frightened her.


  1. HAHA best. List. Ever. #21..........yes. And PS - Jenny McCarthy follows you on Twitter?? Pretty sure that makes you at least 1/4th-celebrity....

  2. you are so funny.
    did you ever wonder how, in the blacklist, they travel to places like berlin in like a minute? last I checked it's an 8 hour flight!

  3. I'm the same as you with so many of these. And yes, getting rid of books is the WORST. I hate it. :(

  4. OMG OMG OMG TO #9!!!!!!!!!! Shiat like that deserves a comment and makes me come out of lurkedom. ;)

  5. Ahem, Very Josie follows you on Twitter too. Just saying...

  6. i am not going to even comment on the mat of books i have and how often i get pestered to get rid of them!!

  7. Great list! I don't understand Minecraft either. My kids gave up on teaching it to me; I think I flunked their course. My younger son has decided he's going to show me how to play Plants Vs. Zombies after school today though. I'm not super excited about it. That's pretty exciting that a celebrity follows you on Twitter and I agree with the first poster that it allows you to claim to be a partial celebrity at least.

  8. This post made me smile. I've also been a reader for almost as long as I can remember. In addition to some of the kids' books you listed, I was also a huge fan of The Sleepover Friends.

    Oh, and regarding the pictures of people's homes? I sort of want to do a blog hop where we just post a picture of some given place/room in our house — totally as it is in that moment on that day — to remind other people that most of us don't live in super-clean, magazine-ready places. Speaking of which, I should probably wash my lunch dishes now (from oh....six or so hours ago?).

  9. I'd have such a hard time getting rid of books too. I try to purge now and again but its not easy.

    And like you, I'm usually drinking a diet coke when reading the bad for you articles too!

  10. #26 you rock! I really appreciate people who tel it like it is. You seem like such a real person online, Amber. I have a feeling we'd be good friends in real life too!

  11. I think you would be fun to go to Lowes with!!!
    I'm with you on the husband names - I had never heard anyone call their husband "the hubs" until I started reading blogs!
    And, I love reading, too. Did you read Nancy Drew when you were growing up? and the Hardy Boys?

  12. This is fun. I always enjoy learning more about you! I'll have to do this at my blog sometime. :)

  13. So funny!!! I only ever write "hubs" on the blog but call him by his name in real life. LOL on your puns-use at Lowe's.

  14. I stopped buying books years ago. I go to the library and allow myself to purchase up to three books a year. This year's were two by local authors and my favorite book of 2014.

    I detest hubs and hubby.

    LOLOL @ C game. Definitely me some days.

  15. Jenny McCarthy, huh? Wow.
    And we totally have the same taste in books - from childhood to now, it seems.
    I hate "vag" so much that I won't even say "veg" or "veggies". I say vegetables straight out!
    No hubby or hubs here. EVER. Or hubster. Or preggers. Or prego.
    My other blogging friend met Grumpy Cat at a book signing.

  16. I've always thought you and I would get along well. This doesn't change that. I love the C game idea! HA! I also love Grumpy Cat and was just thinking about her yesterday, it was so cold all I could think was NO.
    Have you seen the video of the real-life Peter Griffin? SO funny, he sounds just like him and looks a lot like him too.

  17. I love #15...there are a few more I could add to that list of enablers ;)

  18. I like this post. I want to do this. I love Sweet Valley High-did you ever watch the tv show?

  19. Great idea - loved learning more about you. And I'm drinking a diet coke while I read this.... Yes, I know it's midnight, but caffeine doesn't keep me awake!

  20. I literally lol'd I bring my c game most days. I always feel like a slob when I see spotless houses. Then I realize I have 2 kids and a ton of pets its a wonder I have a house standing. My friend's husband is a colonel and he worked hard too. He just retired and doesn't seem to know what to do with himself.

  21. 3. You should totally do that. The photo and the comments that follow would (or the dead silence that follows) would make an awesome post.
    5. Sweet Valley High ruled! I wanted to be Elizabeth.
    14. I've tried typing hubs or hubby because husband seems so formal. I can't do it. I just write Matt.
    17. That is awesome! I was in Home Depot alone yesterday. I wish you had been with me.

  22. Love #24! haha. What facebook page for decorating did you join? I need some tips!

  23. Huge reader here from the time I was a kid and all you listed I totally read. Plus, I have a ton of books still, but did recently go through and like you it pained me to get rid of, but knew I had to downsize a bit.

  24. Awesome list! Love the honesty and your love for grumpy cat.

  25. The Babysitter's Club, Sweet Valley Twins, Sweet Valley High, Sweet Valley University and Judy Blume books were my childhood!! Also you're going to have to post about how Jenny Mc Carthy came to follow you because what?? lol Im a grammar snob too so I roll my eyes A LOT.

  26. Number 15!!! And so jealous of your travel list! What a fun idea.

  27. this list cracked me up because we are very alike in some aspects :P Those childhood books are still on my shelf!

  28. I Tweeted that John Meyer was a douchebag and now he follows me on Twitter. Not sure why.

  29. Although I wouldn't consider myself a book fanatic, I definitely own my fair share. I, too, started at a young age. I'm somewhat of a Nazi when it comes to grammar. I want to throat punch someone when they misuse "you're" and "your".

  30. Jenny McCarthy follows you on Twitter! How cool is that not! I'm on twitter but I never ever tweet - I don't know what to say. I'm lame that way

  31. I hate parting with my books...and I've had to let a lot go over the years. Some favorites! It's tough. I loved this list! Your/You're is a peeve of mine too. So is: to/too/two; their/they're/there; effect/affect. and all of the other fun little homonym guys.


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