Monday, June 8, 2015

5 Things My Eight-Year Old Still Does

Sometimes I do a double take when I see Natalie's friends. Sometimes they are dressed in clothes that make them look thirteen. Lipstick is on their lips. Some have told Natalie that she's too old to like Disney Princesses. They'll say, "You know they aren't REAL, right?" in snotty voices. So far, Natalie has not let their opinions deter her from liking what she likes.

I'm very happy she still does the following:

1. Wears her princess dresses out.

At the park, she's been told she shouldn't wear her dresses out because they are "for babies." Sometimes Natalie has run inside with tears in her eyes. I explain that there are grown adults who wear costumes. Cosplay anyone? For the most part Natalie will tell those kids, "I'll like what I want!"

2. Sucks Her Thumb

She mainly does this when she's tired. She used to suck her thumb all the time. It hasn't messed up her teeth either. Still, I know I should stop her, but sometimes I think, "This is one of the last things left of her tiny childhood."

3. Sits on my lap

She loves to climb on me. Sometimes she wants hugs. Sometimes she wants to cuddle. Sometimes she wants a place to play Minecraft.

-4. Dresses like a kid.

As I mentioned, some kids show up dressed like a teenager. Natalie still wears clothes from Gymboree, and she will until she outgrows the clothing brand. Some kids have already started to say Gymboree is for babies, and I just want to tug on their flat ironed hair and tell them to shut it.

5. Still wants to be carried.

I know I won't be able to carry her for much longer. She's getting too heavy. She finally hit the 50 pound mark, so I begin to struggle pretty quickly. But I will still carry her upstairs when it is time for bed. She'll rest her head against my shoulder and whisper, "I love my Mommy." One night I'll have to tell her, "Mommy can't do it anymore. You're too big now." Daddy is still able to carry her, but he has a bad back, so his days are numbered too.

I miss her being like this.

But I also look forward to seeing what she'll be like when she grows.

Will she always stand up for what she likes?

Or will she eventually tell me no Gymboree and oh, can she please dye her hair purple like some of her friends?

I guess I'll find out!


  1. They are only young for so long, might as well hold onto it as long as she can.

  2. it made me so sad when kids told Gabbie she was too old for disney princesses.

  3. Damn I was just sitting here justifying how much I plan to spend on my Halloween costume this year. Because I can wear it again? I wore my Harley Quinn outfit to the Chinese restaurant last yeah Natalie is just fine! Keep on wearing the costumes!

  4. I hope she says no to purple hair!!

  5. You know, my (almost) 8 year old daughter does all of these still too. My friends little girl (who is the same age as my daughter) told her that "Dolls are for babies, you shouldn't be playing with them and Disney is for babies too" Luckily my daughter told her "I like what I want to like and I don't care" I hope she continues with that attitude!
    This was a lovely post, Natalie is so sweet. Bless her.

  6. My youngest is now 16. I adore the cool human beings my three children have become, but I do miss the days of Disney Princess costumes!

  7. Aw, I love that she sticks up for herself and what she likes! That's awesome!

  8. Erica still does 2-5. I love it.

    She also has no problem sticking up for herself because she has so much self-confidence and I hope she never loses that.

  9. I hope my daughter still acts like a little girl at 8! That's how it should be! My 9 year old boy still believes in Santa, the Tooth Fairy and The Easter Bunny. He still has to hug and kiss me goodbye and he still gets tucked in at night. I think kids nowadays grow up too fast, so I don't mind them staying childlike a little bit longer!

  10. Enjoy it, before you know it it will be all over

  11. Oh, that pumpkin hat! Too precious!

    There are things my boys do that I know they'll soon outgrow, so I'm trying to enjoy those "baby" things now (even though I hate that their friends call them baby things!)

  12. My 26 yo still loves Disney Princesses and has a few tee shirts, many in combo with Doctor Who.
    Is that a Disney shirt on you in #3 ☺

  13. I wonder how long mine will do these things...

  14. I wish I could still be carried haha.

  15. My daughter isn't yet three and sucks her thumb. My husband is terrified that she'll be 10 and still doing it.

  16. Natalie is adorable! I sucked my thumb until I was 9 and never needed braces.

  17. AW! You let Natalie know that we still dress up! Cosplay for the win!!
    Scarlet still sucks her thumb too.
    My theory is that she will always stand up for what she wants, like her strong mama!

  18. She is precious! You're a great mom for letting Natalie hold onto her childhood as long as she can. It all goes so fast - she can save her "I want to grow up" years for when she's a teenager.

  19. She's 8 that is so not too old for Princesses. The kids saying that are crazy.


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