Monday, April 20, 2015

The Battle For The Lilly Pulitzer Collection At Target

I thought, "People at Oklahoma don't care about clothes. If it's not football, Kevin Durant, or saying 'Thunder Up', they don't care."

I was wrong.

But let me back up.

See, Target was getting a Lilly Pulitzer collection. I love the retro look and colors so I wanted to get a few items for Natalie. Maybe for me too, if I didn't look scary in it. They had matching mother and daughter sets and I figured this might be the only time Natalie would allow me to dress like her.

I pictured having a leisurely morning with her as we shopped. We'd gather some items, go to the changing rooms, and try stuff on. Then we'd have lunch.

This is what happened:

I woke up and saw on my Facebook feed that people were going NUTS over the Lilly Pulitzer collection. People were waiting in LINES for Target to open. People were then running into the store, grabbing all the clothes, and stuffing it into their carts.

I was like, "But what about my leisurely morning?" Then I told Natalie to put on her pants because we had to GO.

This was what was left for the Lilly Pulitzer collection at my Target:

Another woman rushed up beside me and was all, "This is it?"

"I think so," I answered.

"I thought people in Oklahoma didn't care about clothes!" she yelped.

"I thought that too!" I replied.

I managed to find two things for Natalie. Nothing for me. The only sizes they had were XS, and my gut wouldn't even squeeze into XS, I assure you, and XL, which would only work during my period weeks.

I was miffed though.

"eBayers!" I seethed, scaring another shopper. Her eyes went wide and she backed away.

When I went to check out I asked the cashier if the store was swarmed this morning like I had seen being reported at other stores.

"Oh yes," she said. "It was crazy. There were lines of people. They grabbed handfuls and stuck them in their carts. Unfortunately Target didn't have a limit on how much they could buy."

"That enrages me," I said honestly.

"Me too. It doesn't seem right," the cashier agreed.

I went home to see if I could buy some pieces online at, but nope, all sold out.

I hope all you eBayers have Karma bite you in the ass. Seriously. Shame on all of you. You are all the pus that infects the mucous, that cruds up the fungus, that feeds on the pond scum. Yes, that was from My Best Friend's Wedding, but it applies to this situation.

Basically? You all suck. I hope no one buys all the stuff you bought. Shame on all of you.

Anyway. This is what we ended up with. Both pieces are size M and too large, but she can wear them next year. (If anyone has size smalls available, let me know. I'll only pay the original cost though. Don't add more to it. That's crap.)


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  2. That is so frustrating. I don't care for Lilly stuff, so I didn't go to Target, but I hate when people jack up the prices on things just because they can. So annoying and unfair.

  3. Those are cute on her!!
    I can't stand that line of clothes for women so no interest here. All that pink and green makes me want to barf. I will say though that in our town, all the small and xs would be the first to go because that's how it always is - everyone here is beyond thin or refuses to think they are otherwise!

  4. I feel the same as Janelle, I'm not a fan of the stuff but it's never okay for people to buy and then resell it for more! So dumb!

  5. I have no clue this person is Lilly Pulitzer

  6. I can't believe people were buying it just to resell it. Honestly I am not a fan of LP, most I think is not cute but seriously it looks adorable on kids especially your little one. She is rocking the green jumper.

  7. It's insanity. I don't know why Target does this. They know it will sell so why build so much hype and why have it for a limited time only?

  8. It's insanity. I don't know why Target does this. They know it will sell so why build so much hype and why have it for a limited time only?

  9. ooh what you did get was so cute! I honestly have never heard of Lilly Pulitzer... do I live under a rock or what?! Apparently the craze was everywhere, because I heard/saw all about it on social media! So sorry you didn't get anything!

  10. I love the jumper!
    OK, so totally agree with you on the eBayers. I hope they don't sell ANYTHING. I bet we see lots of returns in the next few weeks. That's always happening. Our shelves were basically empty by the time I rolled in leisurely at 10am. I wasn't even specifically looking until I saw a woman with an item. Oh well. Whatevers. Target has cute non LP clothes too :).

  11. Im glad that you were able to get some cute stuff for your daughter. But you're right, the whole thing was absurd. The entire point was to let people try out Lilly at an affordable price, not sell your soul to the devil and then sell it to the people on eBay. Oh well.

  12. I feel super lame - I don't even now who Lilly Pulitzer is and I had no idea this was such a big deal!

  13. That really stinks. It's like Black Friday again. But, I have no idea what the big deal is with Lily Pulitzer!

  14. I've only heard of this through you, but it did seem very irritating. And selfish. It's like Black Friday in April - but with a ton more selfishness.

  15. Guess I'm lucky Skye will only wear things with mustaches or sarcastic sayings.

  16. All the clothes were snatched up less than 2 minutes after our Target opened. The home goods lasted 3 because they were further back in the store. It was absolutely ridiculous. Love the piece you managed to get for Natalie! The increased prices on ebay are ridiculous. I did manage to get a few pieces to try on but I handed off the ones that didn't fit to others who were waiting. The one dress I liked but that didn't quite fit right, I traded with another girl for something she had in my size. Got home and saw that same dress on ebay for $250. It was $40 in the store. Total craziness.

  17. I'm with you. And if Target is going to keep doing these "designer" sales, they need to come up with some rules. I didn't even bother going because I knew it was going to be a madhouse. The things you got for Natalie are really cute though, and at least she can wear them next year too!

  18. This whole thing was crazy!! I saw fights happening and couldn't believe it. We sadly missed getting anything. Natalie looks super cute in her items you picked up!

  19. Stop it! She looks adorable!

    Ugh I want to punch Target in the face. If they can't handle an online launch they should stop trying. And if they are going to only send a few items to the store and allow people to grab everything, what's the point?! So frustrating.

  20. I'm hoping to eventually score SOMETHING! I guess I'll try when the craze dies down. If that ever happens!

  21. It's amazing how greedy people can be. Unfortunately they can get away with it because they know people will pay a premium for a big name brand, which if you think about it is silly. Obviously they can charge less for their brand if they partner with Target, but they can get away for charging an absurd amount otherwise. Glad you were able to find something for your daughter in all the madness!

  22. I HATE the way people do that, honestly! It's like when the stores here in UK were selling off all the frozen dress up stuff for like £4 and £5. By the time I got to the store, there were none left, checked ebay and they were selling them at £15+ I was mad! So mad.


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