Thursday, August 27, 2015

Things That Annoy Me Thursday: People Who Can't Read Listings Properly

I decided to sell Natalie's toy chest.

It was difficult for me because it had been in her room since she was a baby. Then I realized at 8, she was probably too old to have a toy chest in her room.

We replaced it with a cube shelf from Target.

But it still made me sad.

"She's growing up," I said to Tom.

"Could you get me more M&Ms when you go to the store?" was his reply. He doesn't get weepy like I do about the kids getting older.

I listed the toy chest on the Tinker page. I stated that it was an on base pick up and that we would NOT deliver. We COULD deliver, since Tom has a truck, but no thanks. Why? Well, because people say they'll show up, and then they don't show up. Or when you pick a day and time the person is all, "Can we switch the day and time?" Or the person will say, "Could you deliver it thirty minutes away?" and it's like,

So I stated that the buyer MUST pick up the toy chest on their own.

Soon after I listed the toy chest, I had 3 messages from people asking if I could deliver. One person said, "I'm only five minutes from the base."

Another went, "I only live 10 minutes away. Would you take $5?"

I listed it for $20, which is a deal, since we paid about $90 for it.

Why can't people read? Why?

I told all those people that I stated NO DELIVERY.

One person answered, "I don't see the big deal."

The big deal is we don't want to waste our time. Thanks. Also, read what I wrote with my listing. We don't need the $20 desperately.

Finally, mercifully, someone who could read properly said she'd pick it up later that day.

She showed up when she said she would and then the toy chest was gone.

I might have gotten a lump in my throat.

Tom went, "One less big thing in our house. Awesome."

Seriously though. Read listings. No delivery means NO DELIVERY.


  1. Glad someone finally restored your faith in humanity. :) I agree about how people don't pay attention to all the details. So annoying!

  2. OMG ur blog cracks me up! I love it! so glad i randomly found it. :) New follower for sure now!

    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  3. Omg I know. I went through this when I sold my office furniture. I finally gave up. It was so annoying!

  4. I HATE the questions I get when I post something for sale. FIRM means no, I won't take 10% of the asking price and no, I don't care about your sob story. If I say pick up must be in Town X, NO I won't meet you 2 hours away.

  5. I hate the responses on those for sale sites. I always write "first come first served" along with "no holds." I'm much more of an ass to people that can't read things like must pick up. I would reply back its $50 if I deliver it not the $20 I listed and I will only deliver on post. I would need to make it worth it for me. Those low ball offers thought are the worst!

  6. I'm glad someone followed the directions and picked it up! And paid!
    I get weepy about the kids growing up too, though.

  7. I'm with you. I'm getting rid of stuff to clean up my house, NOT because I want to start a delivery service!

  8. Oy. People. I'm glad you finally found someone who could read :)

  9. That's the worst! It's not hard to read and follow what a listing says.
    My husband is the same way lol. I'm all look how little their baby clothes are! (tear...weep weep weep)....He's saying sooo when can we put them in a yard sale?

  10. There are certainly plenty of people who want something for nothing - like they are doing you a favor to take the toychest off your hands!

    I know what you mean about being sad. When we sold my son's train table, I got a little weepy too.

  11. Ah, I'm with you!! Base yard sale pages are the worst too! In my Etsy sop, I'm CONSTANTLY getting messages asking about something tat was VERY apparently described in the listing... probably 85% of my messages are questions people could answer themselves if they just read.

  12. I had 3 people bail on me or be late (extremely late) to a CG listing. So I feel your pain!

  13. Ugh! I have a bunch of baby things that I want to sell and this is the exact reason why I they need to pick it up. And if they can't read, I'm ignoring their comments.

  14. Dude I cannot even handle the people who end up answering those posts and consequently, I've lost out on the ability to make hundreds of dollars on all our old stuff. You know who never lets met down and always comes to pick up? Those charity cancer federation places. I wish people were as dependable as those donation places because seriously, I would be so, so much richer. I just can't.

  15. I'm on an Upstate Kids resale site on FB and I get irritated with the same thing. I list an entire lot of outfits and say, "Will not separate. $20" and immediately get the comment, "Will you take $5 for just the Gymboree dress?"

  16. OMG, YES!!!! This totally grinds my gears, too. I actually used to post a lot of things to Facebook groups, not really anything super $$ but I don't have a car so delivery wasn't an option. Also, you're getting a great deal so just suck it up and drive over! LOL, I don't understand people sometimes.

    Sending *HUGS*. I'm sure it must be hard to let some of that stuff go. Hope all is well and you're enjoying your weekend!!

  17. This has happened to me for some things I sold on Cragslist. Why can't they read?!

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