Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What Girls Can Wear At Disney World

Some people have asked where I got the outfits that my daughter wore in the Disney World photos I shared.

Some asked if I made them. I laughed, because I cannot sew. I can barely craft, guys.

I got them all from Etsy! It's a site where I can easily drop $100 and not know what happened.  It's sort of like the Target of the Internet.

To help folks out, I decided to do a post where I share the exact link where you can purchase the dresses. Now, some of these dresses weren't exactly cheap--but I would sell stuff on eBay and turn around and buy an outfit. I did not buy everything at once. If I had, my husband would have given me this look:

(But to be fair, it's the same look I give HIM when he spends $79 on a new computer game.)

We hope to go to Disney World in 2017. I don't know if Natalie will wear special dresses then. I hope! But it might be her last time doing it.

Why must kids grow up?

1. Day One: Cinderella's Sundress by Theresafeller.

Day Two: Belle Top and Skirt by LexiPagesBowtique

Day Three: Chewbacca Dress by A Posh Pumpkin with matching headband (I requested it be made with sleeves because I wasn't sure about the weather.)

Day Four: Deluxe Anna Dress from The Disney Store

Last Day: Lilo Dress from A Posh Pumpkin (I don't see it listed, but if you message her she might be able to help out!)

Also on the last day, Natalie wore the "young Anna" dress by BITSnSCRAPS

When we left, she wore a Frozen outfit. If you are interested in the skirt, I can pass on an e-mail address. The person who makes it doesn't have a website. The shirt was from Kohls.

And for fun, Natalie got the Elsa and Anna dresses from the new Frozen Forever movie from The Disney Store and tried them on.

Happy shopping!


  1. I hate that my big girl is just about too old for dressing up like this! for our last trip I had a dress made that is inspired by Tangled but also just looks like a dress, so it was a little less princessy, I guess! I really like the skirt and top from kohl's outfit too!

  2. Adorable. That Frozen skirt is perfect!!! It's subtle enough to be worn every day without looking like it's playing dress-up. I love it!

  3. She always has the cutest clothes & headbands. p.s. I miss the Office.

  4. I love her wardrobe! Super cute!

  5. Holy toledo that one do you want to be a snowman outfit is like cosplay prices! Totally cute though. My future child will always be dressed like an Avenger. Or be one.

  6. Build not be*
    Man I suck at Frozen knowledge. Lol

  7. Oh my adorableness! I hope my girl won't be too old for these when we go!

  8. Oh my adorableness! I hope my girl won't be too old for these when we go!

  9. She always looks so cute. You could make a What Natalie wore fashion blog

  10. I mean... they're all AWESOME! I want the adult versions.
    I always said that if I had a little girl, I'd live it up and dress her amazingly. And then it happened and money, or lack of money, happened.
    But you. You're smart. You know how to have it all within your means.


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