Thursday, July 9, 2015

Things That Annoy Me Thursday: A Broken Shower Head


Water spurting EVERY. DANG. WHERE.

Was this how people on the Titanic felt?

I reached over and turned off the water that was spurting from the shower head hose. I figured it needed to be tightened. I knew I had to get one of Tom's tools. But when the water went everywhere, something in me broke. I began to cry, muttering things like, "If the military didn't take my husband away, I could call to him now and he'd fix it, no problem."

It's been a long deployment, guys.

He left in January.

But at the same time, I like fixing things on my own. I feel pretty dang good when I complete a task. Still. Sometimes you want to be able to call downstairs for help, you know?

I dried off, got dressed, and went into the garage. I found a tool I thought would help.

I know it's called a wrench, but in my mind it was a doo-hickey. I used to the doo-hickey to tighten the hose. I turned the water back on and...

....water. Water everywhere!

So then I took the shower head OFF, called it some foul names, and whined on Facebook.

Some people said it might be the washer. I was like, "Da fuq?" I took apart the shower head, screwed it all back together, and water still spurted everywhere.

My poor bathroom. But honestly, the floors needed a good scrub.

I went out and bought a NEW shower head, installed it... spurting water!



  1. Kudos to you for getting shiz done on your own! I swear when my husband was deployed things would always go wrong. Such as: Our puppy was stolen, we lost homeowners insurance because our dog "looked" vicious (umm you were coming into my yard uninvited- duh!) my A/C went out, my daughter had an asthma attack along with various other doctor visits.
    I feel you...

  2. Omgosh lol at least you got it fixed! I'm pretty dads a plumber. He's fixed sinks, toilets, water heaters and tubs for me oh say 1,543,674 times. I don't know what I'll do when we move..I'm screwed.

  3. I would have just bought the new showerhead and not even tried to fix the old one so you are braver than I am.

    I can only imagine your frustration with your husband being gone so long because I swear, things only break or bad things happen when mine is gone and he doesn't go away for longer than 5 days at a time.

  4. Glad you worked it out!
    And my word - it's been since January. That's a long time. Come home soon, Tom!

  5. Huge pat on the back for doing it yourself!

  6. When all else fails, buy a new one! I totally admire you. I can't fix anything on my own. And my husband travels for work sometimes, so I'm pretty much screwed if something like that happens while he's gone.

  7. I can't believe he's been gone since January! That is a long time. I hope Tom is back soon!

  8. I am impressed! Good job of installing the new head!

  9. Way to handle that shit! Proud of you, but I hope they send Tom back soon.

  10. Way to handle that shit! Proud of you, but I hope they send Tom back soon.

  11. Way to handle that shit! Proud of you, but I hope they send Tom back soon.

  12. Look at you go! Hate that your husband wasn't there to help, but you handled it better than I probably would have..

  13. that has to be the WORST! good for you. happy weekend, doll!

  14. Doing everything on my own was probably the biggest adjustment when I got divorced. But now that I've fixed a bunch of stuff I am confident that I can do anything. I Hope Tom gets home soon though, because just because you can fix it doesn't mean you should have to.


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