Friday, July 24, 2015

Why Returning Home After A Vacation Is Tough

I just returned from a trip to Texas. It's always tough to say goodbye and return home. Well. Sort of. I'll be seeing my parents again shortly when I pick up my kids. Yes, I left my kids with them because Tom has been gone since January, and Mommy needed a break.

Anyhow, coming back home can be tricky, and here is why.

1. There's a stuffy smell that hits you when you open the door.

I'm not a fan.

2. Dealing with an angry cat.

(FYI this is not my cat. But the picture made me giggle.) MY cat meows constantly at me and will sometimes cough a hairball in my shoe.

3. Having to cook again.

But I liked eating out or having my Mommy prepare stuff for me.

4. Laundry. Laundry. Laundry.

Where did all these clothes come from?!

5. Unpacking.

Can't we just live from our suitcase for a few weeks? (This may or may not have happened before..)

The good news is Tom will be home soon. And then we'll go pick up the kids. So this means we'll have to pack all over again.

Maybe I will just live out of my suitcase then.

You know. To save time and all.


  1. Yeah packing to go away is fun. Unpacking not so much. I've been known to leave my suitcase half unpacked for weeks..

  2. Unpacking is my least favorite part. I do live out of the suitcase. Almost every time.

  3. At least the flying part is over and you're safe! I hate coming home from vacations. So depressing!

  4. Aw, a family reunion is coming up! That's happy.
    What's with the stuffy smell too? I guess it's the days of dust collecting and no a/c. Although when we go away in the winter, it's still there when we got home. But it's a cold stuffy smell.

  5. The returning laundry doesn't bother me but I hate the return to cooking. And doing dishes. Basically anything kitchen related even though I don't mind cooking on a normal basis.

  6. I hate coming back home after vacation! Getting settled is always the worst part.

  7. I hate the smell when you come back from vacation. It just stinks!

  8. I hate hate hate unpacking because of all the laundry! :( But yay for Tom being home soon and going WITH you to pick the kids back up! Yay!! :)

  9. Packing for trips can be fun...unpacking after the trip never is. :-(

  10. I would definitely keep your suitcase packed!

  11. Vacation is a stinking lot of work the whole way around!

  12. Every time I go on vacation, I'm SO excited to get home to my dog. I really just need to start taking her! And I know what you mean about the stuffy smell, especially if you turn the thermostat way up (in the summer) while you're gone. It's just hot and icky. But I have to say, going away for a week or so and coming back shows you exactly how your house smells to outsiders. I have a LOT of Bath & Body Works bulbs around this house. I unplug them and put them in the sink when I go away for a while (fire paranoia) but the house still smells VERY scented even after a week of them not being plugged in!

  13. Having to cook again is at the very top of my list haha

  14. I took a few days off and coming back in to work was hard. I kinda wanted to just stay in bed.

  15. I love to pack, but unpacking is not my favorite (unless it's unpacking in a new place after we've moved - I always liked that). If I don't unpack as soon as we get home, it's usually 2-3 days (or a week, ha!) before I finally get unpacked. ;)


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