Thursday, June 4, 2015

Things That Annoy Me Thursday: Double Pink Eye

I woke up and felt that my eyes were extra goopy. I thought, okay, it must be an extra goopy day. Then I went into the bathroom to wash my face. I looked up and a red-eyed Goblin stared back at me.

I admit it, I jumped. I did not expect to see two red eyes. Well, technically my eyes were the same shade of hazel, but the whites? Were totally red.

"That's not good," I said to myself. I rushed downstairs to call the base clinic to see if there happened to be an appointment that day. I was basically laughed at and given the number for the nurses line. I called them, said I was worried my eyes would fall out of my head, and was told it was pink eye. Then I was set up with an appointment at once of those Access Medical Centers. I have never been in one. My family is pretty healthy, and I attribute this to breastfeeding, McDonalds fries, and random dancing. (Mind you, Natalie has been to the ER multiple times, but this is because she's accident prone..)

So I had to get Natalie up, and she was not pleased.

"I'm still sleeping," she informed me. She tugged the blanket back over her head. "I'll see you later."

If Tom were here, I'd have left her with him. But he's deployed. Of course this would happen when he was deployed. I've NEVER had pink eye before, and it decides to show up in BOTH eyes when he's gone. Naturally.

"You have to come." I pulled the blankets off. "Sorry. Mommy's eyes need help."

This caught her attention. She sat up and peered at me.

"Can you see?" She held up two fingers. "How many is this?"

"Two. I'm not blind. But I need to been seen by a doctor."

Tommy is old enough to stay home alone, so we said goodbye to him and went to the Access Medical Center. There were at least six people in front of us, and it took about a half hour to be called back, but it beats the ER. The doctor gave me a sympathetic look when she saw my eyes and went, "Oh, poor thing, I don't see double pink eye as much..."

Lucky me?

I got the prescription for the drops, and then Natalie and I had to go to the base clinic to drop it off.

This took 35 minutes. To drop off a prescription. I should have gone to CVS. Or Target. But I was being cheap. If I get it filled on base, it's free. Off base, there's a co-pay.

As we waited for the prescription to be filled ("it'll be ready in 40 minutes!" Yeah, no, not waiting) I picked up McDonalds for lunch, because McDonalds makes everything better. Then it was back to the base clinic to pick up the eye drops.

About the eye drops? I hate putting stuff in my eye. It freaks me out. I'm like Rachel in that episode of Friends. I kept flipping out as I held the drops over my eyes.

Natalie was like, "Mommy, just be a big girl and DO IT."

Twenty minutes later, I finally did.

I wanted to rant to Tom about all of this, but he Facetimed me as I was driving back from the Access Medical Clinic. Natalie held up the phone, because I won't touch it while driving, and he was like, "They're cutting off the Internet the rest of the day." I said, "Tell them they cannot, because your wife has double pink eye and she needs someone to talk to." He said, "Sorry. It's not our country. Their rules."

It was not the best day. I'm doing better now, and I only hope the kids don't get pink eye.

No more sickness!


  1. Omg that goblin picture made me lol. Literally.
    Get well soon. That pink eye is no joke. Vodka might help??? Haha

  2. whew! glad you are doing better. pink eye is awful!

  3. Oh man, that stinks! Hope the drops clear it up soon!

  4. Oh no, pink eye is the worst! Waking up to those goopy, red eyes is something I'll never forget. Hopefully your kiddos don't get it and it clears up soon!

  5. Ugh, how do you even get that? You poor thing!!
    I hope the McDonald's helped. Now you need to go dance because dancing is life!

  6. No fun. Hope your eyes clear up soon.

  7. If your kids can help you can shut your eyes tightly then have one of them put a drop in the inside corner of your eye. Blink and the drop will go in without having to stare down the bottle or flinch. (Worked to put drops in my 3-yo's eyes when she had pink eye.)

  8. Bummer, I've heard pink eye is terrible! Feel better!

  9. Double pink eye? Lucky you indeed! Sorry to hear that!! Hope it clears up soon!! xx

  10. I am so sorry you had such a bad day. You are basically a single parent these days and that is very scary. I hope you wake up tomorrow problem free. You deserve that!

  11. Oh, wow! So sorry you have to deal with this!! No fun! I am the same way with eye drops... awful!


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