Friday, March 20, 2015

Airplanes Terrify Me

**I'm in Disney World this week so my time on the Internet isn't going to be much. I'll get back to you when I return. I will still be reading comments. To see what I'm up to in the Happiest Place on Earth, you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram.**

You guys know I hate flying.

And I have to fly to get to Disney World.

If you see me posting on Instagram or Twitter, you know I'm alive, and that the plane was okay.

But I still have to fly home.

The news is not helping with my fears. The latest story? Lots of airport security passes are MISSING. Does this mean anyone can stroll near the plane?

Another story? Many Southwest planes need maintenance. They haven't gone in for maintenance for some reason. This frightens me because I'M FLYING ON A SOUTHWEST PLANE.

I panic when there is turbulence.

This is why I need a book to distract me. Or I read trashy magazines.

I also turn into Annie from Bridesmaids:

I mean, maybe not like THAT, but like this when I ask for some alcohol to relax me and they tell me it'll be $10 for a tiny bottle.

I also get offended if the person in front of me reclines their seat. I'd like to be able to move, stranger person.

Let's hope for a smooth trip. If it isn't, you'll see my reports on social media.


  1. I hate when people lean too far back.

    I blame LOST for all my plane fears.

  2. I loathe flying, it is one of my biggest fears.

  3. I never used to be afraid of flying until my husband started Air Traffic Control training and I started to know more than the average flyer ought to. On our way home from visiting family at Christmas time there was a ton of turbulence and the pilot came on and said that he was going to change altitudes, and I started to panic. I looked at my husband like "what does that mean? does that mean we aren't safe?" and he said "it's totally normal, relax." haha.

    Enjoy Disney World! That's pretty much my most favorite place ever!

  4. I hate it too!! We were on a plane for 9 hours once and I was miserable! Flying blowsssss! It's a necessary evil though. Drink heavily!

  5. I actually like to fly. There's no way I ever want to stop travelling, so I've decided not to think about it :)!

  6. Have FUN! You'll do fine, I'm sure of it. Just have a little liquor before leaving the house....and maybe somehow in the bathroom before you board..... ;)

  7. Wishing you a smooth trip. I actually love to fly and I know thats odd. Try focusing on something in particular and keep your mind on that. Or read. That takes your mind off things.

  8. I hope your flight home was smooth and uneventful!!
    The last time I flew Southwest I got lucky and my stranger seat mate gave me a free drink coupon - it was awesome!!

  9. Hahahah! I don't mind flying... but I hate having someone right in front of, behind, or next to me! They always seem to crowd you!!

  10. Well I'm glad to see that you are back and all in one piece. I love flying and try to find excuses to fly whenever I can!

  11. Well I know you made it back safely! I hear you. I'm terrible on planes. I grip the armrests. I'm not sure if turbulence scares me because... death.. or because people might puke.

  12. Glad you made it safe and sound and back as well. The reclining is horrible because there is so little space to begin with already.

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