Thursday, February 26, 2015

Things That Annoy Me Thursday: No Amiibos Anywhere!



I cannot find the ones I want anywhere.

You might be like, "What are amiibos?"

These are amiibos:

You use them to help boost your characters in various Wii U games. You can find the ones pictured above at all the stores. But not the other ones. I'm looking for The Villager, Little Mac, and the Target exclusive one. Plus many, many, others. But you can't find them ANYWHERE!


I lie.

You can find them on eBay. For like TRIPLE the cost. No way. I will not pay more than $12.99 for a figure. I will not. The people that buy up amiibos and sell them for a bunch more money are awful, awful human beings.

I've been trying to find them for Tommy, because his birthday is on Monday. But it's impossible to find the ones I want. I did manage to get Sonic and Mega Man from thanks to a friend alerting me that they popped up online. FYI, they do pop up online sometimes, but they go fast. Star Fox came online at but was quickly snapped up before I could get to it.

It's making my head hurt, guys.

I feel like it's last year and I'm searching for Frozen stuff and I can't find it ANYWHERE. But. Disney eventually made more Frozen stuff and now it's everywhere. Maybe it'll be the same for amiibos.

I hope.

But seriously Nintendo, make more! And put a limit on how many a person can purchase!


  1. What a bummer. The target and toys r us here have plenty of them.

  2. Bummer, sometimes Ebay gets ridiculous with their prices.

  3. Ugh, I hate when people do that just to overcharge on Ebay! Not cool at all!! I hope you are able to find what you're looking for.

  4. Reminds me of how my family and I used to go on quests for hard to find toys when I was a kid. :) Good luck!

  5. The ebay thing always irritates me because you know it is people who bought them all up so that you can't get them in the stores and now they are charging way more than they are worth - so frustrating!!!
    Good luck on your search.

  6. Omgosh that sounds horrible. Reminds me of Garbage Pail Kids in the 80s. I wanted so many and yet none to be found..blasphemy.

  7. Hmmm i'll have to keep my eyes open for them out here.

  8. I haven't heard of amiibos, but I remember trying to find things for my boys and being so frustrated. Hope you have success before the birthday!

  9. We just got our wii u for Christmas so we don't have any games for amibos yet

  10. My son preordered Little Mike (from the old Mike Tysons Punch Out) and not only did the release get pushed back, when it did release there weren't enough made. So now we might get it, late spring, for a preorder. GameStop at least said they were limiting one per household, but how will they regulate that?

  11. I had a bitch fest about Ebay with the damn My Size Frozen Dolls. I was lucky enough to get Elsa but people were buying them out and selling them on Ebay for like 200.00. Oh my gosh, was I mad. It's ridiculous. what if that is the only thing your kid wants for Christmas and you can't get it because people are buying them up and selling them like dickheads? UGH. People PISS ME OFF.

  12. That is so frustrating when you are looking for a specific item and no where has it! I also hate buying things that someone else has purchased just so they can mark up the price. Ugh.

  13. I never knew how those worked. Now I know. I hope you can find some.

  14. OH no! They look like such fun. I can see my kids loving them.
    I can't believe you'll have a teenager! (I know.. not helping here)

  15. Had no clue what these were! Hope you find them!


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