Monday, March 16, 2015

The Second Grade Program

**I'm in Disney World this week so my time on the Internet isn't going to be much. I'll get back to you when I return. I will still be reading comments. To see what I'm up to in the Happiest Place on Earth, you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram.**

We were the first ones there.

I wanted to be sure to get a front row spot so I could film and take photos of Natalie for Tom.

Natalie rushed onto the stage.

"It's cool being the only one up here!" she told me.

She also showed me the front splits she had to do during a song. You can see a video of that on my Instagram account.

I don't know why she was glaring at me. Maybe I offended her in some way. She gets offended easily.

Since we were early, we had to wait a bit. The program was called Live Well, and Natalie explained it was about being healthy.

"You really aren't," Natalie informed me as if I wasn't aware.

I try. I just happen to like Little Debbie snacks and chocolate.

As we waited, people began to filter in. Tommy was with me, and no, he wasn't exactly pleased to see a kid show, but he went because I asked. We were in the middle of discussing what our favorite candy bar was when a girl in Tommy's class came over and went, "Hi Tommy. Can I sit?" she motioned to the empty spot beside him.

Tommy turned into a freaked out cat.

He practically moved onto my lap. I pushed him gently away and whispered, "Be cool. You're going to make her think she stinks."

"She doesn't," Tommy whispered back. "I'm just..." His entire body was twisted away from her.

I rubbed his back. Poor Tommy. His Autism makes him socially awkward, so he never knows what to say. He likes girls, but he freezes. And turns into a freaked out cat.

Natalie's show began a few minutes later.

She loves being on stage.

The show was pretty cute even if I don't always eat my greens.

When it was over, I told Tommy he should say goodbye to the girl. He went, "Um," and left it at that.

You know. Progress. I guess.


  1. Have so much fun on your trip!!!

  2. Hope you have a blast at Disney! She totally called you out! Ouch! Poor Tommy, that age is tough but I am sure it doesn't help. Progress is progress.

  3. My kid brother is the same age. He has no cool. He plays chess during lunch time. He has managed to get a girlfriend though, so now I have hope.

  4. Have a super time at Disney!!
    Funny that Tommy & Natalie are so different - sort of a nice balance.

  5. Your Tommy stories always put a smile on my face :) he's so honest! And Natalie is just adorable, which I'm sure you already know!! Hope Disney is a blast!

  6. Aw.. Tommy.
    Scarlet's show is tomorrow morning! I'm a bit tingly with nerves!
    Can't wait to hear about your trip, although I'm following along on social media.

  7. Hope you're having fun at Disney. I'm following along on Instagram, and you're staying in the same place we did in December. Even my teenagers loved the light up headboards!

  8. That cat!! It's cool that girl wanted to sit next to him. I suppose most kids his age don't really know what to do in those types of situations. He's just more forthcoming about his discomfort.

  9. She's adorable! Tell Tommy I felt that way when a boy wanted to sit next to me up until my 30s. Lol

  10. Sounds like a typical teenager ;) Also a typical 20-something year old lol


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