Thursday, January 1, 2015

It's 2015!

I may or may not have made it to midnight....

The kids were sent upstairs at 8 so we could watch The Blacklist.

Happy 2015!


  1. Yeah, we were supposed to have the GK's so my daughter and her fiance' could go out. Then they decided no they would stay in, too old they said to go out on NY eve anymore. So we went to bed at 10, woke at midnight:17 to go to the bathroom, mumbled Happy New Year and went back to sleep. Life goes on...your blog better too!

  2. I made it, but barely. I am too much of a parent for this.

  3. i stayed in and hosted a party with the besties. lots of fun and no crowds or traffic. plus they left by 1230 and i was in bed at 1236

  4. Happy new year! We hosted and some how I made it to 12 without complaining. LOL

  5. Happy 2015 to you!
    I'm embarrassed how late my kids were up. It will take them days to catch up on sleep.

  6. I made it til' 10:30 but I worked all day. That's my excuse!


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