Friday, May 22, 2015

5 Things I Like About Summer Break

Today is the last day of school for my kids.

Tommy is finishing up seventh grade.

And Natalie is finishing up second grade.

I have mixed feelings about the summer but in an attempt to remain positive, I decided to do a post on things I LIKE about summer break. (But be warned: there will probably be a post coming about things I DO NOT like about summer break.)

1. No more homework!

You guys know I dread homework. Especially when it looks like the above. I have to sit with Natalie to ensure she gets it done. Some people are like, "Just have her do it herself. Don't sit with her. If she doesn't complete it, it's on her." But I can't. I'm one of those people who have to make sure something is finished, otherwise I feel twitchy.

2. We get to sleep in.

We love to sleep. My kids will sometimes sleep until 9, and if they wake earlier, they're old enough to get their own breakfasts and turn on the TV. I usually come downstairs around 915. This feels amazing, because during the school year I am up at 630.

3. We can do what we want.

I don't have to worry about planning things on weekends. Now we can take trips during the week. Normally it's just the errands I usually run: the grocery store, Target...but sometimes I'll take the kids to the movies or to a park. (The above picture was when we took a trip to Dallas and went to Medieval Times. It was a lot of fun! The knight threw Natalie a flower.) We have a trip to Texas for our annual family reunion planned in July as well, so that should be fun.

4. Stay up later.

I'm a night owl. I force myself to go to bed at 11 so I can wake up at 630. Since I get to sleep in over the summer, I usually stay up until midnight. I don't feel so rushed to get everything done because I have more time. The kids, however, are still sent upstairs at 8. Mommy needs her peace, you see. However, on Fridays we have movie nights and they stay downstairs later.

5. I don't have to make lunches.

No, I don't make fancy lunches, but sometimes it totally slips my mind and I'm like, "Crap! I need to make two lunches!" Tommy is pickier, so I have to be sure to make his stuff properly, and Natalie is sometimes like, "No peaches for me. Applesauce!" I could have them make lunches themselves, but if I did that, they'd put in cookies and brownies and call it a meal. (I mean, I have called those items a meal before, but I'm an adult..)

Are you excited about summer break?


  1. YES for sleeping in! Happy summer vacation!

  2. NO MORE LUNCHES. worst chore ever during the school year!!

  3. Yay for sleeping in!!! :) I love summer break because we get to have our niece and nephew for a week. :)

  4. Aw enjoy it. They wil get older so fast and not be home in the summer! I went to summer school during college and never had breaks so it does go fast once high school is over!

  5. I homeschool, so it's business as usual for me!

  6. Ahh sleeping in sounds wonderful, I have several years more before that happens!

  7. No more alarm clocks, no more lunches, and I'll and NO MORE CAR POOL LINE! (seriously, those three reasons are why I consider homeschooling each year. Then I come to my senses!)

  8. I love summer. This is m first summer home since having my second and I am pumped to take advantage of the free museum days and all that jazz. Plus I can stop worrying about getting home from a random shopping trip by 3:40. I'm all for it!

  9. Can you believe we still have a MONTH until summer break? I love #2 but with Des being only two, it seems a long way off. The rest of us like to sleep in, though. And I can't wait until Scarlet can get her own breakfast and share with Des!

  10. I love summer break. Especially not having to make lunches.

  11. I would be more excited for summer break if I actually got to do all those things. Sleeping in would be the best part!!

  12. Sleeping in is definitely a huge perk!!! Have a fun summer! :)


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